Wonder Doctor Chapter 349-350

Chapter 349

“This Taoist Master Luo is a very famous Feng Shui master, although I basically don’t care about my family’s business, I have heard of him!”

“And it was through Luo Ming that father found him this time!”

As he rushed to the hall, Jiang Yi Yi explained.

“Luo Ming?”

Lin Ran couldn’t help but frown slightly at his words, Luo Ming was none other than Luo Qiqi’s father, the current helmsman of the Luo family, and he was the one who had given him that Luo’s Supreme Card back then.

“This time when the Luo family relocated their ancestral tomb, he wouldn’t have shown it to them as well!”

Lin Ran had some vague worries in his heart, according to the current situation, this Daoist Master Luo was probably a fraud, otherwise how else would he have finished changing the Jiang family’s feng shui and the Jiang family had the sound of opening and closing doors in the middle of the night.

But if he was a liar, how could Luo Ming have recommended him to Jiang Sansi? And he was probably also the feng shui consultant for the Luo family’s relocation of their ancestral tomb, so it was reasonable that his feng shui attainment should not be bad.

Unable to think clearly for a while, Lin Ran did not bother to think about it and quietly followed Jiang Yiyi as he quietly hurried along.


At this moment in the living room, Jiang Sansi was sitting on the main seat, while at the side stood Jiang Linshan, at this moment both of them were looking at a white haired old man next to them with a smile on their faces.

“Daoist Master Luo, I wonder what the result of your look is this time?”

Jiang Sansi asked with a smile, while Jiang Linshan at the side had a hint of consideration in his eyes, as if he held a sceptical attitude towards this Daoist Master Luo in front of him.

He was an old man of about sixty years of age, and he did not know whether it was because of his age or whether he had deliberately dyed his hair and beard white, and even his eyebrows were white.

If the eyebrows were joined together, it would be the legendary one horizontal eyebrow.

“There’s no problem with feng shui, whether it’s a burglar or a rat in the house, I don’t know. But you suspect that something unclean has entered, this makes no sense!”

Taoist Master Luo leaned back in his chair and said indifferently.

Jiang Sansi frowned slightly at his words and asked rhetorically.

“I wonder if Daoist Master Luo has anything to say about this? Although I am a keen fan of feng shui, I am only a layman after all, so I wonder why Daoist Master would say this when he said that unclean things are not justified?”

“The reason is very simple!”

Taoist Master Luo smiled at his words and got up, before pointing to the door, the feng shui pattern that had just been altered, and laughed.

“The curved shadow wall outside the door is like a curved moon, which can send the breeze into the hall, this is the curved moon and clear breeze pattern, which is a good feng shui pattern.

Look over here!” said Taoist Master Luo, pointing to the offering table beside Jiang Sansi and laughing.

“The table of offerings is set up in the middle, with the God Wu Guan Gong Guan Er Master on top, this is the best choice to shock the demons and drive away the evil spirits, just ask if such a pattern will attract unclean things?”

“Moreover, if it is true, as you say, that it attracts unclean things, why is the divine figure of Guan Er Gong still standing? And did the Jiang family have a bloodbath?”

The words of Daoist Master Luo were so powerful that for a while they really subdued Jiang Sansi, and with the fact that the former was someone introduced by his good friend Luo Ming, for a while he was a bit uncertain.

“Taoist Master Luo, if this feng shui pattern you mentioned is so good, then what is the explanation for the noises in my house in the middle of the night for the last two days?

Jiang Linshan asked, getting straight to the point.

Hearing this, Daoist Master Luo frowned slightly and spoke.

“I still say that there are suspected thieves or rats and other things, after all, you haven’t found the culprit in the past two days, right, so how can I assume that there is something wrong with my feng shui changes?”


Taoist Master Luo’s slightly angry words caused Jiang Sansi to frown slightly, afraid that if his son pressed on, he would annoy the famous feng shui master, and he was busy laughing.

“In that case, then our Jiang family will send more people to find out the cause as soon as possible, and I thank Daoist Master Luo for making the trip!”

Jiang Sansi said and wanted to get up to see him off, but Jiang Linshan, who was at the side, wanted to stop him, but he was glared at by the former.

However, at that moment, a voice drifted in from outside, only to hear a young man say in a deep voice.

“Who let this curved screen’s shadow wall be placed here, it’s simply stupid!”

“Yes! It’s stupid!”

Followed by what was actually another youth’s voice echoing the words.

Hearing these two voices, Daoist Master Luo’s face turned completely ugly, but due to his high ranking posture, he naturally could not immediately rush out to argue with them, and had to turn his head to look at Jiang Sansi.

“Don’t go and take a look yet!”

Jiang Sanshi saw this and rushed to Jiang Linsan, who was on the side, and scolded.


Will Lin Ran sniffed and was about to go out to check, but just then a voice that was very familiar to them all rang out.

“It’s that Taoist Master Luo, this is the feng shui bureau he altered!”

“Yi Yi?”

Hearing this voice, Jiang Sansi exclaimed straight away, a voice he was all too familiar with was none other than his own daughter’s.

“Dad? You’re home, I thought you were in the study!”

Hearing Jiang Sanshi’s voice, Jiang Yi Yi immediately returned, and promptly walked in with the two of them, Lin Ran.

Only just as she entered the hall, she was stunned because at this moment, Daoist Master Luo was looking at the three of them with a gloomy face.

“Luo …. Daoist Master Luo, you are already here, I …. I’ll go and pour you some water!”

Jiang Yi Yi said awkwardly and was instantly ready to bolt, only before she could take a step, Daoist Master Luo spoke up.

“Stand still!”

Following this, Daoist Master Luo swept his eyes towards the two Lin Ran and said in a cold voice

“The one who just said that there was something wrong with the placement of my curved shadow wall, do you know if you can come out and have a lesson with me?”

“Daoist Master Luo!”

Jiang Sansi saw this and was busy opening his mouth to try to persuade, however, Daoist Master Luo waved his hand and directly stopped the former, while saying in a cold voice.

“Elder brother Jiang, you should not interfere in this matter, it is a matter of my reputation, this matter must be made clear!”

“But Daoist Master Luo …..”

Jiang Sansi was about to say something else, but Jiang Linran, who was on the side, spoke up.

“Father, I think Daoist Master Luo has a point, this kind of thing must be investigated clearly, why not take a look first!”


The reason he wanted to stop was that he did not want to offend Daoist Master Luo, after all, the latter was extremely famous in the entire Temperance City circle, in case he really had real skills and was thus offended, he was afraid that he would not have the chance to teach him well in the future.

“Mr. Jiang, since this Taoist Master Luo is interested in having a lesson, why do you have to stop it?”

Suddenly, Lin Ran looked at Jiang San Si and spoke, and as soon as he addressed him, all three members of the Jiang family were stunned, especially Jiang San Si, who knew that Lin Ran was his nephew and should have addressed him as uncle.

But the surprise was only momentary. As a veteran of the business world, Jiang San Si quickly reacted to the fact that Lin Ran was calling himself this because he wanted to draw a clear line with himself first, so that if he confronted Daoist Master Luo later, no matter what the outcome would be, at least the relationship between the Jiang family and this Daoist Master Luo would not be damaged.

Jiang Yi Yi and Jiang Lin Shan quickly reacted as well and immediately laughed.

“Since this brother is so bold and dares to argue with Daoist Master Luo for a moment or two, then we are in for a treat today!”


On the side, Jiang Yi Yi also hurriedly echoed.


Taoist Master Luo snorted coldly at his words, and he also saw that the person who had just commented on his curved shadow wall was this young man who was facing cleanly, so he immediately waved his hand and pointed to the courtyard outside and said.

“A newborn calf is not afraid of a tiger, so let’s go to the courtyard and have a discussion or two, shall we?”

Lin Ran smiled at his words, followed by the same wave of his hand and pointed outside, laughing.

“Great! Please, Daoist Master Luo!”

Chapter 350

A group of people quickly arrived in the courtyard, Lin Ran and Daoist Master Luo stood opposite each other, and behind them stood Wang Yifeng and Jiang Sansi respectively.

As for Jiang Linshan and Jiang Yiyi, they were standing to one side, and the atmosphere in the room became frosty for a while.

“What did you say just now? That the curved shadow wall is simply stupid to be placed here? Then I would like to ask, how is it stupid?”

Daoist Master Luo was the first to speak up and ask.

Lin Ran smiled blandly at this and said.

“Then dare I ask Daoist Master Luo, what was your original reason for placing the curved shadow wall here?”

“Naturally, it is to attract wind and gather wealth!”

Said Daoist Master Luo, and then said again what he had just said to Jiang Sansi and the others in the room, and then said.

“The shadow wall is like a curved moon, sending wind into the hall, sitting in front of the hall of Guan Gong, evil spirits shall not be frightened, this is the core of the whole feng shui bureau, you say stupid? I would like to ask you, who did you learn Feng Shui from and how many years have you been studying?

When he said the last three words, Daoist Master Luo’s tone became very heavy, obviously with a sense of anger and a bit of disdain at the same time.

“Amateurs? Old man do you know what the two people in front of you do? Big talk!”

To the side, Wang Yifeng didn’t listen to what he was saying at all, except that hearing the final remark about Lin Ran being an amateur made him a little upset.

He was a professional ghost hunter, and Lin Ran was a professional doctor, but also proficient in the art of feng shui. To dare to call them amateurs in front of both of them was simply questioning their competence.

“Well, at such an old age, you’ll give any more scares! Can you afford to pay for it when the time comes!”

To the side, Lin Ran hurriedly blocked the way.

Wang Yifeng laughed at this and said.

“That’s right, my poor family doesn’t have any money, blackmailing me, I really can’t pay back!”

Wang Yifeng said and walked to the side and quietly did it.

The two of them sang and sang, and heard Daoist Master Luo’s ugly face as he coldly scolded.

“Jumping clown, if you have the real ability to play against the old man, saying such unpleasant words will only make you look ignorant and stupid!”

Lin Ran looked up at Daoist Master Luo before smiling lightly.

“Daoist Master Luo, do you really want to play a game?”

Daoist Master Luo’s face sank at his words and he said directly.

“Cut the crap and speak!”


Lin Ran replied aloud at his words, then pointed distantly at the curved shadow wall next to him and said at once.

“The saying that a curved surface is like the moon is true, but Daoist Master Luo should also know the saying that a curved surface is like the moon but also like a bow!”

“What are you trying to say!”

Daoist Master Luo’s face was gloomy, and his eyebrows could not help but jump.

“A bow! It’s a bow and arrow, I don’t think anyone is in doubt about that!”

Lin Ran turned his head to look at the crowd, and all three of Jiang San Si nodded their heads, indicating that they had none.

“Good! That Taoist Master Luo’s sending the wind into the hall seems to me to be a wonderful wish, but the reality is cruel!”

Saying this, Lin Ran pointed to the sky and continued.

“It’s afternoon and the sun is high in the sky, what if it were night instead!”

As soon as his words fell, he didn’t know if the heavens were listening too, or if it really was lucky that it happened to be raining, flakes of dark clouds soon blocked the sun, and the whole sky became dark all of a sudden.

“At midnight, when the silver moon is in the sky, the sun and Taiyin are originally two opposing sides, and at night the silver moon is as cold as an arrow, and this curved shadow wall of yours sends not a clear breeze, but a heart-piercing and bone-penetrating wind!”


He hadn’t considered this at the time, and to be honest his Feng Shui skills were not very good in the first place, he was just making a living with his years of experience in society.

The only thing that made him stand firm in Tanjiang City until now was luck and the praise of those dignitaries. If we really want to get serious about feng shui, I’m afraid his skills are no match for Wang Yifeng.

“Don’t be anxious, let’s move on!”

Lin Ran looked on with a bland smile, then pointed to the hall and said.

“Master Guan is sitting in the middle of the living room and guarding the door of the hall, there is no problem with that!”

Hearing these words, Daoist Master Luo’s face could not help but relax a few points, at least of the four words he had said, this one Lin Ran did not refute, which still gave him some comfort.

But no sooner had this relaxation risen than Lin Ran spoke again.

“But have you thought about it? If Master Guan hadn’t been holding down the hall door, I’m afraid that this night’s heart-piercing wind would have blown the Jiang family into ruin!”



Hearing Lin Ran’s words, Jiang Sanshi and Jiang Linshan’s father and son both came in shock, and even Jiang Yi Yi who was at the side couldn’t help but cover her mouth.

Lin Ran was a relative of their family, there was no way he was talking nonsense, and the words he was saying at this time were obviously very credible, while in looking at Daoist Master Luo, by now he was already so angry that his face was blue and he could no longer even interject if he wanted to argue.

“Thanks to the fact that the master concerned was here to guard the place, that’s why he didn’t let the Heart Penetrating Bone Wind cause a bigger disaster, otherwise the consequences would only be more serious!”

Lin Ran said in a cold voice.

“You… What evidence do you have to prove one thing, Feng Shui is supposed to be ever-changing, there will be no problem with this Bending Moon and Clear Wind Bureau of the old man!”

Daoist Master Luo retorted, he really couldn’t find any explanation to dislike Lin Ran, so he simply came up with this set of deadly rhetoric.

Anyway, feng shui is a very mysterious art, and if he could not find any conclusive evidence, he could not do anything about it even if he said something about flowers, as long as he refused to admit it.

He has a certain amount of prestige in the wealthy circles of Tanjiang City. Even if this matter will have a certain impact on him, as long as he comes out and refutes it a little by saying that he deliberately planted the evidence to smear himself, it will pass in time.

“Taoist Master Luo wants proof? That’s fine!”

Lin Ran looked at him and laughed blandly, how could he not know what this Daoist Master Luo was up to again, and immediately smiled at Jiang San Si who was on the side.

“Master Jiang, haven’t you guys been checking out the middle of the night rumblings at home again! Then I’ll tell you what’s going on now!”

Lin Ran winked at Wang Yifeng, who understood and got up and closed the living room door with a bang.

Lin Ran then pointed to the sky.

“The only thing missing is the vagueness, but it doesn’t matter much, it’s dark and windy, the demon wind will rise, just watch carefully!”

Said Lin Ran then looked towards the closed door of the hall, Jiang Sansi and others saw this also could not help but turn their heads to look over.

When Daoist Master Luo saw this, he gave a cold snort helplessly and followed suit, also turning his head to look over.

All at once, everyone’s eyes fell on the hall door.

One point, two points, three points ….. As time passed, after more than ten minutes, to everyone’s surprise, the door of the hall did not change a bit.

Jiang Sansi saw this and could not help but open his mouth wide.

“Little friend Lin Ran, this situation …..”

“Don’t be anxious, just wait!”

Lin Ran laughed indifferently, however, Luo Daoist at the side could not help but open his mouth and sneer.

“Waiting is? How long do we have to wait? I have limited time, I have other things to do later, do I have to wait here with you brat for a day!”


Suddenly, just as the sound of Daoist Luo’s voice fell, the sound of a door opening actually rang out in the distance.

Everyone hurriedly looked and was instantly shocked, the door of the hall, which was originally closed, actually opened at this moment, but everyone did not move, the door of the hall simply opened by itself.