Wonder Doctor Chapter 341-342

Chapter 341

The two of them gossiped as they slowly approached the car.

It was a little too quiet around them at this point, apart from the occasional sound of a car on the highway, the only sounds left were their footsteps and the sound of their breathing and heartbeats.

“Don’t move!”

Lin Ran suddenly said, and Wang Yifeng behind him immediately held his breath, not even daring to take a breath.

The two men stood motionless in place, this time even the sound of footsteps was gone, both of them could only hear their heavy breathing and heartbeats.

“What the hell is going on!”

After waiting for a while, Wang Yifeng asked with some unease.

“Look at the car in front of you!”

Lin Ran frowned and said in a low voice.

Wang Yifeng heard this and hurriedly poked his head over to look at the car in front of him, and when he did so, he was stunned into silence.

There were no cars around the place where they parked, and very few people parked here in the middle of the night, but at this moment, not far from the Porsche car in front of them, there were four more cars that had stopped at some point.

The four cars, one in front of the other, trapped the Porsche in the middle, completely blocking it in, and Wang Yifei also saw with his sharp eyes that there seemed to be people inside the windows of the four cars around them.

“Holy shit, when did four more cars come, how are we going to get out of here?”

Wang Yifeng couldn’t help but curse.

Lin Ran, however, hastily gestured for him to lower his voice, and then said.

“Can’t you see, the other side obviously doesn’t want us to leave!”

Lin Ran frowned and said.

“They don’t want us to leave? Shit, it’s not like Wang Shilong’s men are coming after us, seeing as we’ve toppled Wang Shilong’s money tree, they’re coming for revenge!”

Wang Yifeng said.

Lin Ran smiled and shook his head.

“It doesn’t seem like it, if it’s revenge they can just get out of the car and do it, what’s the point of hiding in the car? Is it a sneak attack?”

“That’s right!”

Wang Yifeng also felt puzzled, when they fought with Wang Shilong before, their skills had been exposed, Wang Shilong was arrested the next morning, there was no way his men didn’t know about this.

The sneak attack on the two of them was a completely unnecessary move, but why did these people hide in the car and not come out?

“Did you find it strange!”

Lin Ran suddenly opened his mouth and asked.

“What do you mean?”

Wang Yifeng did not understand.

“These people are hiding in the car, just now we went to borrow clothes this is at most ten minutes before and after, but just now we didn’t hear the car rattle at all, when did they appear here!”

Said Lin Jean, pointing to the road off to the side.

“If they were trailing over, they must have had their headlights on at this late hour, but we didn’t see any headlights on at all just now!”

As he said this, Lin Ran suddenly turned his head and said with an ugly face.

“Besides, don’t you think these people hiding in the car are a bit too quiet, even if it’s an ambush people which have not moved for half a day, don’t their necks hurt!”

“What the hell are you trying to say!”

Wang Yifeng was infected by this atmosphere also some fidgeting, directly bellowed.

Lin Ran gritted his teeth at his words and followed.

“I feel like they’re not even human, and these four cars are fucking problematic!”

“There’s a problem?”

Wang Yifeng’s hair only tingled as he listened, he was also fearful of what he didn’t know, but it was just that he was a man with a violent temper, and when he heard Lin Ran’s words, he gritted his teeth and said.

“Whatever the fuck is wrong with it, I’ll chop it with an axe, and even if there is a problem, it will become no problem!”

With that Wang Yifeng copied his father and son and rushed towards the nearest car and chopped straight over.

However, all changed at this moment, as Wang Yiming’s axe was about to land on the body of one of the cars.

The four cars, which had been quietly parked, squirmed violently, followed by a thick, unknown object that poked out from the four cars and then stabbed down at Wang Yifei.

The thing was black, as thick as an arm, with a very sharp tip, and stabbed Wang Yifei’s head directly.

“Get the fuck out of the way!”

Lin Ran hurriedly shouted, but at the same time he could already see that the four cars had already merged into one, and in the mid-air darkness, eight lonely lights had suddenly risen.

These eight lights were like bright lights from hell, hanging in the sky in a ghostly manner, and it was a shocking trance.

However, Lin Ran had already understood by now, and immediately bit the tip of his tongue as a sharp pain rushed straight to his brain, and he immediately came to his senses.

“Get the fuck back, that’s an eight-eyed ghost spider, an oversized one!”

“Eight-eyed ghost spider? Don’t you fucking lie to me, this thing is so big, how can it be a spider!”

Wang Yifeng shouted as he flipped and dodged on the ground.

“Look at the top of your fucking head!”

Seeing that he didn’t believe him, Lin Ran had to shout again.

Wang Yifeng immediately raised his head to look at his words, and was instantly confused at this glance.

“Stupid bastard, you’re really fucking looking!”

Lin Ran couldn’t help but curse at the sight, following which a mouthful of blood was spat out directly at the eight lone lamps in the sky.

His body was enriched with the Xuan Yang Pill Canon, and his blood even contained a hint of true qi, which was the natural nemesis of evil creatures. With one mouthful of blood spat out, all eight lone lamps instantly went out, and Wang Yifeng took this opportunity to recover his mind and rushed back directly with one arrow step.


Lin Ran didn’t bother to say anything, so he greeted the two of them and immediately turned around and ran.

However, they had just run out of the way by a distance of less than ten metres when a figure in front of them blocked their way.

The other person was dressed in a black robe and could not be seen clearly, only a man could be seen vaguely.

“Who is he?”

Wang Yifeng and Lin Ran looked at each other with speculation in their eyes.

“Did you do this?”

Lin Ran forced down the anger in his heart and asked at the other party.

Unexpectedly, the other party actually spoke back.

“Wang Shilong was the one you toppled, wasn’t it?”

“It’s true that you’re one of Wang Shilong’s men!”

Wang Yifeng was so angry at his words that he blew out his beard and gripped his divine Dragon Axe and was about to make a move, but Lin Ran on the side saw this and hurriedly barred him down and said at the black shadow man.

“That’s right, who the hell are you!”

The black shadow man didn’t expect Lin Ran to admit so readily, he laughed “haha”, followed by a wave of his hand, at once four shadows shot up behind Lin Ran, quickly disappearing into the black robe of the black shadow man.

Lin Ran and the two of them looked carefully and saw that the four shadows were none other than four eight-eyed ghost spiders.

“Who am I? There are usually only two kinds of people who know who I am!”

“One kind is my friends, while the other …… is the one who is about to die!”

The black shadow man said with a disdainful voice, then turned around and looked fiercely at Lin Ran and the two of them, his eyes hidden under his black robe seemed to be able to see through everything as he said indifferently.

“And you are of the latter, so you can know my name, remember! Emissary of the Compulsion Pavilion, Long Yue!”

Chapter 342

“The Companions’ Court?”

“Messenger? Long Yue?”

When Lin Ran and the two of them heard this, their faces instantly sank, the compulsion pavilion in Tanjiang City had not yet been solved, but they did not expect to run into some compulsion pavilion Langyue here, this was really a case of the house leaking out, bad luck had caught up with them.

“You and…”

Wang Yifeng smiled and just wanted to ask, what is the relationship between this guy and the Long Tian of Tanjiang City, but just as the words reached his mouth, he was dragged back by Lin Ran.

“Were you responsible for those compulsions in An County?”

Lin Ran said, digressing from the topic.

“That’s right! It was me, you’re very good to actually be able to kill my compulsions, you seem to have some strength, but your life is going to end because of this!”

Long Yue said in a low voice, his voice was very different from Long Tian’s, the latter’s voice was hoarse and unpleasant, his voice was like a broken bellows, while Long Yue’s was much more normal.

“Why do you want to deal with us!”

Lin Ran continued to ask.

“Haha! Because Wang Shilong, you toppled him, so you’re going to die!”

Long Yue laughed disdainfully.

“You’re one of his people?”

Lin Ran continued, they knew so little about this compulsion pavilion, so Lin Ran was also trying to take every opportunity he could to get to know the other side, not rushing to make a move if he could talk.

“One of his people? He’s worthy too? He’s just a pawn in Laozi’s hands!”

Long Yue laughed disdainfully.

“Since he’s a pawn, he’s also dispensable, if that’s the case why do you have to come after us to kill us, just find another pawn when you’re out!”

Lin Ran said as he observed this Long Yue’s reaction.

“No, no, no, Wang Shilong is still a bit of a pawn, you’ve caused me no small amount of trouble by getting him into it, so you must die!”

Long Yue said as his voice visibly lowered a few notches.

“Trouble? What kind of trouble? If there is I can apologise!”

Lin Ran continued.

“Ran-chan! You’re crazy to apologise to him!”

Wang Yifeng frowned as he listened, since when did Lin Ran fear the people from the Compulsion Pavilion, he hadn’t seen it before in Tanjiang City.

“You shut up!”

I saw that I was about to set up words, but I didn’t expect Wang Yifeng to open his mouth and interrupt him, this time even Longyue got alert and opened her mouth to sneer.

“If you want to set up my words, you seem to have to die!”

With a wave of her palm, two black shadows flashed out of her sleeves, heading straight for Lin Ran and the two of them, and it was the eight-eyed ghost spiders.

“You stupid bastard, can’t you be quiet!”

Lin Ran was so angry that he cursed and pushed Wang Yifeng away, and the two of them narrowly avoided the eight-eyed ghost spiders.

“Cao, who knew you were setting words, I thought you were a wimp!”

Wang Yifei also cursed to cover up his embarrassment at his lack of intelligence, while drawing out his divine Dragon Axe to slash the two Eight-Eyed Ghost Spiders.

“How dare you use the divine Dragon Axe, you’re thinking of that aunt or something!”

Lin Ran saw this and was busy chiding.

“Uh …. Then how can I mess with it without using the divine Dragon Axe!”

Wang Yifeng was stunned and hurriedly put it away, resounding with the body fluid of that eight-eyed ghost spider just now he was frightened to the core.

“Use blood! That thing is afraid of blood!”

Lin Ran shouted busily, followed by several jade pearls appearing in his hands, these were jade pearls he had bought in bulk at Gu Yu Zhai earlier, refined and used specifically for self-defence, he had no magic weapons so he could only use such things for self-defence.

“Cao, you give me some ah, let Laozi use blood, you use this, you think Laozi’s blood is plain water!”

Wang Yifeng saw this and couldn’t help but curse.

“Cut the crap, I’ll force it over, you just spray blood on it, don’t be silly!”

Lin Ran was busy greeting him, followed by a “whoosh” and flung out several jade pearls.

These jade pendants were infused with Lin Ran’s true qi and flew to the two eight-eyed ghost spiders and exploded themselves with a bang, immediately sending the eight-eyed ghost spiders tumbling back and forth.

“Will these two things suddenly get bigger?”

Wang Yifei asked, just now in the car that this thing is extremely huge, he is also afraid that these two things will suddenly become bigger.

“No, just now we must have entered the formation, that Long Tian arrogance has already withdrawn the formation!”

Lin Ran said busily.

“It’s true that the formation was withdrawn, but arrogance is something you think too highly of yourself!”

Long Yue laughed coldly, followed by a flip of her hand, and four or five wild monkey-like things actually appeared around her once again.

“I don’t even need to do it myself to kill you! Go on boys!”

Long Yue Lang laughed, and as soon as his words fell, those compulsive monkeys seemed to immediately come to life, rushing straight at the two of them and pouncing on them.

“What should we do now!”

Wang Yifeng was really anxious, there were two eight-eyed ghost spiders in front of them, and four or five wild monkeys waiting for an opportunity behind them, the two of them only had four arms, how could they handle so many.

“Cut the crap, hurry up and blow up!”

Lin Ran didn’t care about saving, he took out a handful of jade pearls and threw them at Wang Yifeng, and the two of them threw them at the eight-eyed ghost spiders and the wild monkeys in turn.

These jade pearls did not contain much true qi, so they could repel these parasites, but it was very difficult to hurt them.

“Don’t hesitate, hurry up and use blood, these things are most afraid of blood especially ours!”

Lin Ran greeted, followed by a mouthful of blood at the tip of his tongue and sprayed it at the two eight-eyed ghost spiders.

As the saying goes, human blood carries three parts of righteousness, and those who practice Feng Shui have even more righteousness in their blood, but of course, people like Long Tian Lang Yue are afraid that their blood contains more evil energy.

The classics preach the unity of heaven, earth and man, and this righteousness in a person’s body is also mutually related to the way one conducts oneself.

Some people look righteous, while others look like thieves. This is the outward manifestation of qi, and all things in heaven and earth follow this cycle to the letter.


At this point, Wang Yifeng did not dare to talk any more nonsense, immediately the divine dragon axe in his hand, immediately apparently dyed on the axe body, he was facing a learned spirit compulsion at this time, the divine dragon axe dao can also play a powerful.


In the distance, Lang Yue had a relaxed face, but when he saw the divine dragon axe in Wang Yifei’s hand, he could not help but frown.

“This axe is really extraordinary!”

A hint of greed had arisen in Long Yue’s heart, as disciples of the Compulsion Pavilion, their requirements for magic weapons were not really high, as they raised compulsions by profession, so the compulsions were their most powerful magic weapons.

However, if they could easily get a magic weapon, they would not refuse it, after all, if they took the magic weapon to the Compulsion Pavilion, they would be able to exchange it for the corresponding value of the compulsion insects.

“It’s really an eye opener from the old heavens, these two rustics actually have such a magic weapon in their hands, they’ve really made a big profit this time!”

The two of them have a lot of money in their hands.

“Ranzi, that kid has summoned the parasites again, I can’t carry it anymore!”

Wang Yifeng saw this and cursed, at this moment four or five wild monkeys were, and behind them were four or five eight-eyed ghost spiders, how could he cope with them.

“Leave these eight-eyed ghost spiders to me, you quickly take care of that monkey!”

Lin Ran had already finished off the two eight-eyed ghost spiders in front of him by now, turned around and shouted at Wang Yifeng, following which he went up to meet them.