Wonder Doctor Chapter 343-344

Chapter 343

Because of the Eight-Eyed Ghost Spider’s body fluid, Wang Yifeng was not fit to fight it, so Lin Ran took the initiative to meet it, leaving the Learned Spirit Compulsion to him.

And this undoubtedly allowed Wang Yifeng to fight very smoothly.

The three or four learned spirit companions were simply powerless against the blood-stained divine Dragon Axe.

“Give me death!”

With his divine Dragon Axe in hand, Wang Yifei directly chopped a wild monkey that flew over to him in half with a horizontal slash.

And under the augmentation of his blood, the learned spirit companions that had been cut in half were simply unable to gather together again, and only tossed on the ground for a while before they stopped moving.

“The second one!”

Wang Yifeng wielded his divine Dragon Axe and was having a great time killing three or four Pedant Spirit Companions, and in just a few rounds, he had already killed only the last one.

On the contrary, Lin Ran’s side, facing three or four Eight-Eyed Ghost Spiders, he was under far too much pressure.

Although there were many jade pearls, they could not hurt these eight-eyed ghost spiders at all, so he could only keep biting the tip of his tongue to kill them with blood.

But how much blood could one person have? After killing just two of them, Lin Ran already felt dizzy, but there were still two more in front of him, so this fight was like killing a thousand enemies and losing eight hundred.

“Hurry the fuck up, I can’t take it anymore!”

Lin Ran couldn’t help but curse, the flow of blood was far stronger than the weakness caused by the flow of true qi, in just a few moments he had already lost some strength all over his body.


The last of these is the one that has a lot of wisdom, and it’s going to turn around and run.

However, Wang Yiming was also red-eyed at this time, so he would not let it go, and when his feet were under power, his divine dragon axe struck down, directly chopping it into mush.


Three or four learned spirit parasites died one after another, and Long Yue was also a bit unnerved, knowing that it was very difficult to raise a mature learned spirit parasite and eight-eyed ghost spider.

There were many that died in the process due to various reasons, such as feng shui that Lin Ran happened to encounter, or other conditions that were insufficient, and so on.

And the Compulsion Pavilion had not sent him to An County for pleasure, but had a task of cultivating compulsions on his mind, and there was a time limit, so if he ended up not completing his task because of dealing with the two Lin Ran causing the already cultivated compulsions to die in large numbers, when the time came, the Compulsion Pavilion would not listen to him for these reasons.

“Damn, it’s really troublesome!”

Long Yue’s face sank as he flung his hand and took back the remaining two Eight-Eyed Ghost Spiders, continuing would merely be sending them to their deaths in vain.

“Hey? Why did you stop!”

Seeing Long Yue’s action, Wang Yifeng couldn’t help but be stunned, he was about to come over to help Lin Ran, but he didn’t expect the other party to stop on his own.

“What’s the matter, scared? Is it because you think I’m too powerful for your fat master!”

Wang Yifeng couldn’t help but sneer, while walking over to Lin Ran’s side.

“You can fucking die if you don’t act like a pussy!”

Lin Ran’s mouth was full of blood and blood was still left at the corners of his mouth as he sat on his butt on the ground, dropping several jade pendants in his hands, sweat was visible on his forehead at this moment.

“I told you to hurry up and get a magic weapon, you just didn’t listen, look at the loss now!”

Wang Yifeng said.

Lin Ran didn’t bother to pay attention to him, gesturing for him to be wary of that Long Yue, he himself hurriedly closed his eyes and mobilised his body’s true qi to quickly regain his strength.

It wasn’t that Lin Ran didn’t want to find a magic weapon, but something like a magic weapon was very important to a feng shui master, a good magic weapon needed to be cultivated and honed by the feng shui master over the years, so a feng shui master was very cautious when choosing a magic weapon.

All feng shui masters with higher eyesight would rather not use a magic weapon than choose one at random, because the difference between a good and bad magic weapon can be reflected in the gradual cultivation and use.

“You two are really out of my expectation, but even if you are difficult to deal with, you both have to die today!”

Long Yue’s voice was icy cold, before he had been merely angry at the two Lin Ran, after all, the latter two had toppled Wang Shilong, causing him to suffer a lot in An County.

But after the two of them had killed several parasites one after another, a killing intent had completely risen in Long Yue’s heart.

“Just by you? Come on, you’re getting a few bugs out, I’ll slash them one by one to see if you cultivate them faster or if I’m faster with my sword!”

Wang Yifeng laughed disdainfully, just now a single slash to solve those pedant spirit parasites made him confident in his own hand at this moment.

“Humph! Ignorant little child, some of the lowest level of spirit companions still let you kill out of confidence, since this is the case old me will let you see what is the real combat companions!”

Long Yue sneered, followed by a wave of his palm, and instantly two black auras floated out from his sleeves.

His sleeves were like bottomless pits, with black Qi constantly gushing out and then quickly converging in front of his body.

The black air gathered more and more, and gradually a black shadow slowly emerged from the blackness. The black shadow grew bigger and bigger, and the black air around it also gathered more and more, and finally the whole black shadow and the black air added up to a height of three metres.

“Holy crap! How long has it been since you’ve fucking bathed, you’ve got so much black smoke on you!”

Wang Yifeng couldn’t help but curse, but his body instinctively gulped, with such a huge black smoke, it was obvious that what was inside wasn’t easy to deal with either.

“Ranzi! Ranzi!”

Wang Yifeng called out in a hurry, seeing that Lin Ran’s eyes were still closed next to him, and in his haste he slapped his hand.

Only this palm was struck, but it was a handful of Lin Ran that grabbed the main.

“I they are not dead yet, what are you hitting!”

Lin Ran couldn’t help but curse.

“Look quickly, what the hell is this guy making out!”

Wang Yifeng hurriedly greeted Lin Ran to look.

However who knew that Lin Ran was not even raising his head, with anger in his eyes he scolded.

“Whatever the hell it is, don’t you have an axe, just chop it up for me!”

Lin Ran said and stood up, grasping a handful of jade pendants in each hand, his eyes glowing with a fierce aura, obviously completely furious.

“You’ve made me spit blood, you’re really playing me like a fucking monkey, if I don’t take care of you today, I won’t be called Lin Ran!”

For the first time in a long time, Lin Ran was completely pissed off, just now he vomited blood so much that he almost passed out.

“Good boy, that’s the kind of character I like, fuck him and be done with it!”

Wang Yifeng laughed again.

While the two of them were talking, Long Yue had stopped moving his hands.

At the same time the black fog in front of him, also finally moved.

“Bang! Bang!”

The sound of two heavy objects hitting the ground rang out, and then Lin Ran saw four or five two-metre-long fleshy spikes poking out of the black fog, and with a stirring motion, the two spikes actually stirred up the black fog around them.

Then a huge three-metre tall eight-eyed ghost spider with eight eyes the size of a washbasin appeared in front of them.

“Holy crap! Didn’t you say that it was a formation just now, how come this is really such a big spider!”

Wang Yifeng’s legs were shaking as he watched, how could he fight such a big spider!

Chapter 344

“What the hell, just go chop it up and be done with it!”

Lin Ran gulped, but at this point, his ruthlessness was up and he didn’t care, grabbing a large handful of jade pendants with both hands and heading towards the huge eight-eyed ghost spider.

“Holy crap! Wait for me!”

Wang Yifeng was startled at the sight and hurriedly drew out his divine Dragon Axe and followed.

“Use blood!”

Lin Ran stopped less than ten metres away from the huge spider, followed by biting the tip of his tongue and spitting out a mouth full of blood directly onto the jade pendants in both hands.

Dozens of jade pendants stained with blood were all thrown out by him in one go.

“Bang Bang Bang!”

The sound of jade pearls bursting was like a torrent, a constant stream, and the eight-eyed ghost spider, which had just dispersed the black fog and had not yet had the chance to strike its divine power, was instantly blasted and stayed motionless in its place.

“Watch me!”

Wang Yifeng followed Lin Ran’s move, and with a handful of his divine Dragon Axe, he charged at the huge Eight-Eyed Demonic Spider in front of him, following it as if he was fiercely chopping down the divine Dragon Axe with force.

However, this time, something unexpected happened to him.

The shell of the Eight-Eyed Ghost Spider was so hard that even a steel plate would have been able to bend it, but when it landed on the Eight-Eyed Ghost Spider’s shell, it did not penetrate at all.


A sound like a metal clash rang out, followed by Wang Yifeng being bounced back together with the divine Dragon Axe, and fell heavily to the ground.

At this moment, the eight-eyed ghost spider was also completely enraged, it ignored the exploding jade pendant around it, and its two thick fleshy spines poked out, stabbing towards Wang Yifeng on the ground.

“Quickly dodge!”

Lin Ran saw this and hurriedly shouted, while several more jade pearls were thrown out of his hand.

However, Wang Yifeng was hit hard by the rebound and could not stand up for a while as he was rolling around on the ground.

Lin Ran saw the situation and cursed, “What the hell are you doing trying to sleep, if you don’t get up, you’ll lose your life!

At the same time, he threw out dozens of jade pearls, and finally this time they were in the right place, and the dozens of jade pearls exploded with a bang, directly blowing one of the meat spikes out of shape by a few centimetres.

But at that moment, the meat thorn had already plunged heavily into the ground, and it was plunged against Wang Yifeng’s thigh.

The thorn was covered with tiny barbs, and this caused a gaping hole in Wang’s trousers, and a deep cut on his thigh, with blood pouring out.

The eight-eyed ghost spider became even more excited at the sight of the blood, raising four or five spines and thrusting them straight at Wang Yifei’s body.

At this moment, Wang Yifeng was already awakened by the severe pain coming from his thighs, so he didn’t care about the wound on his legs and grabbed his divine dragon axe, followed by a donkey roll to escape from the range of the meat spikes.

“What now, I can’t get in!”

Wang Yifeng said as he touched the blood on his thigh.

“I told you to apply blood, where’s the blood?”

Lin Ran asked with hatred as he glanced at the Divine Dragon Axe.

Wang Yifeng took a look at his words and instantly looked embarrassed.

“Just… I think I ran out of it from fighting the monkey just now!”

“Then what are you waiting for, hurry up! If we keep dragging it out old man’s jade pendant won’t be able to suppress it!”

Lin Ran hurriedly urged.


Wang Yifeng casually replied, while hurriedly placing the divine Dragon Axe on the side of his thigh, letting the blood flow on it, and in just a few moments, the divine Dragon Axe was dyed red with blood, and at that moment, Wang Yifeng was completely red-eyed.

“Fuck, I’ll kill that bastard with this axe!”

As soon as he said that, Wang Yifeng picked up his axe and charged forward again.

“Be careful!”

Lin Ran saw this and hurriedly warned, while quickly throwing dozens of jade pendants towards the eight-eyed ghost spider.

If Wang Yifeng wanted to hit the eight-eyed ghost spider safely, he could only rely on Lin Ran to blindly use the jade pendant to suppress it, otherwise with the eight-eyed ghost spider’s agility, he might not even be able to reach a spider’s leg, let alone hurt him.

So he knew in his heart that once the eight-eyed ghost spider was free from Lin Ran’s suppression, then I was afraid that they would both be completely finished here today.

“Give me death!”

Wang Yifeng cursed, holding his divine Dragon Axe in both hands, he slashed towards the Eight-Eyed Ghost Spider, but this time he learned to be smart, instead of slashing straight up and down, he went straight across to the Eight-Eyed Ghost Spider’s two fleshy spikes, which supported the Eight-Eyed Ghost Spider, if he could cut them off, then the Eight-Eyed Ghost Spider’s head would immediately fall to the ground, and he would then have the chance to kill it with a single blow.


To the side, Long Yue watched with a frown on his face, he also knew that the blood of the Feng Shui master was extremely restraining to the parasite, but this was something that could not be helped, the yin and yang cycle of things under the world, one thing overcoming another, was the ethics set by the heavens.

And now he could only pray that the finished eight-eyed ghost spider he had made would be able to resist Wang Yifeng’s blow.

“Bang! Bang!”

Soon, two heavy clashing sounds rang out as Wang Yifeng’s divine dragon finally slashed heavily at the two fleshy spines of the Eight-Eyed Ghost Spider.

This time, at the same time as the two dull and final clashing sounds rang out, Wang Yifei only felt the force of the Divine Dragon Axe in his hand loosened, and it almost flew out of his hand.

And on fixing his eyes, the two thick fleshy spikes had actually really broken apart from the middle.

“Hurry up and run! Hurry up and run!”

Suddenly Lin Ran’s voice came from the side, Wang Yifeng was stunned to hear it and wondered why he had to run? I’ll chop this beast’s head off with an axe, won’t that be the end of it?

But as he was thinking, the wind was howling overhead and he saw the huge body of the eight-eyed ghost spider, along with its head, smashing straight down towards him.

It turned out that the Eight-eyed Ghost Spider was trying to break through Lin Ran’s suppression just now, and its entire body was bowed, who knew that Wang Yifeng had cut off two fleshy spines.

The eight-eyed ghost spider’s entire body slammed down towards him, and the two broken flesh spikes kept spewing out a green liquid that stank foul and corroded yellow smoke everywhere it went.

“Damn it!”

Wang Yifeng knew that this guy’s body fluid was so horrible that it would rot a piece if it stuck, but at this moment when he had a good chance to get close to this guy’s head, he was really a bit reluctant to give up.

“Damn it, I’ll bet!”

Wang Yifeng gritted his teeth, looked up and saw where the eight-eyed ghost spider’s head was, then lifted his divine dragon axe and plunged it directly into the ground with a heavy thud.

Then he turned around and ran out without looking back.

Almost at the same time as he rushed out from underneath the eight-eyed ghost spider’s body, he heard a loud “bang” behind him, and the ground trembled with the huge impact.

Wang Yifeng was also swept away by the huge impact.

Even Lin Ran, who was far away, was not spared. The two of them were swept out several metres into the dust before landing heavily on the ground.

As for the distant Long Yue, she was almost as bad as the two of them.