Wonder Doctor Chapter 347-348

Chapter 347

Li Dull Head was the nickname given to Li Zheng by the fat man.

“Didn’t you say you don’t get close to women? How about you beg Wenjuan? Let her take care of it for you?”

Lin Ran said.

“Liu Wenjuan?”

Wang Yifeng heard but instantly blushed, remembering that last time this nun treated her own wounds and also extorted a pendant along with it, it hurt to think about it, he was busy waving his hand.

“No ….. No need, I think brother Li Zheng is also good!”

Liu Wenjuan smiled but her face sank and frowned.

“Damn fatty, what do you mean! Dare to dislike me, today I still have to treat your wounds not!”

“Don’t! Don’t, help! Lin Ran you bastard, save me! …….”

The only sound that remained was the fatty’s cries for help.

Lin Ran and Qin Bing laughed and didn’t even bother to pay attention to him, and then they went up to the first floor one after the other.

Lin Ran took off his shirt in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, revealing his back, which was covered with wounds that were shocking to the eyes.

These wounds were not deep, but the number of them was very large. The impact of the huge wave caused by the eight-eyed ghost spider last night was too great, and even with the true qi protecting his body after a night of repair, these wounds still made Qin Bing’s eyes look red.

“You bear it!”

Qin Bing said softly, followed by fetching hot water and using a hot towel to clean all around the wounds.

After cleaning, looking at the entire back wound, Qin Bing could not help but fall into tears of heartache, and her fair palm could not help but place it on Lin Ran’s back.

On this side, Lin Ran was instantly struck by a machine, feeling like his whole body had been hit by electricity, which in turn made Qin Bing come back to her senses, her pretty face flushed as she hurriedly said.

“I’m applying medicine now!”

With that, she took out the ointment and applied it.

There were many wounds, but none of them were deep, and soon the ointment was all applied to one side, and then Qin Bing wrapped it again with gauze, which was all done.

“You can rest first!”

A little embarrassed just now, Qin Bing finished getting it done and immediately got up and prepared to leave.

But just as she stood up from the floor, she slipped and fell towards the counter with a scream.

“Watch out!”

Lin Ran saw this and hurriedly took a step forward to grab Qin Bing’s waist, and the two of them fell directly onto the sofa.

Qin Bing’s entire body was pressed against Lin Ran’s, and the softness of her body was all that mattered, but the key was the fragrant breeze that went straight to her nose, and even the cool touch of Qin Bing’s hands pressing against her own body made Lin Ran’s old face flush.

“Sorry! Sorry!”

Qin Bing hurriedly apologised and tried to stand up, but as soon as her slippery feet hit the ground, a wave of pain burst through her heart, causing her to fall down again.

This time, Lin Ran didn’t react at all, and the next moment the two of them collided directly into each other.

However, I don’t know if it was God’s intention, or if the two people’s destiny really came to a head, Qin Bing fell this time impartially, the two people directly ……. The two of them are directly on each other.

The two people are facing each other with their eyes wide open, Lin Ran can even see Qin Bing’s cheeks gradually turning red, a pair of big watery eyes, also gradually closed up because of shyness.

The two of them didn’t know how long they waited in silence until a pig-like “Ah!” came from downstairs. Only then did Qin Bing react and hurriedly broke away from Lin Ran to sit on the sofa next to her.

“I that ….. go down first!”

The atmosphere was awkward and Qin Bing got up to leave, but the sharp pain that came out of her ankle just as she got up forced her to sit down on the sofa again.

“What’s wrong?”

Lin Ran frowned slightly at this, and did not care about embarrassment as he hurriedly got up and asked.

Qin Bing smiled and said with some embarrassment.

“It’s probably an old injury!”

“An old injury? You’ve been injured before?”

Lin Ran sniffed in surprise, he didn’t remember Qin Bing having an injury to her ankle before.

“It was a few days ago, I enrolled in a fitness class and accidentally twisted my foot, it just so happened that you were out those days, so I didn’t know!”

Qin Bing said.

Lin Ran was stunned at his words and said with some embarrassment.

“I’m sorry, it’s because I’ve been too busy lately, and I’ve been negligent about the clinic as well as you!”

“It’s alright, if you’re busy, I can understand!”

Qin Bing said busily, she didn’t want to put any pressure on Lin Ran, this had been understood from the time she had absolutely come to help him in the first place.

“Come on, let me help you with a massage!”

Lin Ran sighed and got up to place Qin Bing’s feet on his lap, while quickly rubbing his palms together to warm them up.

“How about forgetting it, there are so many people down there in case someone comes up and sees it, it’s not good!”

Qin Bing lowered her head and said with some ill will.

“What’s wrong with that, isn’t it normal to rub your foot when it’s broken?”

Lin Ran said in a serious manner, but his words were full of concern for Qin Bing, which made her heart satisfied.

“Then …. Then, be gentle, I’m afraid of the pain!”


“Don’t worry, it only hurts a little at the beginning, it won’t hurt anymore later!”

Lin Ran reassured, followed by placing his palm on it.

When it came to massage, Lin Ran’s current attainments were definitely many times more powerful than those so-called massage experts and scholars.

The Xuan Yang Pharmacopoeia had countless records and techniques on massage, not to mention a small broken foot, which he could do with ease.

Placing his hands on his ankle, he followed Lin Ran as he looked up and asked.

“By the way, where has Kiki been lately? How come I haven’t seen her at all!”

“You said she, she’s been ….. lately.”

Qin Bing was just about to answer, but Lin Ran gave a violent push, and immediately heard a “click”, and a sharp pain was transmitted into Qin Bing’s ankle, causing her to scream out with a painful “ah”.

“Be gentle!”

Qin Bing was on the verge of tears from the pain, but Lin Ran ignored him and quickly rubbed his palms together to continue the massage.

“There’s a problem with the ancestral grave of Qiqi’s family, it’s been busy for almost half a month, it should be finished in the next two days!”

Qin Bing said as he endured the pain, just as he finished those words, the pain in his ankle disappeared.

“Hey! It really doesn’t hurt, how did you do that!”

Qin Bing was busy looking towards Lin Ran for a curious question and answer.

Lin Ran smiled and then said.

“I’ve told you, it only hurts for the first bit, and then it won’t hurt afterwards, isn’t it still comfortable now!”

Feeling the warm feeling gradually coming from her ankle, Qin Bing couldn’t help but nod and said.

“It is indeed very comfortable, it looks like I’ll have to ask you to try it more often in the future!”

“Happy to oblige!”

Lin Ran said with a smile.

However, just as his words fell, there was an angry voice of a man from outside.

“Lin Ran you son of a bitch, Laozi is being bullied by that tigress and you’re actually here picking up girls, God is not fair, you return my innocence!”

Wang Yifei shouted outside, from the two just started massage he went to the door, just heard the conversation inside, but was stunned has not dared to come in, at this time heard the last Qin Bing said more to find Lin Ran, he could not hold back any longer.

Just the door on the first floor is unlocked, he this roar, immediately jolted the door open, when he saw inside Lin Ran and Qin Bing’s actions, immediately confused.

“You guys …. You guys …. How come you’re having a massage, you’re not supposed to be …. doing it!”

“It’s not supposed to be doing anything! Can you put some sunshine inside your pig head, you have nasty thoughts every day!”

Lin Ran couldn’t help but chastise.

“Hold …. Sorry, I’m going to get some sunshine!”

Embarrassed, Wang Yifeng hurriedly closed the door behind him and went downstairs in a huff, running outside to get some sunshine.

Chapter 348

“You’re saying there’s something wrong with Kiki’s family’s ancestral grave? How come I haven’t even heard her say that!”

Thinking that he hadn’t seen Luo Qiqi for a long time, Lin Ran couldn’t help but ask.

Qin Bing said as she sat up and put on her shoes.

“I only found out about it recently, last time you guys went to Qinghewan, it seems that her family had already found out that something was wrong near the ancestral tomb, but this half seems to be all about planning something, last night she called me to ask if you were back, and I only found out that the work was ready to start in the next two days!”

“Why didn’t she just call me!”

Lin Ran asked with a frown.

“It’s not because I’m afraid of disturbing you, you’ve been busy with increasingly dangerous things lately, we’re all worried for you!”

Qin Bing said, while her pretty face flushed, this we inadvertently spoke her mind as well.

“Hey, this silly girl, forget it I’ll give her a call later to ask!”

Lin Ran said, while getting up and finding a new set of clothes to put on.


Qin Bing nodded at his words and followed the two of them as they prepared to go down.

But just then, downstairs was the sound of Wang Yifeng’s voice.

“Hey hey! I say good sister, don’t go up there now, your cousin is up there seeing a doctor!”

“Get out of the way, my cousin is a doctor still needs someone else to see him!”

Then a familiar voice rang out, it was Lin Ran’s cousin Jiang Yi Yi.

“What’s going on?”

Lin Ran saw the situation and walked out, asking while buttoning up, next to Qin Bing was walking down quickly with his head down, this scene looked at Jiang Yi Yi was stunned.

“Cousin …. Cousin, you… You actually!”

Jiang Yi Yi’s pretty face instantly turned red as she watched, while she was so angry that she turned around and was about to leave.

“Hey! Why are you leaving?”

Lin Ran saw this and busily asked.

“You! You’re shameless!”

Jiang Yi Yi turned around in anger and cursed, once Lin Ran saw this he knew that this nee-san must have misunderstood, and had no choice but to unbutton the button again.


Seeing the bandages on Lin Ran’s body, Jiang Yi Yi then understood that she had misunderstood this cousin.

“How did you get so many injuries, who did this?”

Jiang Yi Yi hurriedly asked, Lin Ran was his cousin after all, at this moment, seeing the dense bandages on the latter’s body, she was still very worried.

“Don’t ask, tell me what you want to see me about!”

Lin Ran smiled and digressed, what he and Wang Yifeng were facing was not something she, a little girl, could know, and once this matter involved the Jiang family, it would be difficult to get out of it in the future.

“Yes there is something, but will you really be able to do this?”

Jiang Yi Yi asked a little worried, she was afraid that Lin Ran’s current condition would aggravate his injuries if he still went out running so she was a little hesitant.

“It’s fine, just tell me!”

Lin Ran laughed, while reverting to the ground and bouncing to show that he was really fine.

“Alright then!”

Jiang Yi Yi saw this and only nodded a nod, then said.

“It’s like this, my father he’s very detailed feng shui you also know, recently the whole Temperance City is strictly investigating the fake jade matter, the impact on our family’s industry is still relatively big!”

“So I asked a very famous feng shui master to change the feng shui at home!”

“It was nothing, but since he finished changing it, I’ve been having trouble at home lately, and every night there are inexplicable sounds of doors opening and closing at home, but my brother took people to keep watch all night, but he didn’t even see a single shadow!”

Speaking of this, Jiang Yi Yi couldn’t help but look at Lin Ran and say.

“I know you know feng shui, so I wanted to get your help to take a look, besides that feng shui master will also go to my house this afternoon, so you …..”

Lin Ran heard this and already understood, immediately nodded and said.

“Good, I’ll make a trip with you later!”

“And Fat Master me!”

On the side, Wang Yifeng also hurriedly said, he was a person who couldn’t be quiet, if he was left alone at the clinic, he would rather go and bang his head against the wall.

“Can’t we go back tomorrow? The wound on your body just finished applying medicine, you are in need of a good rest!”

On the side, Qin Bing said with some worry.

Lin Ran smiled but waved his hand and said.

“It’s fine, just going to check the feng shui, it’s not like I’m going to do anything, and it’s just enough to allow the medicine to absorb some more effects!”

“Then you take care of your safety!”

Qin Bing knew he couldn’t persuade Lin Ran, so he had to remind him to be safe, and then he went to his own business.

When he came back from An County, he had to go out again before he could meet Song Nuan, and Lin Ran couldn’t help but lament that he was afraid that his life would be a life of toil, and he didn’t know when he would be able to settle down and have a few days of peace.

After the final exams, it would be time for her to go on holiday.

“It’s almost New Year’s Eve too, young must settle this Long Tian!”

The more Lin Ran thought about things in his mind, the more he became annoyed, and finally he simply shrugged it off and pulled Jiang Yi Yi aside to do so.

It was still early, so the three of them waited at the clinic for a while, during which Lin Ran learned more about the Jiang family’s situation, and waited until after lunchtime before the three of them left the clinic together and headed for the Jiang family.

Through a detailed conversation with Jiang Yi Yi, Lin Ran learnt that a lot of things had happened in Tanjiang City during the two days he was away.

The first was that with the intervention of the police, the fake jadeite matter had been reduced considerably, but there were still signs of activity, apparently because Lang Tian was still struggling to hold on, after all, he was also on a mission.

The second matter was the area of Wan Ren Mountain. It was said that a few days ago, a part of Wan Ren Mountain showed signs of collapse and landslide, and several surrounding villages were forced to move and relocate.

“Relocated and relocated?”

Lin Ran’s heart couldn’t help but sink when he heard this news, while Wang Yifeng even hurriedly asked about the exact location of the collapse, and was only relieved when he was sure that it didn’t involve the place his old man had left behind.

The place where he had gone to get the jade flute had collapsed after he got it in his hand, and the only thing that was still on his mind now was the ancient tomb.

After all, it was the place where his old man was buried, with the tombstones of his old man and his old mother, whether it was real or not was not to be discussed, at least it was a place for his spiritual support.

As for the doubt in Lin Ran’s mind, it was related to Luo Qiqi. Was the sudden relocation of the Luo family’s ancestral tomb also related to the sudden collapse of Wan Ren Mountain?

He could only wait until he had settled the matter with the Jiang family and give Luo Qiqi a call to ask about it.

The three of them soon arrived at the Jiang family’s house by car, still in the same courtyard and with the same layout.

However, on this journey, Lin Ran did not find any signs of a wrong situation, the feng shui trend and aura of the entire courtyard was still the same as before, as if nothing had changed.

“Didn’t you say that the feng shui had been altered? Where is the alteration?”

Lin Ran asked, frowning.

“Just down the hall, I’ll show you! But you have to be careful, that feng shui reader, Daoist Master Luo, should already be here!”

Jiang Yi Yi said busily, following which she led the way ahead, leading Lin Ran’s group towards the hall.