Wonder Doctor Chapter 345-346

Chapter 345

When the smoke cleared and the dust fell, Lin Ran and Wang Yifeng finally crawled out of the mound, but none of their clothes were intact.

Especially Wang Yifei, the clothes he had just borrowed were rotten again, and there was a big hole in the back of his ass, looking as miserable as possible.

“Damn it, I’ve become a naked man who’s not afraid to wear shoes this time!”

Wang Yifeng couldn’t help but curse, and when he saw that Lin Ran had also climbed out, he was busy saying.

“What’s the matter? Hurry up and run!”

“Run? Why should I run!”

Lin Ran said in a whirl as he beat the dust off his body.

“Go! Go find that Long Yue, he must be captured today!”

“Capture him? Are you crazy? How can we fight him if he gets another eight-eyed ghost spider, the divine Dragon Axe is underneath that big spider!”

Wang Yifeng said.

The spider was dead or not, but the divine Dragon Axe was already underneath it, so how could we fight Long Yue?

“Don’t you still have Mordor! We’ll just collect him later!”

Lin Ran said.

Wang Yifeng smiled but frowned and said.

“That thing isn’t all-powerful, this kid has extraordinary strength, I’m afraid it won’t be able to be collected!”

Not everything can be taken in, ordinary people can’t resist the old woman’s Yin Qi and Fury, so they can easily take it in, but this Long Yue is also a Feng Shui practitioner, and is extremely good at refining compulsions, so his strength naturally isn’t too bad, trying to take him in is not an easy task.

“I don’t believe that the old woman can’t take in a person who is extremely weak, and you mustn’t forget that the inside of the Magic Tower is the old woman’s territory, so as long as you take him in the old woman can slowly weaken him!

Lin Ran said, then turned to look at Wang Yifeng and continued.

“And don’t forget, the Jade Flute is still in Lang Tian’s hands, this guy is probably very close to Lang Tian, if we can capture him, we’ll have the leverage to exchange the Jade Flute with Lang Tian!”

“That’s right!”

Wang Yifeng smiled at that and a fierce aura appeared in his eyes, ringing with the memory of his jade flute, he couldn’t help but feel angry.

“Go! Fuck him!”

As soon as he was ruthless, Wang Yifeng gave up his life and copied the magic torch at his waist and followed Lin Ran to Long Yue’s location.

On the way, they happened to pass by the eight-eyed ghost spider, and the two of them saw that the eight-eyed ghost spider was lying motionless on the ground, and on the surface of its body, a trace of black smoke had gradually started to appear, the body fluid of this thing was so horrible that after death, even its own flesh could corrode through from the inside out.

“Hey hey divine dragon axe!”

Wang Yifeng suddenly said, pointing at the place on the eight-eyed ghost spider’s forehead.

Lin Ran looked and saw that a piece of the eight-eyed ghost spider’s forehead was protruding from the middle of its forehead, and upon closer inspection it was the tip of the divine Dragon Axe.

At this moment, the divine Dragon Axe had all but disappeared into the eight-eyed ghost spider’s head, and there was no need to think that it must have been wrapped in an extremely corrosive and terrifying body fluid.

“I don’t know if the divine Dragon Axe can withstand it!”

Wang Yifeng looked distressed, although this divine dragon axe should have been Lin Ran’s, but apparently the latter did not think much of this magic weapon, he used it more and became attached to it, at this time, seeing the divine dragon axe in this condition, his heart could not help but be very worried.

“Don’t think about it, go and capture that guy first, then when the eight-eyed ghost spider’s corpse has been corrupted, we’ll come back and see if we can take the divine Dragon Axe!”

Lin Ran greeted.

Wang Yifeng nodded at his words and took one last look at the Divine Dragon Axe before following the two of them and heading straight for Long Yue.

Although Long Yue was also a Feng Shui master, his physical strength was much less than Lin Ran’s. He had just been hit by a huge impact and had only managed to struggle out of the mound of earth, and had not even had time to pat the dust off his body before Lin Ran and the two of them had already arrived.

“Old bastard, let’s see where you run today!”

Upon seeing Long Yue, Wang Yifeng was fierce, and without saying a word he directly lifted his magic dao and summoned the old woman out.

“Go and collect him!”

Wang Yifeng scolded.

“Yes master!”

The old woman smiled and immediately beckoned countless evil spirits to rush towards Long Yue.

“A bunch of little evil spirits are trying to collect me? Dream on!”

Although his physique was not as strong as Lin Ran’s, he could easily deal with these evil spirits as feng shui.

Only to see his hands together followed by a fierce opening, immediately from his fingers burst out a wisp of black Qi, towards the old woman and a host of other iniquitous ghosts wrapped over.

“It’s a ring spell!”

Lin Ran frowned as he watched, he didn’t expect this Long Yue to actually have a ring magic weapon, this kind of magic weapon wouldn’t normally be noticed at all, plus Long Yue was a professional at refining compulsions, so he hadn’t even thought that this guy actually had a magic weapon underhand before.

“Now what!”

Wang Yifeng saw the situation and asked.

At this moment, the old woman and a group of other evil spirits were all entangled and could not catch him, but he was also unable to get out of the way, and as soon as he released the restraints on the old woman and the others, then the latter could continue to pounce on him.

“Take advantage of the fact that he has not recovered his strength yet, and just take him down by force!”

Lin Ran greeted, following which he took out all the jade pearls he had on him, which had been very well stocked, but at this point there were just under a hundred left.

“Next time I’ll have to get a few thousand of them!”

Lin Ran had made up his mind that he would buy more jade pearls when he went to use them.

“Do it!”

Following a shout, nearly white jade pearls were thrown towards Long Yue, while Wang Yifeng also hurriedly summoned more evil spirits, so to speak, and pounced towards Long Yue.

The countless unjust spirits, coupled with Lin Ran’s jade pendant, suddenly caused a huge wave to rise again in the night that had not calmed down.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

One after another, the jade pendant exploded around Long Yue, and more evil spirits pounced towards him, finally even he could not bear it any longer.

“Impossible! Impossible! How could I have lost to these two rustics, how is this possible!”

At this point, Long Yue finally felt threatened, he had not taken Lin Ran’s two people into consideration at all before, but now their frenzied bombardment had exhausted him, and the old woman’s side was already somewhat unconcerned.


Finally, with the sound of one of the jade pearls exploding, the ring on Long Yue’s finger finally reached its limit and exploded into powder with a loud bang.

The ring burst, followed by the old woman and the other unjust spirits, who were immediately freed from their bonds and pounced towards Long Yue in a scramble.

“Run! Run!”

At this moment, this was the only thought in Lang Yue’s mind, if she was really caught by Lin Ran and the others, suffocating was all light, whether she could still live or not was the most important thing.

“Get back!”

As soon as Long Yue turned around, a voice came over, followed by a white palm that smashed into his chest with a bang, sending him flying backwards with a direct punch.

“I’ve been waiting for you to run away!”

Lin Ran looked at Long Yue on the ground in front of him and laughed indifferently, he had already expected this guy to run away, so he had been waiting for this moment.

“Collect him!”

Lin Ran’s gaze burned as he looked at Long Yue, and then he coldly shouted.

“Leave it to me!”

Wang Yifeng in the distance returned at the words, followed by a wave of her hand and the old woman had already killed her way to the front, followed by a lift of her hand and collected the extremely weak Long Yue into the Devil’s Dao.

Chapter 346

“Damn it, it finally worked!”

As he watched Long Yue being brought back inside the Magic Tower by the old woman, Wang Yifeng couldn’t help but sit on his butt, his forehead was covered in beads of sweat at this moment, he had already been so nervous that he had already lost his strength, and in the end, he was holding on completely with just one breath.

Lin Ran was also no better than him, having lost too much blood just now, and then being hit by the huge impact, it was not easy to hold on until now.

Both of them lay on the ground without speaking, resting for more than ten minutes before Lin Ran got up and greeted Wang Yifeng.

“Let’s go and see the Divine Dragon Axe!”

As soon as he heard about the Divine Dragon Axe, Wang Yifeng also came to life and hurriedly got up from the place, and together they ran towards the corpse of the Eight-Eyed Ghost Spider.

The original eight-eyed ghost spider was already so rotten that it was impossible to see its size, and I was afraid that in another half an hour at most it would be completely rotten.

Wang Yifeng easily found a few bricks to put on the ground filled with green corrosive liquid, and only then slowly arrived in front of the divine dragon axe.

“Holy crap!”

Only when he came close did Wang Yifei notice that the body of the divine Dragon Axe had been corroded in several pieces, and even pierced through in some places.


Wang Yifei was so distressed that he pulled his own sleeve off with a vengeance, and then quickly padded it on the divine dragon axe, pulling it out with a fierce force.

But the axe was covered in a green corrosive liquid and he didn’t dare to stay much longer, pulling it out and throwing it straight towards a vacant space to the side.

The two of them then found some water to wash the corrosive liquid away, and only then did Wang Yifeng pick up the Dragon Axe, only to have his heart drop halfway.

The axe, which had been incredibly sharp, was now pitted with corrosion and the blade was broken in several places.

“This is the end!”

Wang Yifeng did a buttock on the ground, the pain in his eyes overflowing.

Lin Ran, helpless, went up and patted him and said.

“Come on, at least it’s not completely falling apart already, let’s go back and find a better master to see if we can fix it!”

“That’s all we can do!”

Wang Yifeng sighed, there was no other way out otherwise.

The two men looked around again and saw that there were no compulsions left behind, so they wrote a message on the ground next to the eight-eyed ghost spider: “Corrosion dangerous, do not approach!”

Only then did they get into the car and leave the area.

But at this point in the night, the two of them had just fought with Long Yue and were both injured, so the two-hour drive was obviously too much to handle.

And at this rest area where the fight took place, as the morning sun shone on the ground, two figures, a man and a woman, were standing in the parking area in surprise.

If the two Lin Ran were here, they would have recognised that these two were none other than the middle-aged woman and middle-aged man who had borrowed the clothes last night.

“Corrosion is dangerous, do not approach!”

The middle-aged man looked at the few words crookedly written on the ground, frowned slightly, and threw half a steamed bun in his hand, which he had not yet eaten and played with, directly onto the ground.

The middle-aged man looked at the crooked words on the ground and frowned slightly.

“Wife, this ground is really corrosive, I dare not touch it!”

The middle-aged man said hurriedly.

The middle-aged woman nodded at his words, followed by but said.

“This place has this corrosive liquid over such a large area, can’t it be that something happened here last night? But why didn’t we even hear any commotion?”

The middle-aged man laughed at his words.

“You’d be damned if you could have heard it, I was afraid the drivers on the road would have heard it last night when there was so much noise screaming!”

“Fuck you, no righteous thing!”

The middle-aged woman blushed at her words and scolded, then added a few more words.

“You can’t do it yourself, and you’re blaming the old lady, it’s been so long since we’ve seen each other, you can’t even last ten minutes, useless thing!”

“Hey! You say that!”

The middle-aged man was displeased at the words and said busily.

“You’re saying that, I’m not too tired, if I ate roasted loin every day, could I be like this?”

“OK, OK!”

The middle-aged woman smiled with impatience and said.

“Hurry up and call the police, this thing is so dangerous, don’t hurt anyone in a while, if it hurts that handsome little brother last night, I must not die of heartache!”


The Porsche was running frantically on the highway, but this time it was Lin Ran who was watching the car, and as for Wang Yifeng, he was busy fixing his hair at the moment.

The hair was corroded by the body fluids of the eight-eyed ghost spider last night, and then part of it was cut off by Lin Ran with his divine dragon axe, which made it uneven.

“How about it, actually I’m quite suitable for a bald head, I look a lot more amiable!”

Looking in the mirror, Wang Yifeng was very satisfied with the result of his hands.

Lin Ran glanced at it, but he couldn’t help but laugh, this guy was so big and thick looking, at this moment shaving his head bald really had a bit of Lu Zhi Shen’s look.

“What are you laughing at, you must be extremely fat master my face!”

Wang Yifeng could not help but say when he saw this.

Lin Ran was too lazy to pay him any attention and simply shook his head without speaking and concentrated on driving.

The last two hours of the drive were spent in rare silence, and by the time Lin Ran and the two of them returned to Tanjiang City, it was only ten o’clock in the morning.

Both of them were injured, and Wang Yifeng didn’t even have any decent clothes on him, so they didn’t stop the whole way and went straight back to the clinic.

At this moment, the clinic was full of customers, so Lin Ran simply gave his jacket to Wang Yifeng, so that he could cover his buttocks, and then the two of them squeezed into the clinic.

“Lin Ran! Fatty! You’re back!”

The first one to see the two was none other than Qin Bing, who was already busy fetching medicine, and when she saw the two returning she greeted the nurse at the side to help, before rushing over herself.

“You guys are …. How come you’re still injured, and how come Fatty’s head is still bald!”

Qin Bing couldn’t help but ask, his face both worried and unable to resist the urge to laugh.

“Fatty? How is this hair still bald!”

On the side, Liu Wenjuan, who happened to be passing by, also couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Seeing this, Fatty pretended to be deep and said.

“Can’t the two masters see that? Fatty I am ready to gradient my bid and never get close to women again!”

“Don’t get close to women? That’s just right!”

Lin Ran smiled at his words and snapped his fingers, following up.

“Have Li Zheng treat his wounds, and you come upstairs with me to help me treat them!”

Lin Ran said as he rushed towards Qin Bing.


Qin Bing nodded at his words.

The fatty was not happy when he heard this.

“On the basis of ….. On what grounds! I want a female doctor to treat my wounds too, who wants that Li Dull Head!”