Wonder Doctor Chapter 339-340

Chapter 339

“Ranzi, look what that is!”

Returning from the toilet, Wang Yifeng wanted to get into the car directly, but the two of them had just walked to the back of the car, and before they could get past it, they saw that there was actually a dark thing lying on the glass of the back window.

It was as big as a small monkey, and it was so black that it seemed to blend in with the darkness around it, so there was no way to tell it apart.

The two men were chilled by the sight of the thing lying motionless on the back window.

“I’ll go and take a look!”

Lin Ran said, and at the same time walked slowly towards the rear window.

Wang Yifeng didn’t try to be brave at this point, he knew himself, he was good at hard knocks but when it came to testing his reflexes like this, he was a bit worse.

However, for safety reasons, he still took out his divine dragon axe and stood vigilantly by the side in case of accidents.

Lin Ran walked slowly towards the car, his eyesight was much better than normal with the miraculous effect of the Xuan Yang Pharmacopoeia, and after two or three steps, he could clearly see what was lying on the car window.

It was a puddle of mud, dark green in colour, with no senses!

It was lying motionless on the car window, as if it was a puddle of mud stuck to the car window.

However, Lin Ran understood that it was not a puddle of mud at all, as he could clearly see that the puddle was clearly squirming slowly.

“Back off!”

A dangerous thought suddenly came to Lin Ran’s mind, an instinctive reminder from the Xuan Yang Pharmacopoeia, and he immediately stopped in his tracks and began to quickly retreat towards the back.

But almost at the same time, the thing that had been lying on the back window suddenly bounced up, as if it was a mass of mud that lunged directly at Lin Ran’s head.

As it spread out in mid-air, eight green dots of light flashed in front of Lin Ran’s eyes like eight pearls under the starry sky, and his head was suddenly dizzy.

But fortunately, he was in a different physical state than normal people, so he closed his eyes fiercely in the nick of time and followed it with a sideways dodge.

He could even feel the whistling sound of the object as it flew past his ears.

And at the same time he remembered what it was, an eight-eyed ghost spider!

“Be careful, this thing is an eight-eyed ghost spider, don’t break it …….”

Remembering the origin of this thing, Lin Ran opened his mouth and shouted out at the first opportunity.

But even though he was already quick, he was still a step behind Wang Yifeng.

The tacit understanding that the two had developed over a long period of time, at the same time that Lin Ran turned to dodge, Wang Yiming came across with his divine dragon axe in his hand.

A crisp sound was heard, as if a large knife had slapped against a brittle bone, and then Wang Yifei saw it.

The original mass exploded with a bang, and a large amount of liquid and debris fell all over him.

Luckily, he was quick enough to turn around and shield his face from the strange liquid, which he didn’t know what it was.

But his hair and clothes inevitably fell all over him.

“Holy crap! What the hell is this! How come it’s still smoking!”

Not long after he had turned around, Wang Yifeng shouted out, realising that green smoke had started to emanate from his body, which smelt very pungent.

“Can’t you fucking move slower!”

Lin Ran also rushed over from the side at this moment, and without saying a word, he pulled Wang Yifeng’s clothes and tore them.

Wang Yifeng jumped at the sight of this and hurriedly opened Lin Ran’s arm while covering his chest, wary.

“Lin Ran, what the fuck are you trying to do, I’m not Brokeback Mountain, don’t take advantage of the fire!”

“Broken back mountain, I’d be more interested in finding a sow than you, hurry up and take off your clothes!”

Lin Ran hurriedly chided.

Wang Yifei became even more wary at his words.

“You’re not fucking Brokeback Mountain, what are you doing with Laozi’s clothes at night, although there’s no one around, but Laozi won’t sell his flesh to satisfy your filthy desires!”

Lin Ran cursed in anger at his words.

“You’re fucking bullshitting, your skin is burning through, hurry up and take off your clothes! That eight-eyed ghost spider’s bodily fluids are even more vicious than sulfuric acid!”

“Sulphur ….. Sulphuric acid, why didn’t you fucking say so earlier!”

Wang Yifeng was so scared that his face turned green, he quickly undressed himself without Lin Ran’s help, in the blink of an eye his jacket was off, but his T-shirt inside was also stained.

The situation was so desperate that Wang Yifeng didn’t care about the winter cold, and he took off his clothes as soon as they were stained with the Eight-Eyed Ghost Spider’s body fluids.

In a matter of moments, Wang Yifeng, who was wrapped up like a dumpling, became a naked commander, with only a pair of trousers left.

Standing in the cold wind of the winter night, the cool breeze blew goose bumps all over his body.

“Why is there still smoke coming out of the place!”

When his clothes came off, Wang Yifeng’s face was not the least bit relieved, he found that there was still a puff of smoke billowing above his head, but by now his whole body had finished taking off his clothes.

“Your fucking hair! Hurry up and shave it off!”

Lin Ran hurriedly shouted, while without saying a word he copied the divine Dragon Axe to the side and charged at Wang Yifeng’s head and chipped it.

“Hey, hey! Lin, I’ve brought you up well, you can’t take advantage of people’s danger!”

Wang Yifeng’s face turned white with fear at the sight of this. If Lin Ran’s hand shook, I was afraid that it would not be his hair but his head.

“If you don’t want your fucking brains to be corroded through, then don’t fucking talk!”

Lin Ran was also in a hurry and cursed, following which he held the divine Dragon Axe with both hands and slashed towards Wang Yifeng’s head.

“Fuck you, come on!”

Either he would die or be corrupted by the body fluid of the eight-eyed ghost spider, Wang Yifei was ready to give up.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!” In a few moments’ time, all the hair on Wang Yifei’s head that was stained with the eight-eyed ghost spider was shaved clean by Lin Ran.

But when he took a look at Wang Yifei’s hairstyle, it was worse than a dog’s nibble.

“Now what? I’m fucking freezing to death!”

Wang Yifeng was so angry that he cursed, his whole body was getting goose bumps, knowing that he was jumping in place.

“Cut the crap, the car is not to be approached, who knows if there are still such damn things, first go to the rest area to find the staff and see if there are clothes, you don’t fucking freeze to death!”

Lin Ran hastily greeted, and in a whirl the two ran towards the service area.

Lin Ran climbed him like this will scare people, and deliberately threw his own jacket to him, then the two of them rushed towards the service area but where there is a door.

But at this time, the entire service station was dark, many people had already gone to bed, and there was no accommodation in the service station, which was not very big, so the two had to knock on the doors one by one in the dark.

But I don’t know if the gods were deliberately screwing with Wang Yi’s life, or if he was really unlucky, after knocking for half a day, he was the one who finally knocked on the door.

“Who is it!”

The door was opened and a middle-aged woman came out sleepily, but when she saw Wang Yifeng’s clothes, she was so frightened that she shouted in a hurry.

“Rascal! Pervert!”

Chapter 340

“Hey hey, auntie you can’t talk nonsense, even though there’s no one here, I’m also a decent person!”

Wang Yifeng said hastily at his words, an old face as embarrassed as it could be.

“A decent man? Are there any decent people who don’t wear clothes in the middle of the night!”

The middle-aged woman said and hurriedly tightened her clothes, as if she was afraid that Wang Yifeng might plot against her.

“Auntie, I’m just in a hurry!”

Wang Yifeng said in a hurry, just wanting to borrow a dress and then leave, how embarrassing it was for him to be like this.

“In a hurry? You can’t even be in a hurry!”

The middle-aged woman had a difficult look on her face, followed by a look around the room, then turned her head with a puzzled expression.

“Your big brother happens to be in today, you’ve come at a bad time!”


Wang Yifeng froze at the sound of this, followed by a desire to explain, but suddenly there was a man’s voice coming from the room.

“Who is it!”

At those words a sound of footsteps came out, and before Wang Yifeng could run in his haste, the middle-aged man’s gaze had already landed on him.

“Good for you, you rogue, how dare you come to molest my mother-in-law in the middle of the night! I won’t beat you to death!”

As a curse rang out, followed by a middle-aged man who rushed out with a shovel, rushing at Wang Yifeng without saying a word.

“Don’t! Don’t! I’m in a real hurry!”

Wang Yifeng explained as he ran, but not only did his explanation not help, it also made the situation worse.

On the side, Lin Ran heard the commotion and rushed over, seeing the situation, he immediately understood what had happened, and rushed forward with a single step and hurriedly explained.

“Brother, take it easy, take it easy, it’s not what you think!”

“That’s what happened!”

Stopped by Lin Ran, the middle-aged man chided in a cold voice.

“This kid came knocking on my daughter-in-law’s door in the middle of the night with no clothes on, and he said he was in a fucking hurry! Why don’t you go find a sow? I’ll break your legs if I don’t even dare to hit on my aunt-in-law!”

Said the middle-aged man who still wanted to make a move, Lin Ran saw this and hurriedly stopped him, saying.

“Brother take it easy, take it easy, it’s really not what you think, this is my brother, a psychopath with eyes, not here to look for your aunt-in-law!”

“Your brother? Mental illness?”

The middle-aged man frowned slightly at his words and looked at Wang Yifeng and then at Lin Ran.

Seeing that the middle-aged man was still somewhat unconvinced, Lin Ran busily said.

“Big guy, you don’t even think about it, who in their right mind would dress like this in the middle of the night, and in winter!”

“That’s right!”

The middle-aged man smiled and felt that there was a bit of truth to it, so he immediately looked at Lin Ran and said.

“Since you are mentally ill, just watch out, don’t stay up in the middle of the night and run out to scare people, it’s a good thing you met me this time, if you met someone with quick hands, I’m afraid this brother of yours would really have to be without a brother!”

“Er ….”

Lin Ran smiled with an embarrassed face, but still nodded, while rushing to say.

“That big brother, you see this brother of mine ran out naked, and I didn’t bring any clothes, can I lend you a suit, I can pay, how about three hundred!”

“Three hundred?”

As soon as he heard the former, the middle-aged man instantly revealed a smile, he could only be worth a few dollars for a suit of clothes, three hundred was simply a good thing that fell from the sky.

“OK! Wait!”

With that the middle-aged man turned around and went to his room to get his clothes.

And Lin Ran only had to wait up at the door.

Wang Yifeng was afraid that the middle-aged man would still make a move, so he hid to the side, not daring to come over.

“Young man, is he really your brother?”

At the door, the middle-aged woman looked at Lin Ran and asked with a smile.

“Ah …. Yes!”

Lin Ran nodded awkwardly, it was hard to get clothes these days.

“So do you have a mental illness?”

The middle-aged woman asked with a smile, but her eyes were unconsciously looking at Lin Ran a lot back and forth, making him a little uncomfortable.

“I …. I naturally don’t have one!”

Lin Ran busily explained.

However, who knew that the middle-aged woman actually hid her mouth and laughed at her words, then moved closer to Lin Ran and said in a low voice.

“That’s good if you didn’t, next time don’t let your stupid brother come, just come over!”

“I’ll come over?”

Lin Ran was a little confused as to what the middle-aged woman meant and looked at her with a surprised expression.

“Oops, why a log!”

The middle-aged woman slapped her thigh, looked behind her and saw that her man hadn’t come out yet, so she was busy saying.

“Your grandfather comes once a month, you can come over any time except tonight!”

“I …..”

Lin Ran smiled, but his face also followed green, what was this, he was actually invited by a middle-aged woman, did he look like a woman friend?

“That aunty, I ….”

Lin Ran just wanted to explain, who knew that the middle-aged woman but clenched her fist and gave Lin Ran a punch on the chest, petulantly said to.

“Call who auntie, my name is Cuilan, just call me Xiao Cui!”

As she said that, she also forgot to wink at Lin Ran, looking at Lin Ran instantly almost did not throw up.

Just as Lin Ran was suffering in his heart, footsteps had come from within the room, followed by the voice of a middle-aged man.

“Haha, little brother has come to give you clothes!”

As the words fell, the middle-aged man had already walked out from inside with the clothes in his hand, while his other hand was also outstretched, the meaning was already clear handing over the clothes with one hand and giving the money with the other.

“Haha, good!”

Lin Ran laughed awkwardly and hurriedly took out his wallet and took out three hundred yuan, handing it to the middle-aged man, before picking up the clothes and laughing.

“Then I won’t disturb you two’s beautiful dream, I’ll leave first!”

With that Lin Ran turned around and was about to leave, however at that moment, the middle-aged woman behind him gently wiped a hand on Lin Ran’s waist, scaring him so much that his whole body jolted and he almost didn’t fall on his butt on the ground when he stumbled on his feet.

“Holy shit! Middle-aged women are as fierce as tigers, that’s really true!”

Lin Ran couldn’t help but say this in his mind, followed by his feet like oil, spreading his legs and running out.

“Hey, hey! What are you running for, give me the clothes first!”

Wang Yifeng saw this and hurriedly shouted, by now he was almost frozen into a popsicle.

“Give it to you! Give it all to you, if you don’t run, you don’t want your chastity!”

As soon as Lin Ran threw all the clothes to Wang Yifeng, his feet did not stop and he ran towards the car park.

Wang Yifei, remembering what the middle-aged woman had just said, also felt the hair of his heart, turned around and saw that the middle-aged woman had not yet left and was staring straight at him, so he was scared and picked up his clothes without bothering to put them on and hurriedly followed him, shouting as he ran.

“Hey! You wait for me!”


The two of them ran wildly until they saw their car, then they stopped with a sigh of relief.

Wang Yifeng gasped and hurriedly put his clothes on, while asking.

“Then how did big brother lend you his clothes? I see there was quite a heavy misunderstanding just now!”

“Laozi paid three hundred for it, and as for the misunderstanding, it was easily solved!”

Lin said, while looking at the car warily, afraid that an eight-eyed ghost spider might suddenly pop out.

“How did you solve it!”

Wang Yifei had already dressed by now and asked as he came over.

Lin Ran smiled and returned impatiently.

“Said you were a psycho and it dissolved naturally!”


Wang Yifeng was so angry at his words that he almost didn’t spurt out a mouthful of old blood, and was very dissatisfied as he said.

“You bastard, why don’t you say you’re mentally ill!”

“Does anyone believe me when I say I’m mentally ill? Who just ran around the street with no clothes on and knocked on a middle-aged woman’s door!”

“Middle-aged women are as fierce as tigers, you’re not afraid to play yourself to death!”

Lin Ran couldn’t help but laugh.