Wonder Doctor Chapter 351-352

Chapter 351

“This …..”

Seeing this scene, everyone froze, especially Daoist Master Luo, his face was tinged with a bit of embarrassment in addition to surprise, just now he was still dead set against admitting it, but now the truth was already in front of him.

“Daoist Master Luo, how could this happen?”

Jiang Sansi was busy looking at Daoist Master Luo, with disbelief in his eyes as well.

“Sh…. What would be like this, it might be that a wind just happened to blow by just by chance!”

Luo Daoist said with an ugly face, he naturally did not want to admit that there was something wrong with his feng shui bureau, this was simply a slap in his own face.

“It just so happened that there was wind?”

Lin Ran laughed at his words, and then everyone heard a “bang” once again, and when they looked, the door that had been opened actually closed up again.


Then there was another sound, and the door that had just been closed was blown open again.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

This was repeated with increasing speed, while Jiang Linshan at the side was already listening with his brows furrowed together.

“Father, the loud noise coming from our house at night is this sound!”

“I know!”

Jiang Sansi said with an ugly face, thanks to the fact that he had trusted this Taoist Master Luo so much before, but now, seeing the truth of the matter, his intestines were turning blue with regret.

He naturally liked Feng Shui and had some insights of his own on it, but he never thought that he would actually be cheated by an old man this time.

The key was that this old man was very famous in the entire business circle of Tanjiang City.

“Old man, do you have anything to say now?”

On the side, Wang Yifeng looked a little impatient and went forward to drink Wen’s reply.

At this moment, Daoist Luo’s face was blue and white, very embarrassed, but he was at least a member of the rich and powerful circle in Tanjiang City, if he could not resolve the embarrassment in front of him, I am afraid that overnight his name would have to be completely stink.

Thinking in his mind, Luo Daoist said directly with a grit of his teeth.

“What is there to say, feng shui a profound and profound, although I can not see how you made the situation in front of you, but there is wind around, usually people into the wind room door will have to shake twice, let alone the Jiang family this house deep courtyard high!”

Said Luo Daoist directly turned to look at Jiang Sansi, coldly said.

“I feng shui bureau also see, the problem also with the ending, Jiang old brother if you do not believe than to find me again, today this old man I do not bother to explain, we are here to say goodbye, the future like passers-by it!”

Said Luo Daoist turned around and was about to leave, however, a side of Wang Yifeng is directly an arrow step blocked in front of the former, sneered.

“No still can’t leave, you are obviously not convinced by these words, we have knocked you away with a gong in your face, you now leave your words and want to leave, does that mean your heart is weak, or we are mistaken, you don’t want to see us in general?”


Taoist Master Luo was so angry at his words that his face turned a few shades darker and he said in a deep voice.

“Kid, don’t push too hard, I don’t want to argue with you about anything, it’s better to stop in time!”

“Stop in time? It’s not impossible, but you have to answer me a question!”

Lin Ran suddenly stood out from the side and asked.

“What kind of question?”

Daoist Master Luo gave him a look with caution in his eyes, the situation he was in now was very unfavourable, if he said the wrong thing the reputation he had managed to cultivate in Temperance City was likely to collapse, so at this moment he was extra vigilant and careful.

Lin Ran looked at his actions, smiled knowing what was on his mind and asked.

“Quite simply, is the Luo family’s recent grave relocation related to you?”

Daoist Master Luo’s face visibly turned aside at his words, but he quickly regained his composure and after a slight moment of contemplation, followed by a flutter of his sleeves, he said.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, farewell!”

He said and turned around and left.

“Hey hey!”

Wang Yifeng saw this and wanted to stop, but he was stopped by Lin Ran who was on the side.

“Why aren’t you chasing after him!”

Looking at Daoist Luo striding away, Wang Yifeng was busy asking.

“There’s no need to chase, his expression already says it all!”

Lin Ran laughed blandly.

“Lin Ran, what the hell is going on!”

To the side, Jiang Sansi looked bewildered and hurried over to ask.

Jiang Linshan and Jiang Yi Yi were also busy coming over, asking with a strange look on their faces, somewhat puzzled by Lin Ran’s last question just now.

“I don’t know much about this, to put it mildly, but I’ve also recently left Temperance City for a few days, so why don’t we find a place to have a closer chat!”

Lin Ran said.

Jiang Sansi sobered up at his words, slapped his forehead and said

“Hey, look at my brain, let’s go, let’s go to the living room and talk slowly!”

With that Jiang San Si hurriedly invited the two Lin Ran into the room, and the two siblings, Jiang Lin Shan, who were on the side, also followed them in.

In the room, the group sat down and opened up their conversation.

Lin Ran first told them some of the things he knew about the Luo family, and finally said.

“I also just learned that the Luo family has recently been relocating their ancestral graves, and this Daoist Master Luo is likely to be related to the former’s ancestral grave relocation!”

Lin Ran said.

Jiang Sanshi nodded at his words, before saying.

“In that case, I’ll have to call old friend Luo Ming and tell him to be more careful, I didn’t know before that this Daoist Master Luo was actually a fraud, and I gave him a benefit fee for nothing!”

When he said “benefit fee”, Jiang Sansi was furious in his heart, and his anger was unbearable, but fortunately he had been in business for half of his life, and he quickly adjusted to it.

Lin Ran then asked Jiang Sansi some more questions about his family and learned that nothing else had happened in the last two days apart from this feng shui business, and only then did he nod reassuringly.

Lang Tian was now being chased around by the police and obviously had no time for Lin Ran and the Jiang family, and as long as Jiang San Si had made things clean in the first place, it was likely that he would not even know that the Jiang family was involved in this matter.

The group talked for almost an hour, and as they watched the sky outside getting worse and worse, it seemed to be about to rain heavily, so Lin Ran stopped staying and got up to say goodbye to Jiang Sansi and the others.

The group arrived outside the hall, and Lin Ran was just about to leave when Jiang Sansi realised that the feng shui bureau of the house had not yet been corrected and hurriedly said.

“Lin Ran, what should we do with this feng shui bureau!”

Lin Ran smiled as he turned his head to look at the curved shadow wall, and then laughed.

“It’s very simple, just get a few craftsmen to polish this curved shadow wall flat and that’s it!”

“Just sand it flat? You don’t need to make any other changes?”

Jiang Sansi was still a bit uneasy and asked.

“No, if it’s not a curved shadow wall, it won’t be able to form a wind hide, so the overall feng shui won’t be affected!”

Lin Ran said with a smile.

Jiang Sansi nodded at his words, and only then did he put his mind at ease.

The group then left the door, followed by Lin Ran and the two of them then got into the car and left.

The incident with the Jiang family was supposed to be a minor hiccup, but I don’t know if the heavens were deliberately holding back or if it was really just such a coincidence.

Not long after Lin Ran and the two of them drove away, a thunderclap was heard in the overcast sky, followed by a downpour of rain.

While the entire city was covered in torrential rain and the sound of thunder resounded through the sky, no one noticed that far away from the edge of Temperance City, on the Wan Ren Mountain, there was a huge rumble.

A sharp-edged rift broke off and fell down the side of the mountain, while the noise, which should have been very loud, was completely overshadowed by the heavy rain and the sound of thunder.

Chapter 352

The rain was pouring down and it was supposed to be the rush hour after work, but there were few pedestrians on the road and even fewer cars, all because the rain was so violent.

“The sky has suddenly changed, I’m afraid another disaster is about to happen!”

Lin Ran sat in the passenger seat, his heart a little heavy.

He was a medical student and firmly believed in the power of science, but since he had obtained the Xuan Yang Pharmacopoeia, he had discovered that this book, which recorded the accumulated experience of his ancestors for countless years, had a lot of feng shui stuff.

At first, Lin Ran only drew on some of the conventional medical theories and methods of treating illnesses and saving lives, but after gradually delving into the more profound art of Chinese medicine, he discovered a problem.

But some long lost Chinese medical techniques, whether it was massage or acupuncture and fire therapy, were incomparably related to Feng Shui, as if these two originally unrelated disciplines were fused into one in this book, playing a complementary role.

“The healer is benevolent, and this is still the case in feng shui.

Lin Ran couldn’t help but sigh with emotion, a feng shui practitioner could seize the creation of heaven and earth and change the feng shui qi, wasn’t this precisely the means to heal heaven and earth?

“After all, I know too little about the Xuan Yang Pharmacopoeia, perhaps when I know more about it in the future, I will be able to peek into the connection between the whole way of Chinese medicine and the way of feng shui, then perhaps I will be able to heal the world and be at ease.”

All along the way, Lin Ran looked out of the window at the heavy rain and pondered the mysteries of the Xuan Yang Pharmacopoeia in his mind.

The drive, which originally only took an hour or two, took three hours to get back to the clinic because of the heavy rain.

At this time, there were no patients in the clinic, so Li Zheng and the others went back early when they saw that the weather had changed and there were no customers.

However, what surprised Lin Ran was that Qin Bing had not left, and even Song Nuan had come.

“Why aren’t you two going home?”

Seeing the two, Lin Ran couldn’t help but ask.

“I have some uneasiness in my heart here!”

Qin Bing was the first to speak.

“Restless? What about you?”

Lin Ran frowned, then looked at Song Nuan, with such bad weather, this nee-san should have gone straight home, why did she come to the clinic too?

“I’m also blocked up inside, it’s like something’s about to happen!”

Song Nuan said with the same worried face.

“You guys!”

Lin Ran saw this and couldn’t help but frown slightly, he also noticed that ever since he saw the sky gloomily pulling down at Jiang’s house, his entire mood had become a few points lower, just that on the way back he thought it was related to the Xuan Yang Pill Canon, so he didn’t pay too much attention to it, at this moment when he saw that both women were in this situation, he couldn’t help but be very suspicious in his heart.

“The two of you are just idle, listen to me, let’s go to the nearby hot pot city to eat hot pot, I guarantee that all your worries will be gone!”

Wang Yifeng sat down on the sofa and turned on the TV.

As soon as the TV was turned on, everyone’s attention was drawn to it.

“According to the latest news from our station, the sudden heavy rainfall in the city may be related to the Ten Thousand Renmin Mountain!”

“Wan Ren Shan?”

Hearing this name, both Lin Ran and Wang Yifeng could not help but be stunned, with the latter following.

“Are the weather forecasts so unreliable nowadays? The ghostly weather is even linked to the Ten Thousand Ren Ren Mountains, could it be that my father’s unjust spirit is taking the piss?”

“Go! Behave yourself!”

Lin Ran couldn’t help but glare at him, and then watched the TV carefully.

The TV screen shifted, followed by the situation on Wan Ren Mountain, but the picture was very blurry and shaky, obviously not taken by the reporter himself, but by a passer-by.

“According to eyewitnesses, the mountain commonly known as Mount Pillar and Pestle in the Ten Thousand Ren Ren Mountains collapsed at around 7pm today, with the ring-shaped wall outside Mount Pillar and Pestle fractured, leaving only the upper part of the mountain less than ten metres high, while the lower part of the mountain has all collapsed, while the middle body is unaffected!”

“Pestle Hill? Is that the mountain that looks like a pestle and mortar?”

Wang Yifeng couldn’t help but ask.

The Pill Pestle Mountain was a very inconspicuous scenic spot on the entire mountain range of the Wan Ren Mountain, and because of its location very close to the middle, almost no one would go there to play.

Only one pestle remained, but the surrounding walls of the ring of mountains resembling garlic mortars had all collapsed.

“It’s been a long time since a collapse has occurred on Mount Wan Ren, and I’m afraid this incident is linked to the torrential rain, so I’m afraid this year is going to be a bad one!”

Lin Ran couldn’t help but lament.

It was only a month before the New Year, and Song Nuan’s school was about to start its final exams, but something had happened to Wan Ren Mountain at this time, and it was not clear if it was a coincidence or if someone had done it on purpose.

“What should we do? Let’s stay here tonight or else!”

Song Nuan said with a sad face, there were at least so many medicine racks inside the clinic, as well as Qin Bing accompanying her, but when she returned home to the empty nagging only her, even if Lin Ran went back with her, a big man which is as comfortable as a best friend.

“Yes, I’ll stay and keep you company!”

Qin Bing smiled at her words.

“Hey hey! I’ll go and buy some food and drink, so we can talk about life while we eat!”

Wang Yifeng hurriedly interjected.

“Who wants you? You’d better go and find Liu Wenjuan!”

Qin Bing laughed at his words.

“Liu Wenjuan? No way, the two of them ….”

Song Nuan couldn’t help but laugh as well when she heard that.

“Hey hey! Don’t talk nonsense, Master Fatty I am a serious man, let you guys talk like that, how can I still get a wife in the future!”

Wang Yifeng said in a hurry.

Lin Ran saw Song Nuan and the two women were laughing at this point, he couldn’t help but sigh, there were times when Wang Yifeng’s mixed skin character was really a bit of a moving target.

“What to ask for a wife, I see people Liu Wenjuan is quite good, why do you still dislike them!”

Lin Ran said.

“It’s not that I don’t like her, the point is that I like the gentle and virtuous type, who likes to have a female tiger in the family?”

Wang Yifeng said.


Lin Ran still wanted to dislike him, but at that moment his phone suddenly rang.


When he picked it up and saw that it was Luo Cheng calling, Lin Ran couldn’t help but be stunned.

This kid hadn’t contacted himself for a while, it seemed that Luo Ming was intentionally grooming him to be his successor, so he had been very busy recently, but he didn’t expect to call himself at this juncture.

“Brother Luo, what’s up?”

Picking up the phone, Lin Ran asked directly without any nonsense, it was still raining heavily outside, it was obvious that calling himself at this time could not be to ask for a good day.

“Ranzi where are you, something has happened to Qiqi!”

On the phone, Luo Cheng said in an anxious voice, even with a few cries, as if he had encountered something very serious.

“What’s going on, don’t be in a hurry and speak slowly!”

Lin Ran face changed busy Q&A, a side Wang Yifeng and other people saw the situation also busy to come over, each one’s heart followed collapse.

On the phone, Luo Cheng was busy slowing down a breath, and then said.

“Kiki, Kiki went to sweep the ancestral graves, encountered a heavy rainstorm trapped in the mountain, and now the Wanren Mountain has sent a landslide, all the people who went with them have come down, but only she has not come down, I really have no choice before calling you, can you come and save her, I only have this one sister ah!”