Wonder Doctor Chapter 439-440

Chapter 439

“This ….”

Hu Fei heard some hesitation, in public to let Lin Ran three people make a fool of himself has reached his purpose, if in exposing himself, afraid that will make Luo Qiqi remember himself, and there is evidence, then I am afraid that he is not good to wash off.

The heart was thinking, but suddenly there was a pillar of light directly hit, immediately shining on the body of Hu Fei in the corner.


Hu Fei cursed in his heart when he saw this, but the light had already hit him, so it was impossible to hide at this point!

Hu Fei could only stand up with his head in his hands, while laughing aloud.

“Haha, can ah!”

But this guy where so good at talking, the words just fell followed by another sentence.

“Then I wonder how big the clinic that Brother Lin Ran runs is? How much is the annual output? Also is it listed? Although my family’s condition is average, I’m not just playing with everyone!”


The moment Hu Fei’s words fell, thunderous laughter rang out all around, only this laughter was clearly a punch full of ridicule, everyone understood that Hu Fei was not looking up to Lin Ran at all.


“What’s going on?”

The first time I heard the name Lin Ran, he was quite happy, after all, Lin Ran had helped him a lot and was even considered a guest of his.

However, when he heard the next words, his face suddenly turned ugly.

“Mr. Luo, why don’t we go over and take a look?”

Next to him, Hu Yang said with a smile, hearing his son’s voice he knew that his son was preparing to make a big move, it would be a great thing to make a face in front of Luo Ming, only he didn’t notice at all that Luo Ming’s face was already starting to look ugly.

This is not to blame him, after all, at this time the surrounding lights are dim, even if his eyesight is good, there is no room to play.


“How about it friend Lin Ran, still think you can work with me?”

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem.

Lin Ran’s gaze burned as he looked at Hu Fei, who was not far away, his face still calm as he suddenly opened his mouth and laughed.

“A deal is not a deal, maybe there are others who can look at us?”

Said Lin Ran, pointing to Wang Yifei at the side and laughing.

“Since we’ve all started, then let this friend of mine sit down and introduce himself too!”

Saying this, Lin Ran gave a wink at Wang Yifei, who saw this and immediately copied the octopus that had been on the table that he hadn’t yet chewed clean and took a bite straight away, before looking around and saying.

“I …. I’m a rough guy and don’t know that much about etiquette, but since I’m allowed to say it, then I can really say it!”

This gesture and action immediately caused a kind of people around to laugh “haha”, even Hu Fei in the distance was laughing backwards and forwards.

There was nothing more humiliating than making a fool of himself at a party with so many rich people, and he just felt that he was really too damn witty.

However, just when Hu Fei was feeling good in his heart, Wang Yifei suddenly pointed at himself and said with a face full of deep emotion.

“Everyone may not know that actually ….. I’m actually a big fan of Mr. Hu Fei, and it’s only today that I’ve become obsessed with him!”


Hu Fei smiled and immediately felt bad, this guy suddenly said this, obviously did not press any good intentions, but for a while he was unable to think what this guy wanted to do, and Lin Ran was ready to do.

“Hey! He’s crazy!”

At the side, Qin Bing hurriedly asked, how come he was still pretending to be crazy at this time.

“Don’t worry, just wait for the good show!”

Lin Ran laughed, while picking up a glass of red wine and sipping it.

“Alright, I hope the show is exciting!”

Seeing that Lin Ran was in no hurry at all, Qin Bing simply did the same and also picked up a glass of red wine and sipped it.

The scene was still lively, and Wang Yifeng looked at the crowd and said passionately.

“Originally, I was just a very honest person who always dreamed of being a gangster and making others fear me, but I never knew what to do!”

“But it was today that I found the direction of my life, and he! It’s Mr. Hu Fei!”

Wang Yifei said as he took an arrow step straight into the darkness, and when he reappeared, he was already next to Hu Fei.

He wrapped his arms around Hu Fei’s neck, and the octopus in his hand immediately smeared all over his face, but the key was that he was so strong that Hu Fei could not break free and could only keep wiping the oil off his face with his hands.

However, this scene was seen by the surrounding people as, Hu Fei was too excited in wiping his tears, at once many people laughed out.

“Hey! How on earth did Hu Fei help you then!”

“Yeah, tell me how he taught you to become a punk!”

“That’s the point!”

Many of them knew Hu Fei and knew that this guy was arrogant and domineering, so they all wanted to see what was going on.

“Everyone really wants to know?”

Wang Yifei looked at the crowd with a touching look in his eyes.

“Nonsense say it or not!”

“Exactly! Hurry up and wheedle!”

Immediately, someone from below urged.

Wang Yifei saw that the situation was almost over and a lot of emotions were mobilised, so immediately the octopus in his hand was thrown down in mid-air, followed by a wipe of his palm on Hu Fei’s body, and he took out his mobile phone from his pocket.

“Gentlemen, that’s him! Please take out your mobile phones with me and search online, today’s car accident in front of Temperance Hospital!”

“No ….”

Hu Fei smiled and was immediately baffled, he knew that many people had taken videos of this afternoon’s incident, but he didn’t expect Wang Yifeng to actually say it in public at this time, if this was exposed, then he would really become a celebrity in the circle, only a celebrity that would leave a stink for years to come.

However, Hu Fei had only just spat out one word of this sentence when the octopus following him in mid-air fell directly on his face, instantly blocking the latter half of the sentence.

By now many people had already taken out their mobile phones and were searching, and a bright light could be seen in the darkness.

Wang Yifei was very satisfied to see this scene and finally spoke in a serious tone.

“All of you have seen it, treating a mother and son like this, isn’t this a living teaching scene!”

“Well no more, I’ve finished my introduction, it’s better to listen to what my idol has to say next!”

After saying that, Wang Yifeng rushed back to Lin Ran’s side, wiped his mouth, picked up a glass of red wine and drank it down with a thud, while sitting down as if he had never gotten up just now.

“You guys are tough enough!”

Qin Bing sat at the back, already laughing so hard that he could hardly hold it in, Wang Yifeng had made such a mess, Hu Fei was completely on fire in the business circle, and I’m afraid even the Hu family could follow.

“Hehehe! It’s really there!”

“I go, how can we still run over people!

“This mother and son are too pathetic!”

“I told you this guy looked familiar, I saw him this afternoon and I didn’t recognize him!”

Hearing the chatter of the people around, Hu Fei became anxious and was busy with his microphone.

“No… It’s not what you think, don’t look at ….”

The two figures were already standing in front of him.

These two figures were Hu Fei’s father, Hu Yang! And Luo Qiqi’s father, Luo Ming!

Chapter 440

“This is nonsense!”

Hu Yang glared at Hu Fei, so angry that his face was practically green, he had thought that his son was going to make some kind of splash, but he didn’t think that he was actually here to embarrass himself.

“Father! It’s not what you think!”

Hu Fei explained.

“That’s what it is! Bastard!”

Hu Yang was so angry that he raised his hand and slapped him, instantly knocking Hu Fei to the ground.

“Don’t go back yet!”

Hu Yang said angrily.

If he didn’t teach his son a lesson today, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to hold up his head in the circle.

People are afraid of being famous and pigs are afraid of being strong, businessmen especially value this point, wealth is not exposed is a rule that many people follow, however, their own but do things so high-profile, but has already laid a disaster.

“Father! I was wrong about this, but they didn’t?”

Hu Fei was reluctant, covering his face and getting up and pointing at Lin Ran’s trio.

“What qualifications do these three poor losers have to appear here, this is the Luo family’s business party, which of the people in attendance are not of great value, I was also afraid that these miscreants would mix in!”

Hu Fei said with a sincere face, and Luo Ming almost believed him.

“Hu Fei you keep talking nonsense!”

To the side, Luo Qiqi was busy rushing over, she was the one who had just used the light to find Hu Fei.


Luo Ming reached out to stop his son and daughter, looked up at Hu Fei and said blandly.

“People can’t look like people, seawater can’t be measured, didn’t your father teach you that!”

“Sh….. What do you mean!”

Hu Fei’s heart sank at his words, feeling that Luo Ming’s words were a bit fishy.

“Mr. Luo, please forgive me for offending my dog’s son!”

On the side, Hu Yang said busily, this was an opportunity for them to discuss cooperation between the Hu family and the Luo family, if it was messed up by this stupid son of his, then he would have to be furious.

“Father, where did I offend Uncle Luo, I was also thinking of him, those boys are obviously poor losers and cheating on Kiki, I was …..”

Hu Fei said busily, but before he could finish a sentence, he was interrupted by Luo Ming’s scolding.

“Shut up!”


Hu Fei’s face turned blue with anger at the situation and said reluctantly.

“Uncle Luo, I’m helping ……”

“Help what help!”

Luo Ming looked at Hu Fei with a cold face before turning his head to look at Hu Yang and said blandly.

“Mr. Hu I think our cooperation should be discussed later!”

“Mr. Luo, this matter ….”

Hu Yang heard the words and immediately became anxious, however before the words were finished, Luo Ming was blandly smiling.

“Let’s talk about this later, now I want to grandly introduce to you as well as your precious son, who are the three poor losers he is talking about!”

After saying that, Luo Ming turned around and walked towards the three Lin Ran, leaving Hu Yang and Hu Fei to look at each other in disbelief.

“Who the hell are these three!”

Hu Yang asked, glaring at Hu Fei in anger.

“Dad, they’re really poor losers!”

Hu Fei insisted.

Hu Yang smiled but cursed angrily in a low voice.

“Have you ever seen a poor loser who can let Luo Ming go over by himself? Stupid, you’re in big trouble this time!”

“Big trouble? It can’t be, just a few of them, how could …..”

Hu Fei was still somewhat unconvinced, but at this time Luo Ming had already reached Lin Ran and the others, while speaking aloud.

“Gentlemen, just now was a small episode, now I would like to introduce to you all, the identity of the three people in front of you, first of all, these three can be my Luo Ming’s guests, later on if anyone has doubts, they can simply leave, my Luo Ming’s VIPs do not allow others’ slander!”


Hu Fei’s face changed as he heard this, Luo Ming was clearly speaking at them, father and son.

“Father! It’s alright, this must be fake, it must be fake, how could those three poor people know Luo Ming, what is Luo Ming’s status, how could they …..”

Hu Fei was still undeterred and hurriedly persuaded.

But before he could finish his words, Luo Ming spoke up.

“The first, little friend Lin Ran, is my Luo family’s life-saving benefactor, known as the little divine doctor of Tanjiang City, when the Liu family’s Wanding Auction House discerned the pearl, gambling on the stone shot sky-high crocodile cream, worth at least over a billion!”

“Dare I ask this one, is he qualified to sit here?”

Luo Ming said and turned his head to look at the distant Hu Yang father and son, his eyes rushing with disdain.

And at this moment, the surrounding area exploded, and some of those who had heard about this back then not only exclaimed in awe.

“So he’s the little divine doctor, I was there at the Wanding auction!”

“Yes, I was there too, I didn’t expect that the high achiever back then was him! It’s true that you can’t judge a man by his appearance!”

“Who says he’s not? He’s so rich and still dresses so ordinary, he’s really aloof from fame and fortune! ”

“Now Hu Fei is completely finished!”

“Not only Hu Fei, I’m afraid that the Hu family’s plan will also be ruined.

The group of people were talking, and Hu Fei in the distance was so dumbfounded that he heard the whole thing.

“How can this be, how can this be, how can he be the Little Godly Doctor, how can a Little Godly Doctor be dressed like this!”

Hu Fei shouted in anger.

From afar Wang Yifeng could not help but laugh at his words.

“What do you care what the Little Doctor wears? That’s all he likes, what’s the matter?”

“You are sick, aren’t you? You are so rich and still dress so poorly, you are sick!”

Hu Fei thundered, he was furious.

However, Luo Ming didn’t bother to pay attention to him and turned his head to look at Wang Yifei and laughed.

“Next, I’d like to introduce this man! Wang Yifei is a famous feng shui master in Tanjiang City who is famous for catching ghosts and subduing demons.


As soon as this introduction was made, the surroundings could not help but recall another outcry, a feng shui master, a hero who saved people, which one of these did not deserve their respect.

“It’s over! This is completely finished!”

Hu Fei sat down on his buttocks, with despair in his eyes.


Suddenly, Hu Fei remembered that there was still a woman who had not been introduced, that woman looked like a green tea whore, a vanity-loving master who mixed in between Lin Ran and Wang Yifeng, if that was the case, then it was enough to show that Lin Ran and Wang Yifeng were not good people, at least he could still pull a game back.

Thinking of this, Wang Yifeng hurriedly stood up and shouted at Luo Ming.

“What about her? She’s a woman mixed in between these two, and what is her status, working as a doctor in a clinic, she can’t also be a rich family’s daughter!”

Hu Fei really didn’t believe that a small clinic would have all kinds of characters, especially when there was a rich beauty around, it was just too much of a stretch.

However, as soon as his words fell, Luo Ming turned his head and gave him a disdainful look, followed by Lang’s voice.

“Last one, Qin Bing! The former head of the Western Medicine Department of the Tanjiang City Chinese Medicine Hospital, the pearl of the Qin family head in the Imperial City, do I need to say anything else about her value?”

“What? The Imperial Qin family?”

“Holy shit! This is a big family in the capital!”

“I’m rich, I’m rich, I must make friends with this Qin Bing!”

“Hu Fei is completely out of luck this time!”

There was a lot of chatter around them.

Hu Fei was dumbfounded, his head was blank, only the sound of “buzzing” kept ringing.

Suddenly there was a loud “pop”, followed by Hu Yang’s curses.

“Bastard, look what you’ve done!”

In the distance, Wang Yifeng saw this scene and could not help but laugh.

“Old man, be gentle, don’t break your precious son!”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone around them could not help but laugh out loud, except for Hu Yang and his father, who felt their faces burning with embarrassment.