Wonder Doctor Chapter 433-434

Chapter 433

“I’m just saying it ten times, so what, you’re still justified in fighting in my place!”

The young man in the suit cursed angrily, and then raised his hand and slapped Qin Feng without any warning.

However, while he was surprised, Qin Feng’s reaction was even faster, and his slap already landed on the young man’s face just as the former’s hand struck out.

The young man in the suit directly spun 360 degrees in place and hit the ground with a bang, falling on all sides, as bad as it could be.

“Hey! Who is he?”

At this moment, Qin Bing was standing by the side and asked in a low voice.

“This guy was in front of the clinic at noon ……”

Lin Ran laughed as he recounted what had happened, hearing Qin Bing cover her mouth and laugh at once.

“You guys are so bad, you actually didn’t remind him, my brother is unbeatable among his generation in the Qin family!”

“Remind? He also did not ask ah, besides I robbed you, your brother is still angry I’m afraid, always have to find someone out of anger is not, in case suffocated, how can I still go to your house in the future!”

Lin Ran laughed, Qin Bing’s previous words about wanting to stay had touched his heart, and at this moment he was not close to mocking the latter.

“Go to my house? What for? What do you want?”

Qin Bing’s pretty face flushed at his words and she couldn’t help but lower her head as she asked shyly.

“Going to your house, of course I’m going to see your parents, otherwise what else can I go for?”

Lin Ran said in a serious manner, but Qin Bing’s pretty face turned even redder as she listened.

But just as she was about to continue asking questions, the young man in the suit who had fallen to the ground had already gotten up again.

“You fucking dare to hit me too, do you really think you’re all capable of fighting?”

The young man in the suit cursed and waved his hand without looking back, shouting.

“Brothers, kill him for me!”

As the words fell, the young man in the suit pounced towards Qin Feng again. In his opinion, he was unlucky enough to run into Wang Yifeng and Lin Ran at noon, but that was fine, he couldn’t be unlucky enough to run into two groups of people in a row who were both so good at fighting, right?

If he was beaten like this, he could only say that he was not good at fighting.

With this in mind, he had already rushed to Qin Feng, but without any surprise, the latter grabbed him directly by the neck and followed with a cold voice.

“Get rid of who?”


The young man in the suit was so angry that his face turned blue, yet following this, Qin Feng continued.

“Besides, where are your brothers?”


The young man in suit was instantly baffled at his words, somewhat not understanding what Qin Feng meant by this.

But the next thing he understood was that he saw Qin Feng tackling him by the neck with one hand, followed by a spin, and when he saw that there was no one beside him, he was instantly confused.

“Where are my men?”

The young man in the suit asked in horror, he had clearly brought a group of people in just now, how could there be none left in the blink of an eye.

As his mind was racing, he suddenly felt his foot being grabbed, and was busy looking down, when his whole body was dumbfounded.

The seven or eight brothers he had brought with him had all fallen to the ground at some point, each foaming at the mouth and dead or alive.

“You …. When did you ….”

The young man in the suit was full of shock, he didn’t even know when his brothers had fallen, if he had known he wouldn’t have been looking for a beating.

“Get lost!”

Qin Feng glared at the young man in the suit, followed by a kick on the latter’s buttocks, instantly sending him stumbling and almost missing a dog’s shit on the ground.

However, he was very lucky to have escaped, and immediately ran away, but his heart was full of frustration.

His own shop was actually beaten out by someone else, and the more he thought about it, the more aggravating it was.

“All right, I’m leaving!”

Qin Feng turned his head and said to Qin Bing, seeing that the latter was talking and laughing with Lin Ran, with a happy smile on her face, which made him feel very uncomfortable in his heart.

With a slightly odd expression on his face, he followed Qin Feng’s gaze and fell on Lin Ran, saying solemnly.

“Kid, I can warn you! If anything happens to my sister here with you, I will definitely not let you off!”

“Are you annoyed, saying one sentence twice!”

Lin Ran looked at Qin Feng and said blandly.


Qin Feng was so angry that his face turned ugly, he found that he could not always take advantage of Lin Ran in front of him, and this made him feel very uncomfortable in his heart.

“Alright brother, it’s getting late you should hurry up or you won’t make it back to the imperial capital before it gets dark!”

Qin Bing said busily, following which he took it upon himself to push Qin Feng out of the teahouse.

“Ai! A woman is too old to stay!”

Watching this scene, Elder Sage couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh.

“Little friend Lin Ran, old man, I’m leaving too, let’s meet again in half a month!”

With that, the Sage also left.

Seeing this, Lin Ran helplessly revealed a bitter smile and followed to greet Wang Yifeng as he followed him out.


In the car returning to the clinic, Qin Bing hugged Lin Ran’s arm tightly and asked with a smile.

“You said before that you were going to see my parents, what exactly did you want!”

“Uh ….”

Lin Ran smiled a little embarrassed and said.

“Why do you still remember this question ….”

“Then of course, hurry up and say what you’re going to my house to meet my parents for!”

Qin Bing continued to pursue the question.

“I say, this still need to ask? It’s obvious to go to propose marriage ah, why are you both so stupid at this time?”

Wang Yifeng, who was driving in front of him, couldn’t help but say.

However, what was waiting for him was Lin Ran and Qin Bing saying in unison, “Shut up!”

“Fine, I don’t need to save face, you guys keep talking, I’ll drive my car!”

Wang Yifeng said helplessly.

“You hurry up and answer!”

Qin Bing turned his head to look at Lin Ran and continued to ask.

“Er… I’m just going to meet up, as for what you should know in your own heart!”

Lin Ran said as he scratched his head, his old face couldn’t help but burn a little.

“I …. Why should I know, how can I know if you don’t tell me!”

Qin Bing smiled and her pretty face couldn’t help but redden, while lowering her head to look a little embarrassed.

“Then we’ll talk about it later, you just came back tonight I’ll treat you to dinner!”

Lin Ran laughed, while trying his best to change the subject.

However, he had somewhat underestimated Qin Bing, who knew that this girl had actually buried her head directly into his shoulder and whispered with laughter.

“Shouldn’t I come back and talk to me about what’s on my mind first?”

“I ….”

Lin Ran suddenly did not know how to say, how recently himself this peach blossom luck seems to be a little too frequent, and it seems like these several women have made an appointment, almost at the same time launched an attack on himself, this let him where to fight the main.

“Otherwise, let’s discuss where we should go for dinner tonight!”

Lin Ran’s forehead was sweating, so he said.

“No, you should tell me if you miss me first!”

Qin Bing looked at Lin Ran and blinked her big eyes and said, where was the glacier beauty of the past, she looked like a little girl in love.

“I’ll go!”

Finally, the words and actions of the two men made Wang Yifeng in front of them just couldn’t hold back any longer and opened his mouth to say.

“I say big brother and big sister, can you guys consider my feelings? Master Fatty is also a human being and has feelings too, if you guys are spreading dog food like this, Master Fatty I’ll have to die!”

Chapter 434

The three of us rushed all the way back towards the clinic, it was only two o’clock in the afternoon, plus it was New Year’s Eve and there were many pedestrians on the road, especially when we passed by the entrance of the Tamagawa Hospital, there were even more people and even the car slowed down.

“Hey, Xiao Nuan said there are guests at home who can’t leave, let us go eat by ourselves tonight!”

Qin Bing hung up the phone and said with some disappointment.

Originally, Lin Ran was going to invite guests out for dinner in the evening, it was good for a group of people to get together, but it was only the ninth day of the New Year after all, and rich ladies like Song Nuan Luo Qiqi were afraid that they would still be busy for a few days.

“It’s fine, we’ll go on our own then!”

Lin Ran laughed, while taking out the phone, ready to call Luo Qiqi to ask, after all, whether he was free or not was not something he could decide, but if he didn’t make the call, and the latter knew that he hadn’t even called her, then I’m afraid he would have to explain a lot more.

However, the phone was taken out, but before he could make a call, there was suddenly an ear-splitting sound of brakes ahead.

“What’s going on?”

Lin Ran and the others turned their heads to look, only to see that at the crossroads not long after the hospital, a Hummer was listening in the middle of the road, and less than three metres in front of the car, a mother and son were sitting paralyzed.

The woman was plainly dressed, and the child was in her arms, seemingly in a coma, and hadn’t even woken up after what had happened.

“Where did you come from? You’re looking for death, aren’t you?”

The sunroof of the Hummer opened and a handsome young man with long hair poked his head out and scolded, with disdain in his eyes.

The woman seemed to be stunned, sitting on the ground holding the child in her arms, her body shaking uncontrollably, without any response.

“What are you pretending to be deaf for, what a fucking bad luck!”

Fei cursed angrily and followed, sitting back in the car and stepping on the accelerator as soon as he was ready to go around, he was still in a hurry to get to his appointment.

“This kid is really something!”

Inside the car, Wang Yifeng could not help but curse as he saw what was really going on.

However, Lin Ran’s face had already turned ugly as he noticed that the traffic lights at the intersection had already changed, and the car going sideways was not going to stop and wait for the Hummer to pass peacefully.

It looked like a car accident was about to happen.

“Fatty, go block it!”

Lin Ran greeted busily, following which he opened the car door straight away and jumped down.


Wang Yifeng didn’t understand Lin Ran’s meaning somewhat, but the next thing he knew, he understood.

The Hummer bypassed the mother and son and was ready to cross the road to leave, but at that moment the cars were already starting.

One of the BMWs rushed towards the Hummer, which scared Hu Fei and he hastily turned around to avoid it, but the car was out of the way, but the target was the mother and son who were still in the road.

“Get the fuck out of the way! Idiot!”

Seeing the mother and son still sitting in the middle of the road, Hu Fei couldn’t help but curse, but the car had already rammed into them uncontrollably.


Qin Bing, who was sitting in the car, saw the scene and couldn’t help but shriek and cover her eyes, not daring to look.

Even the pedestrians on the side of the street could not help but cry out in shock, each one rushing to cover their eyes and not daring to look, afraid of seeing the next bloody scene.

But in the nick of time, a figure quickly passed by the Hummer and pounced on the mother and son, rolling in a heap and muddling out of the way, narrowly avoiding the Hummer.

“Get out of here!”

Lin Ran snatched the child out of the woman’s arms, then pulled her up and ran towards the road.

At this moment, Wang Yifeng also saw the right moment, slammed on the accelerator and drove directly at the Hummer, taking advantage of the brief moment when the latter braked, a drift directly crossed the car in front of the other car, followed by opening the car door and jumped down.

“You greet them first, mother and son!”

Lin Ran handed the child to Qin Bing, who had come down, and then walked towards the Hummer with a cold face.

“Get off!”

Beside the Hummer, Wang Yifei had already kicked the door twice and pointed at the handsome young man inside the car and scolded.

Hu Fei, who had been knocked around, could not easily regain his senses, and when he saw that someone was kicking his car door, he got angry, opened the door and jumped down.

“Damn fatty, what the hell did you just kick? Are you looking for death?”

Hu Fei pointed at Wang Yifei and scolded him unceremoniously.

Seeing this, Wang Yifei raised his hand and slapped Hu Fei directly on the face without saying a word.

The slap was so solid that Hu Fei, who had just come to his senses, was immediately sent flying backwards and hit the car with a bang, his head suddenly confused again.

“You’re right, I’m here to die, I think I’ve found it, you must be the shit!”

Looking at Hu Fei, who was lying on the ground, Wang Yifei laughed coldly.

According to his character at this time did not fight, is already considered merciful, just now almost hit a person not even a word of apology, and then a second time almost hit a person, at this time is easy to be forced to stop, get out of the car is not half remorse, this is simply scum to the bone.

“How dare you fucking call me a piece of shit! Do you know who I am!”

Hu Fei covered his face and got up from the ground, pointing at Wang Yifei and cursing angrily.

“Who are you? The son of the King of Heaven? To disobey traffic rules on this street and ignore other people’s lives, you are not even the son of the King of Heaven!”

To the side, Lin Ran walked over in a cold voice, looking at Hu Fei with eyes full of ice cold.

“Who the hell are you, does it matter to you if I hit someone or not? I have plenty of money to pay for my death, so what the fuck do you care?

Hu Fei looked at Lin Ran and said in a deep voice.

“It’s none of my business how rich you are, even if your family owns a money printing factory, I don’t care, but it’s my business if you trample on other people’s lives!”

Lin Ran looked at him and said in a cold voice.

“Right! If you trample on other people’s lives, it has something to do with us. Seeing you dressed like a man, I didn’t expect you to be a scum, want to know my name? Remember it! My name is Lei Feng!”

Wang Yifeng straightened his back and said aloud, then even looked at Hu Fei disdainfully.

“It’s a big deal to be rich, today we have our brothers standing up, tomorrow we want other Lei Feng to stand up, just people like you die and no one cares, but don’t take other people’s lives for granted! Everyone is equal in front of life and limb!”

“Yes! All men are equal!”

“Well said!”

“It’s not a big deal if you’re rich, but you still have to eat!”

“That’s right, I don’t like people like you who are arrogant and domineering!”

“That’s right, there are so many rich people who can keep a low profile and be nice, how can they save you from being so arrogant, this road is run by your family!”

“Come and say your father’s name, see if you can make you a fire!”

“Just tell us what your father’s name is!”

The people around the crowd couldn’t stand it anymore, some people shouted from time to time, while many of them took out their mobile phones to take pictures, in this era of developed internet, it’s simply too easy to make a person hot.