Wonder Doctor Chapter 435-436

Chapter 435

“You guys!”

Seeing that he had aroused the wrath of the crowd, Hu Fei could not harden his temper at once, but he did harbour anger in his heart, pointing at the two Lin Ran and saying angrily.

“You two have guts, let’s not change the green hills, you guys wait for me!”

Lin Ran’s eyes were cold as he flew up and kicked the car on the debris that had fallen down.

With a “whoosh” sound, the debris flew out and hit Hu Fei’s leg directly, the latter bent his leg and fell to the ground with a “flop”.

“You almost hit someone and you’re leaving? Do you think this is your backyard?”

Lin Ran said indifferently.

Hu Fei stood up with pain and looked angrily at Lin Ran and the others, then he actually took out a pile of money from his pocket and threw it over.

“Don’t you just want money, a bunch of poor bastards, take this money and get the hell out of my way!”


Looking at the pile of money at his feet, Lin Ran couldn’t help but laugh, followed by shaking his head and picking the money up.

“Haha, talking like a man, in the end it’s just for two pieces of shit money, don’t think I can’t see that you are all in it together!”

Hu Fei laughed coldly at this.

The onlookers at the side also looked at Lin Ran, they had a feeling that they were being cheated.

“Very rich, aren’t you!”

Lin Ran didn’t care about the stares of the people around him, picking up the money and glancing at Hu Fei blandly, followed by flinging the money back with one hand.

The entire thick pile of money smashed into Hu Fei’s face, and his cheeks instantly turned red.

“You really think money is all-powerful, with a face of stinking money you can’t even tell if you’re a human or a ghost, you really don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Lin Ran said with a turn and shouted at Wang Yifeng.

“Fatty, give me a fight!”


Wang Yifeng had long been displeased with this guy, so he rushed up with an arrow step and without saying a word, he directly kicked Hu Fei in the crotch.

The pain was not much lighter than knocking out a watermelon.

Lin Ran didn’t bother to pay attention to this Hu Fei, only money in his eyes had lost the basic bottom line of being a human being, this kind of person made him feel sick even if he said one more word.


Coming to Qin Bing’s side, Lin Ran was busy asking.

“The situation is very bad, the child is running a high fever, and it seems to be more than that, there are also some signs of poisoning!”

Qin Bing frowned, there was no medical equipment here and she could only judge by experience.

“Rush to the hospital!”

Lin Ran said, at this time the child’s mother had not yet returned to her senses, Lin Ran did not care about anything else, and shouted at Wang Yifeng, telling him to just about do it.

He then ran towards the Tamkang Hospital with Qin Bing holding the child, which was very close to the hospital, so the two didn’t waste any time in driving.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.


The first time I heard that Qin Bing and Lin Ran had returned, President Yang personally rushed over.

“How is my child!”

The middle-aged woman had regained her senses by now, and looking here at Lin Ran and Dean Yang, she was busy asking.

“Take it easy, the tests are being done!”

Lin Ran spoke up and persuaded, as soon as he arrived at the hospital Qin Bing took the child and ran for a full body check up, these processes Qin Bing was very skilled at, so he took the initiative to stay and comfort the family.

Soon Qin Bing came out of the emergency room, but his face was very unpleasant.

“How is it?”

Dean Yang was busy going forward and asked.

“The child’s condition is very bad, not only is the fever not going down, but there are also suspected signs of poisoning!”

Qin Bing said with a frown.

“Ah? Poisoned?”

The middle-aged woman was so frightened at her words that she almost didn’t pass out.

“Don’t worry, we’ll definitely do our best to treat it!”

Lin Ran hurriedly persuaded.

However, the middle-aged woman was already a little desperate, this time it wasn’t just her son, several people had already died in her village, and at this moment she couldn’t help but feel a little desperate when she heard Qin Bing’s words.

“If Xiao Bao dies, I won’t live either!”

The middle-aged woman said in despair.

Seeing this, Lin Ran couldn’t help but shake his head, and immediately entered the emergency room with Qin Bing.

“Dean! Dean why don’t you go in, will the two of them be able to make it!”

The middle-aged woman was busy saying, she was grateful that Lin Ran had saved their mother and son earlier, but healing and saving people was not a matter of reaching out, she obviously trusted the latter more than the dean.

“You don’t understand, the one who saved you just now is a little miracle doctor famous throughout Tanjiang City, if he couldn’t do anything, it would be useless for the old man to go in!”

Dean Yang persuaded.


The middle-aged woman was stunned at the words, she worked in the factory and had heard of the Little God Doctor’s name, but she didn’t think that this was the one in front of her.

When she thought of how she had been distrustful of people just now, she couldn’t help but feel a trace of remorse in her heart.

“You wait patiently, I’ll go in and have a look too!”

Dean Yang persuaded, while greeting a nurse to accompany the middle-aged woman, following himself into the emergency room.

“How is it?”

When he arrived at the emergency room, Dean Yang immediately asked.

“Lin Ran is being examined!”

Qin Bing said busily.

At this moment, Lin Ran’s eyes were tightly closed and one hand was pressed against the little boy’s chest, while Dean Yang also noticed that Lin Ran’s forehead had seen sweat, so obviously the situation was not good.


A moment later, Lin Ran finally let go of his palms and let out a long breath, his entire cheeks were a few shades paler at this point.

“How is it?”

Qin Bing hurriedly came over and asked.

“Yes, how is it?”

Dean Yang also hurried over, this child’s condition was bad at first glance, if anything really happened, he was also afraid that the family members waiting outside would not be able to take the blow.

Lin Ran looked at the two men and said with a tight frown.

“There is a grievance coalescing in this child’s body, thick but not dissipating, the source of the coma!”

As he said that, Lin Ran took out a silver needle, and Qin Bing and the two of them saw that the silver needle’s head was already blackened with what appeared to be a black substance.

“And you guessed right, this child has indeed been poisoned, but not an ordinary toxin, but the infamous Tarsal Bone Poison!”

“The poison of the hock?”

Qin Bing was stunned at his words, not understanding what this meant, yet Dean Yang’s face changed dramatically as he listened.

“The poison of the tarsus, how could such a young child be poisoned with the poison of the tarsus!”

“I don’t know, that would be something to ask the child’s mother!”

Lin Ran said with a frown, following which he walked straight out towards the outside, Qin Bing and Dean Yang didn’t say anything when they saw this and followed straight out.

“Well? How is my child?”

When she saw the three of them come out, the middle-aged woman busily stepped forward and asked, her face full of anxiety and worry.

“Where does your family live? Has the child been anywhere recently, I want to know all about it in detail!”

Lin Ran looked at the other party and asked directly.


The middle-aged woman was first stunned at her words, then she remembered the recent situation in the village and hurriedly spoke up.

Chapter 436

People who study medicine are generally very strict in their words, and a phrase like Qin Bing’s “suspected poisoning” would not normally appear.

Because poisoning is poisoning, there is no such thing as suspicion, but here Qin Bing still said so, which means that even she was not sure whether it was poisoning or not.

Based on the middle-aged woman’s account, Lin Ran was basically sure that what the child had been poisoned with was definitely the Tarsal Bone Poison, and as for the grievances, they were also related to the place where they lived.

It turned out that the mother and son lived in the outskirts of Temperance City, just a short distance from the Ten Thousand Refugee Mountain.

At first, Lin Ran hadn’t connected this to the Ten Thousand Ren Mountains, until the other party said.

“Recently there have been a lot of strange things happening in the village, some people say they have encountered ghosts in the middle of the night, there are also many people who are inexplicably sick, some even died because of the illness!”

“At first everyone thought it was the flu or something like that, but I didn’t feel right, and when I learned that my son had also started getting sick, I rushed to the Temagami Hospital, but on the way ….”

The middle-aged woman did not continue.

In Lin Ran’s mind, however, he already had a general judgment that the cause of these situations was at Wan Ren Mountain.

When he and Wang Yifeng went up the mountain to save Luo Qiqi, they had seen many chaotic sword corpse pits with their own eyes. If it was really related to the Wan Ren Mountain, then it must be this chaotic sword corpse pit that brought cholera.

“By the way, Little Divine Doctor! What is my son’s illness?”

The middle-aged woman asked, saying that she was most concerned about the comfort of her son.

“You may not believe me when I tell you, your son has a grievance into his body, and at the same time he has been poisoned with the Tarsal Bone!”

Lin Ran said, the family has the right to know, although these things are difficult for the general public to accept, but he still said it.

“Grievance into his body? The poison of the tarsal bone?”

The middle-aged woman was baffled at the words, and looked at Dean Yang at the side, then at Lin Ran, and spoke.

“Are you really the Little Divine Doctor? Isn’t this a feudal superstition to enter the body with grievances!”

The middle-aged woman had a tangle on her face, just now Dean Yang had said that he was a little divine doctor, but how could he open his mouth and come up with this feudalism thing.

“Although I am less educated, you can’t fool me!”

“He’s not lying to you, he’s really a little divine doctor!”

On the other side, Qin Bing hurriedly said, this was not the first time she had come across this situation, when she went to see Luo Ming’s father, she had come across it.

There was nothing she could do about it, who made this guy Lin Ran always have something to do with feng shui when he was seeing patients, and it was normal for the patient’s family to be suspicious.

“Is it really the little miracle doctor? Why do I get the feeling that this is a fraud, opening and closing your mouth with feng shui grievances, does everyone who comes to see you here have evil Qi into their bodies?”

The middle-aged woman said with some excitement, the reason she chose Temperance Hospital was because of its reputation, but she did not expect to come across such a doctor.

The key was that President Yang had even highly recommended him, which made her heart both puzzled and angry.

“Don’t be angry, what I said is also the truth, just follow me in and watch if you don’t believe me!”

Lin Ran didn’t bother to explain, chatting a word and turning around to enter the emergency room.

“I definitely want to watch, in case anything happens to my son, I’ll fight you too!”

The middle-aged woman said, while also hurriedly following in.

“What’s all this, thanks to you risking your life just now to save their mother and son!”

In the emergency room, Qin Bing came to the side a little indignant.

“Forget it’s alright, she was too worried about her son’s condition, no need to pay attention!”

Lin Ran laughed, although he didn’t feel good about being wrongly accused, he didn’t bother to argue with the other party as it was important to save lives.

“Your son’s coma is caused by the fatal Qi, and the high fever is due to the Tarsal Bone Poison, since you don’t believe me then I will treat him in front of you, but I hope you will be prepared!”

Lin Ran looked at the other party and said indifferently.

“No need to prepare, I’d like to see if the so-called little divine doctor has a vain name or not!”

The middle-aged woman said in a cold voice, her eyes glancing at Dean Yang at the side, which made the latter uncomfortable, how it felt as if a room full of people were all liars just to deceive their family.

Lin Ran didn’t say anything, and immediately came to the bed, followed by a light finger that landed directly on the child’s forehead, while a strand of true qi quickly followed the finger and entered the other person’s body.

After that, Lin Ran did not dare to stop and quickly took out the silver needles, and then, with the child’s forehead as the centre, he quickly placed the needles.

The whole movement was so fluid, without a hint of procrastination, that the middle-aged woman could not help but feel a sudden surge in her heart as she wondered if she had misunderstood Lin Ran before.

After all, just this speed of dropping the needles did not seem like a level that a con man could achieve.

“Could it be that she had really misunderstood?”

The middle-aged woman thought in her mind, yet on Lin Ran’s side, he had already quickly dropped a full eighteen needles.

This time, when Lin Ran’s palm was withdrawn, the silver needle was pulled out as well.


At the same time, almost everyone in the emergency room saw with their naked eyes that there was a very obvious wisp of black gas floating out from the place where the silver needle had been pulled out, and it slowly dissipated in mid-air.


The middle-aged woman was so shocked that she could not help but swallow her spittle and kneel down with a thud.

“Little divine Doctor, it was all my fault before, you save my child, you save him!”

Seeing this scene, how could the middle-aged woman not understand that Lin Ran was really capable, otherwise how could she force out this fierce Qi?

And just as she was speaking, the little boy on the hospital bed had already woken up.

“Mom …. Where am I!”

“Child! The boy’s mother is here mommy is here!”

The middle-aged woman sniffed and busily got up and rushed over, but was stopped by Lin Ran.

“Don’t come any closer, you’re only halfway through the treatment, there’s still the poison in your tarsus that hasn’t been expelled yet!”

As he said this, Lin Ran’s palm was once again placed on the eighteen silver needles that had fallen earlier, while Qin Bing hurriedly brought a basin and placed it below.

Lin Ran picked the little boy up and followed, face down, and gently pulled out one of the silver needles.

At once, as the silver needle was pulled out, a strand of black liquid flowed down the silver needle, dark and fishy in colour.

From a distance, both Dean Yang and the middle-aged woman could not help but cover their noses, while the latter even shed tears of pain.

The silver needles were pulled out one by one, and in the end, the black liquid was gathered in a small basin, and only then did the little boy’s complexion return to normal, although his cheeks looked a little pale because of his weakness.

“Come on, let’s go out and talk!”

Seeing that the child had fallen asleep, Lin Ran immediately greeted the crowd and went out, while Dean Yang arranged for others to take care of the child.


As soon as she left the clinic, the middle-aged woman knelt down straight away, rushing towards Lin Ran and kowtowing repeatedly, while saying gratefully.

“Thank you, Little Divine Doctor, thank you!”

“There’s no need for that!”

Lin Ran busily helped the other party up, before saying.

“Your son is still very weak, stay in the hospital for the time being, if the medical expenses are not enough I can advance you first, as for home for now it’s better not to go back!”


The middle-aged woman was busy nodding her head, and then she was busy asking.

“By the way little divine doctor, what exactly is this poison of the tarsal bone that my son has been poisoned with, why does it stink so much! My son’s body won’t be affected, right!”