Wonder Doctor Chapter 437-438

Chapter 437

“Right, what exactly is this Tarsal Bone Poison?”

On the side, Qin Bing was also busy asking, she had seen that Dean Yang seemed to know before, but had never had the chance to ask, so she naturally had to take advantage of the opportunity at this time.

“Ranzi, you tell me!”

Dean Yang glanced at Lin Ran and smiled.


Lin Ran nodded his head and said at once.

“The so-called Tarsal Bone Poison is actually a poison that is only generated in the Land of Buried Bones!”

“The Land of Buried Bones?”

Qin Bing frowned slightly at his words, looking slightly disgusted.

“No way, there are no mass graves near our village, how could there be a land of buried bones!”

The middle-aged woman was even more puzzled, their village with its beautiful mountains was a two hour walk up the mountain from the nearest lonely grave, this situation was too unscientific.

Lin Ran smiled at this and said.

“I’m afraid it has something to do with the Ten Thousand Refugee Mountain!”

“According to legend, Wan Ren Mountain was probably a bandit’s den in the past, and I’m afraid that the subsequent fight against bandits left a lot of remains behind, but these are all legends that can’t be verified!”

“The Bone Toxin is a toxin that is attached to the white bones when the flesh of a person is rotting away, this toxin is so fierce that just one drop can kill a person! It can be said to seal the roar with blood!”

“Then my son!”

Hearing this, the middle-aged woman almost died of fright, she had seen with her own eyes the small half-basin of black water that had been shot out of her son’s body.

“Yeah, how come all that toxin just now …..”

Qin Bing was also amazed and did not understand why this was.

“It’s simple, those black liquids look like a lot, but actually the toxins contained inside are less than a few tenths of a drop, most of them are water!”

Lin Ran said.

“I’m afraid that these toxins are infiltrated from the Ten Thousand Rengshan Mountains!”

“Then won’t our village be in big trouble!”

The middle-aged woman’s face turned ashen with fear at her words, they had lived there for generations, if something went wrong with their village, where else could they go!

“Don’t worry, I will personally go to your village tomorrow to check the situation, this problem has to be solved or something big will happen!”

Lin Ran said.

Only then did the middle-aged woman feel at ease at her words.

Lin Ran then told her to go and greet her son and pulled Dean Yang and Qin Bing to the side.

“Dean, I’m afraid this isn’t that simple, you’d better send a medical team with us tomorrow, I’m afraid the situation in this village will be very serious!”

Lin Ran said solemnly.

“Good! I’ll take care of it, let’s meet in front of the hospital first thing tomorrow morning!”

Dean Yang said.

Lin Ran and Qin Bing then left the hospital and ran into Wang Yifeng who had arrived at the entrance, so the three of them rushed back to the clinic.

The afternoon passed, and it was already seven in the afternoon when they returned to the clinic, Li Zheng and the others had already left, and the whole clinic was empty.

Because in the afternoon, both Lin Jean and Qin Bing were not in a high mood, instead they looked a bit worried, on the contrary, Wang Yifeng had no heart and mind still thinking about the big meal in the evening.

“I say, we’ll think about tomorrow, the most important thing now is how to solve the dinner problem, I’ve greeted all the little girls at the hot pot restaurant, just waiting for your word!”

Wang Yifei said again beside him.

Lin Ran sighed at his words and said.

“Alright, I’ll call Kiki first!”

With that, Lin Ran called Luo Qiqi, but the call hung up after only two sentences.

“Not available, huh? It doesn’t matter if you’re not free, we can still eat when we three go!”

Wang Yiling said happily.

“It’s true that I’m not free, but let’s not go for the hot pot!”

Lin Ran got up and said, while pointing inside.

“Fatty you go and change into a suit, let’s go and eat something big!”

“The big one?”

Wang Yifeng’s eyes lit up when he heard that, and he was busy asking.

“What kind of big food? King crab or octopus?”

“Everything, Empire Tower, seafood buffet!”

Lin Ran laughed.

“I’ll go! Wait for me!”

Wang Yifeng dropped a sentence and followed, rushing in to change, while Qin Bing listened in wonder, just now they were talking about hot pot, why did it suddenly turn into a seafood buffet.

“Luo Qiqi’s old man is hosting a dinner party, and she happens to be there, so she let us go over together!”

Lin Ran laughed.

Qin Bing couldn’t help but laugh at his words, feeling that this was a matter of not inviting people to dinner, but being invited there instead.

“Fine, I’ll go wherever you go anyway!”

Qin Bing looked at Lin Ran and laughed, having a feeling of marrying a chicken and following a dog.

Lin Ran smiled awkwardly at his words and immediately walked out of the clinic.


The Empire Building, to put it awkwardly, was a building that had been prepared specifically to accompany the Wan Ren Shan Jing Qu in the first place.

The total height of the building is nearly forty floors, a collection of catering, conference, business reception, accommodation and other multi-element one building.

However, due to the collapse of Wan Ren Mountain a year ago, the Empire Tower suffered heavy losses during the New Year period.

And this Empire State Building was the handiwork of the Luo family, so in order to regain popularity and at the same time convenience, the dinner party was set at this place.

The three of them drove up to the place after an hour at last.

The car was fine, and the three of them were ready to go upstairs, but just then, Wang Yifeng was sharp-eyed enough to notice that not far from where they had parked, there was a very familiar Hummer.

“Ranzi, look if this car belongs to that rich kid from the afternoon!”

Wang Yifeng greeted in a hurry.

Lin Ran and Qin Bing turned their heads to look, and indeed they found that this was that guy’s car.

“What happened to this kid in the end back in the afternoon?”

Lin Ran asked.

Wang Yifeng smiled and scratched his head.

“I beat him up, then when I saw the police car coming I bailed, there were a lot of people around, this kid should reasonably still be at the station under investigation!”

“Alright, let’s go!”

Lin Ran smiled with a slight frown, did not ask down again, at this time the car appeared here, obviously things have been set right by the other side, some times are like this, money is good, you can’t even if you are not convinced.

The three of them immediately followed the address given by Luo Qiqi and entered the building.

The banquet hall was on the thirty-third floor, as soon as Lin Ran and the three of them arrived here, before they even entered the hall, they saw Luo Qiqi head on.

“Lin Ran!”

Upon seeing Lin Ran, Luo Qiqi immediately jumped over, not caring about the gazes of Qin Bing and Wang Yifeng next to her, and directly jumped into Lin Ran’s arms.

“Alright, alright, there are so many people here!”

Lin Ran busily put Luo Qiqi down, before asking.

“Why are you here?”

“I saw you guys coming, so I purposely came to pick you up!”

Luo Qiqi laughed, while jumping into Qin Bing’s arms again.

“Well, you’re already so big and still so clingy!”

Qin Bing laughed.

“Come on, let’s go in now! There’s lots of delicious food inside!”

Luo Qiqi said and looked at Wang Yifeng who was at the side, the latter’s eyes went straight when he heard this, not avoiding in the slightest a look that he was here to eat.


Luo Qiqi couldn’t help but laugh, while intimately holding Lin Ran’s arm and preparing to go inside.

But just then, the door to the banquet hall was opened again, followed by a figure walking out, while a cold voice came through.

“Yo! Who was I then, Kiki your friends are these two boys, when did you also like to help the poor, even such poor losers are friends!”

“Sure enough it’s you!”

Seeing the visitor, Lin Ran couldn’t help but reveal a small smile, who else was it if not Hu Fei who walked out across the street.

Chapter 438

“Hu Fei! How are you talking to my friend!”

Luo Qiqi huffed at the sight, while somewhat surprised, she was busy asking Lin Ran.

“You guys know each other?”

“Sort of, we met in the city this afternoon!”

Lin Ran said calmly.

“Kiki, you can’t blame me for that, how I talk to them, that depends on what status he is not!”

Hu Fei said with a smug look on his face, straightening out his clothes, as if to say look at my clothes, then look at yours.

“Besides, Kiki, I’ve only met these guys once, and since they’re your friends, you always have to introduce me to them, don’t you!”

Hu Fei laughed.

“Introduce what, my friend is not your friend, get out of the way!”

Luo Qiqi wasn’t stupid, this guy was clearly trying to insult Lin Ran’s trio, so she wouldn’t fall for it.

“That won’t do, today is Uncle Luo’s banquet for the business tycoons, I probably can’t stand by and let a few misfits mix in, don’t you think so!”

Hu Fei sneered.

Luo Qiqi’s brow furrowed at his words and he angrily scolded.

“You still know it’s my father’s banquet, since when does my Luo family’s banquet need your Hu family to escort it!”

Said Luo Qiqi, pulling Lin Ran’s hand, and prepared to walk around.

Just this scene is to see Hu Fei heart fire, their Hu family is just developed family, and recently is in contact with the Luo family ready to cooperate, his old father is even asked him to find a way those Luo Qiqi.

This will not only be able to business further, more can pull in and the Luo family’s relationship, and he himself can also hold the beauty, is simply a triple kill.

But now, the eagle is in the hands of another man, and he has nothing to do with Hu Fei.

“Friend, do you only stand behind women? You don’t even dare to introduce yourself?”

Hu Fei looked at Lin Ran and sneered.

Lin Ran stopped in his tracks at his words and turned his head to look at Hu Fei.

“Lin Ran, ignore him! This guy is a shithead annoying as hell!”

On the side, Luo Qiqi was busy saying that she didn’t want to spoil Lin Ran’s mood because of Hu Fei.

“Why are you still standing behind a woman?”

Hu Fei looked at Lin Ran and sneered, Wang Yifeng on the side had already come over, as soon as Lin Ran said one word, he would immediately beat this guy so much that he couldn’t take care of himself after birth.

“How do you want to do it? Do you know whose people are behind this door?”

Hu Fei sneered at the situation, at this moment there were all people from the business world inside, a whole lot of bodyguards and fighters, and many of them had friends with the Hu family, so it was obviously not appropriate to make a move at this moment.

“Fatty, what’s the point of fighting with a dog!”

Lin Ran opened his mouth and laughed.

Hu Fei instantly laughed too at his words.

“With sharp teeth and a sharp mouth, all you can do is hide behind a woman, what are you without one!”

“Hu Fei you!”

Luo Qiqi was furious and was just about to stand up for Lin Ran when the latter stopped her and at the same time dragged Qin Bing, who was on the side, to his side.

Lin Ran looked at Hu Fei and laughed.

“You’re really right, I just like to hide behind women, do you have any to hide?”

Said Lin Ran and deliberately took a sharp breath before saying with a face full of enjoyment.

“Hiding behind a woman can smell really good, do you have one?”

Said Lin Ran as he greeted Wang Yifeng.

“Fatty, let’s go in!”

Following this, the group went straight into the banquet hall, leaving Hu Fei standing alone, furious and blue in the face.

“Ranzi, when did you become so shameless too! Eating soft rice is so righteous!”

Entering the banquet hall, Wang Yifei couldn’t help but laugh.

Even Luo Qiqi and Qin Bing on the side couldn’t help but look at Lin Ran in awe, this guy could practically kill each other alive when he was angry at people.

“What, is it wrong to eat soft rice? I eat soft rice based on my strength, others who want it may not be able to get it!”

Lin Ran laughed as Luo Qiqi, who was beside him, smiled and gave him a blank look, saying.

“Come on, don’t stink, that guy will definitely come back for more trouble, let’s go straight to the buffet area, you haven’t eaten yet, I’ve had a lot of food prepared!”

Said Luo Qiqi and led the crowd towards the buffet area.


A few moments later, Hu Fei walked in from the door, seeing Lin Ran and the others walking towards the buffet area, not only did he frown slightly, especially seeing Luo Qiqi and Lin Ran talking and laughing, it even caused a trace of jealousy to grow in his heart.

“Robbing Laozi’s woman, I won’t play you to death tonight!”

Hu Fei sneered and followed, also walking towards the buffet area.

At this moment, the hall was full of people, many of whom were busy making friends with some of the wealthy businessmen so that they could find partners for their future business.

However, there was a group of people sitting around a table, gorging themselves on this seafood feast, and yes, this group of people was none other than Lin Ran and his group.

They hadn’t eaten a bite since noon, so the three of them were already hungry, and when they were faced with so much seafood, even Qin Bing wasn’t polite, let alone Wang Yifeng and Lin Ran.

However, just when the three of them were eating with great enthusiasm and Luo Qiqi was constantly serving the food to them, suddenly the lights in the whole hall dimmed down.

“What’s going on?”

Wang Yifeng was still a bit confused when he saw this, thinking that an accident could still occur in such a large banquet hall?

But as soon as the thought rose in his mind, a pillar of light struck over, directly hitting the table where the four people were, and the “ferocious” appearance of Lin Ran’s three people eating was immediately exposed to everyone’s eyes.


Suddenly, a familiar voice rang out, and Lin Ran’s heart sank as he heard it.

“What the hell is this bastard trying to do!”

Luo Qiqi was so angry that she gritted her teeth and instantly rushed out, running over to where the microphone was.

She was the one who had invited Lin Ran and the others to come to dinner, and if there was an accident, then she would have to blame herself to death.

“Gentlemen, these are new friends, may I suggest they introduce themselves! Maybe all of you can work together too!”

Hu Fei ducked aside with a microphone and laughed, his face already showing an expression of watching the fun.

“Follow Laozi all, see how I play you to death!”

“What about Lin Ran?”

At this moment everyone’s eyes fell on the three Lin Ran, which made Qin Bing a bit too much to bear and asked busily.

“Don’t be in a hurry, we’ll make a plan out of it!”

Lin Ran laughed, while giving a wink to Wang Yifeng, and then he got up and laughed.

“Since this friend is interested, then I’ll respectfully submit, my name is Lin Ran and I run a clinic, these two next to me are the doctor and helper of my clinic!”

As soon as Lin Ran’s words fell, an uproar and whispered murmurs rang out all around.

“Opening a clinic? He’s not here to cheat on food and drink, is he!”

“I don’t think so, I saw the Luo family’s daughter there just now!”

“This nee-san should have been cheated!”

“Hey, people nowadays really dare to cheat anyone!”

“That’s right, now there’s something to see, Luo Ming is here too!”

Just as the surrounding group of rich people were waiting to see the hilarity, suddenly Lin Ran was smiling lightly and spoke again.

“I wonder if this friend, who found us, would dare to show his face? Maybe we can work together as well?”