Wonder Doctor Chapter 337-338

Chapter 337

But Wang Shilong was a celebrity in An County, so how come he was suddenly taken away overnight, this …. This is too fast, yesterday he was informed by Scorpion to come here to collect money, how come this morning …..

“No! This can’t be, how could Master Scorpion be no!”

Yellow hair anxious face brushed white, at this time Wang Yifeng also lazy in grabbing him, threw him on the sofa, he hurriedly took out the mobile phone, followed and called.

But after calling four or five times in a row, the phone was all in a state of no answer, which made him panic as well.

“Are you going to keep messing up now?”

Lin Ran looked at him and asked in a bland voice.

“You …. Who the hell are you!”

Yellow Hair looked at Lin Ran with alarm in his eyes, even if the TV had broadcast these things, but the other party’s actions just now had obviously been known before, or else it couldn’t have been so accurate to let himself watch the TV just as it was showing the news of Master Scorpion’s arrest.

“Who am I? I’m the one who sent them in!”

Lin Ran laughed blandly, followed by a wink at Wang Yifeng who was next to him, the latter understood and immediately picked up Huang Mao again with one hand, following which he threw him straight outside the pharmacy.

“What are you doing? Even if you got Master Scorpion in, I didn’t provoke you, and your friend just now also made a move, so our account is even, what does it have to do with you if I charge the old man!”

The scorpion followed Wang Shilong in, if he didn’t collect some money, I’m afraid his stall would have to fall apart, so naturally he didn’t want to just leave.

“I don’t care if you collect your money, but if you’re in my place, then I’ll have to take care of it!”

Lin Ran looked at the yellow-haired youth and laughed blandly.

“Your turf? Since when did this pharmacy become your turf!”

Yellow Hair asked in a cold voice, while looking at the beautiful saleswoman at the side and said.

“Didn’t your boss run away! Since when did this place become his territory!”

“What are you shouting about! I’m just a salesperson, how should I know!”

The beautiful saleswoman didn’t bother to pay attention to the yellow hair, and directly disliked back.


Huang Mao was furious, usually he was the sky in this area, which merchant must see him respectfully, but all this seemed to have changed overnight, which made him a bit unable to accept it.

Even a small saleswoman dared to shout at him, which made him even more furious than beating him up.

“You what you! Don’t you understand what you’re saying? Is your skin itching again!”

Wang Yifeng scolded at this.

He wasn’t afraid of a small sale, but Wang Yiming, a big, thick guy, was not gentle with his hands, so he was lucky that he could take a beating, otherwise he would be lying on the ground.

Lin Ran glanced at Huang Mao, not bothering to pay attention to him, and then turned to look at the beautiful saleswoman, and said.

“Your boss is not here, you are in charge here now right!”

“Yes, I’m the shop manager here!”

The beautiful saleswoman nodded her head.

“Hmm! Then I’m officially informing you that this shop has changed ownership, I’m now the new owner of this shop, and your previous owner won’t be coming back!”

Lin Ran said calmly.

As soon as he said this, not only the beautiful saleswoman, but even Wang Yifeng and Wang Yi at the side grew their mouths in disbelief as they listened.

Before this, Lin Ran had always stayed with the two of them and had never been here at all, but now he was actually saying that he was the owner of this place, this was simply too ridiculous.

“Ranzi, don’t joke around, this joke is not funny at all, you’ve never been here before!”

Wang Yi said busily beside him again.

“That’s right, Ranzi, don’t make a mess, I know you’re rich, but you can’t talk nonsense, or I’ll have to beat you up!”

Wang Yifeng also said in a hurry.

Lin Ran smiled helplessly, turned his head to look at the two men and said.

“Don’t you guys know that there’s something called the internet?”


Wang Yifei and Wang Yi listened with a confused expression, not understanding what Lin Ran meant.

On the other hand, Huang Mao, who was at the side, laughed at once.

“Network? Do you think this is a parking space robbery? Don’t play tricks with me, I’ll collect my money, if you’re looking for trouble I’ll call the police!”

Yellow Hair shouted.

Lin Ran smiled at his words.

“Call the police? Then you report it! I’ll see who the police actually take back when they come, there might still be a share of you on the scorpion’s merits!”


If he dared to say that he was one of Scorpion’s men, I’m afraid that he would have to go in with him next.

But when he thought of the money owed by the owner of this clinic, he was tickled to death and didn’t want to just go back empty-handed.

“Little lady, where the hell is your boss, tell him to come out, if he can’t say who really owns this clinic, in order to collect the loan I’ll have to take this clinic against the debt!”

When he couldn’t get rid of Lin Ran, Huang Mao had no choice but to turn to the beautiful saleswoman.

However, the beautiful saleswoman ignored him and turned to look at Lin Ran, saying suspiciously.

“What do you mean when you say our boss won’t be coming back, and what makes you say that you already own the pharmacy!”

“Because last night, I had already bought the shop over!”

Said Lin Ran, turning his phone on and pulling up the proof of purchase from last night.

“This medicine shop was already put up for auction by the notary a week ago by your previous owner, on the grounds of bankruptcy!”

“I also understand that he owed you two months’ wages before, which I will make up for him in full!”

Lin Ran said with a smile, then turned around and pulled Wang Yi over to the side and said.

“From now on, this clinic will be under his control, so if you guys want to stay or go, you can tell him directly, it doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not!”

“Because tomorrow at the latest, the people from the notary will bring all the formalities over, and you will all understand by then!”

Said Lin Ran as he turned to look at Wang Yi.

“Brother, from now on this place is in your hands, run it well don’t let me lose too much!”


Wang Yi’s head was still a bit dazed, he didn’t react for a while and didn’t know what to say.

On the other hand, Wang Yi’s life at the side was remembering Lin Ran’s words last night, and he immediately understood why Lin Ran would buy the clinic here.

“Is everything you said true?”

The beautiful saleswoman was still a little unconvinced and looked at Lin Ran and asked.

Lin Ran didn’t bother to explain any further and smiled as he said, “You can call the notary yourself!” .

After that, he turned around and took Wang Yifeng and Wang Yi with him to leave the clinic, but when they left, they also took Huang Mao with them.

Outside the door on the road, Lin Ran looked at Huang Mao and said indifferently.

“I don’t care who you like to collect from, don’t come to my clinic and make trouble again, or I don’t mind calling the police about what happened to you!”

“Don’t! Don’t …. Big brother, I have eyes not to know Taishan, must not come again must not come again!”

Yellow hair hurriedly said, and then hurriedly ran into the alleyway as if he had fled with his little brother.

“Ranzi, are you so sure that this kid won’t come back to cause trouble?”

After Huang Mao left, Wang Yifeng asked with some doubts, they were leaving tomorrow after all, if this Huang Mao waited for a few days and came back to cause trouble, then wouldn’t it be suffering Wang Yi.

Chapter 338

“It won’t happen!”

Lin Ran smiled at his words and shook his head, before saying.

“The whole An County is in a mess, Wang Shilong’s people are all in danger, who dares to come out and touch the bad luck at this time, only this yellow hair has not gotten the news, some important people got the news at this time have long run away!”

Said Lin Ran looking at Wang Yi.

“Also, if anyone else comes looking for trouble in the future, you can just call the police and say they are friends of Song Nuan, if he says he doesn’t know, then you can show him this!”

Said Lin Ran handed the phone to Wang Yi, the latter’s face immediately changed when he took a look.

Only to see a line written on the phone, Song Nuan Temperance City Song Yujiang’s daughter.

“I …. Ranzi, isn’t this Song Nuan our schoolmate, you …. When did you know her!”

Wang Yi instantly woke up.

“Haha, know? Brother you’re mistaken, this kid has picked up someone else!”

To the side, Wang Yifeng said with a laugh.

“Soak ….”

Wang Yi was first stunned at his words, followed by a thumbs up and said.

“Old Six, you are ruthless! From now on, my brother will follow you, with this clinic what else do I need to work!”

Lin Ran smiled at his words, then patted Wang Yi’s shoulder and said.

“Whether it’s a pharmacy clinic or a hospital, you can’t forget your profession, I know how passionate you were about Chinese medicine in school, keep this and study it, it’ll be great for your future!”

He said, “Lin Ran took out a booklet and handed it to Wang Yi, this booklet was exactly the one he had recorded down the more superficial prescriptions and experiences from the Xuan Yang Pharmacopoeia, he had given a copy to his own grandmother at first, and later gave a copy to Li Zheng, this was the third copy he took out.


Holding the heavy pharmacopoeia in his hand and looking at the clinic behind him, Wang Yi couldn’t help but have his eyes go red.

“I am afraid that the luckiest thing in my life, Wang Yi, is to have known a brother like you!”

Wang Yi said with some excitement.

Lin Ran patted his shoulder and laughed.

“Since we’ve already said we’re brothers, why are we still talking about such pretentious words, let’s go buy some Chinese herbs and let’s have a good meal tonight!”


Wang Yi smiled and hurriedly wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes, then the three of them got into the car and went straight to the nearest Chinese medicine shop.

For what Lin Ran had done, Wang Yi looked at it in his eyes and took it to heart.

He was not good at expressing his emotions, but he could see that what Lin Ran had done was all for him.

From borrowing the money to taking down Wang Shilong, there was no need for him to take out this million, but in order to take down Wang Shilong, he would rather take out a million as evidence.

And because he was worried that Wang Yi’s self-esteem was too strong and he would struggle to pay back the money, he used the name of opening a pharmacy and in fact gave him a shop to take care of.

These two seemingly completely unrelated things were the solution to all his worries.

There is simply nothing more to be said about being a brother who can do this, and this is something that at least Wang Yifeng also sees in his eyes. In the past, he might have had some disconnect with Lin Ran.

That was because of the previous generation, but after this incident, he had completely seen through Lin Ran and knew that this man was definitely a brother that he could trust with his life and death.

Even though his father was probably the murderer of Lin Ran’s father, the latter still didn’t mind this, which speaks volumes about his character of being clear in his grudges.

And it was true that Wang Yifeng was somewhat wronged, after all, he was just a child back then, what did he know!

“Some things don’t need to be said, being a brother moves all!”

Wang Yifeng silently told himself in his heart that no matter what the outcome of Lin Ran’s matter would be in the future, he would have to go along with it, even if the outcome he would have to face in the future would be too much for him to accept.

But even so, he still had to accompany Lin Ran on his journey. He could replace the debt his father owed him, and likewise he had to make Lin Ran a friend.

As for what would happen in the future, he didn’t want to think about it, anyway, his own father had disappeared and was probably dead, and if the murderer was really proved to be him in the future.

So what, he believed that this brotherly love between himself and Lin Ran could not be destroyed by anything.

“Ai! I’m really envious, how come I didn’t go to university at Tamkang University when I first started, if I had known I should have gone to Tamkang University and met this kid earlier, I wouldn’t have always skipped classes at university!”

When I think of my college classmates who only know how to play games and date every day, Wang Yifei feels a pain in his heart, his good college days have been wasted like this.

It is really a feeling of hating each other.


The three of them first went to a nearby Chinese medicine shop to buy some medicine for Caiyu’s mother to strengthen her body, and then went to the antique city to buy some materials.

What had happened to Caiyu’s mother made Lin Ran wary in case the feng shui master behind it would look for trouble with Wang Yi.

It was already noon when they returned home, and Caiyu’s father had also rushed back. Lin Ran and the others had eaten at home at noon, exchanged pleasantries with Caiyu’s father, and then went about their business.

The other party was able to refine a learned spirit compulsion, Lin Ran guessed that his strength was not weak, at least at the level of Wang Yi Life, so it was quite troublesome to set up.

In one afternoon, Lin Ran first set up Wang Yi’s house, and then took him and Wang Yifeng to the medicine shop.

The medicine shop was still no different from when they had gone up there, so Lin Ran didn’t bother with any nonsense and went straight to work.

By the time the medicine shop was also set up, it was already dark.

That night, Lin Ran and his friends found a small restaurant near their home, ordered some random food and chatted while they ate.

During that time, Wang Yi also asked about the elder Liu Chen and the second Zhang Xu, and after learning that Liu Chen had succeeded in proposing, he could not help but sigh with sorrow and blame himself.

When Liu Chen proposed at that time, it happened that Wang Yi’s family ran into this matter, and he simply could not find the time to help Liu Chen, so he did not go.

At the beginning, Liu Chen even asked him if he needed any help, and since things were not that serious at that time, he also refused.

But who knew that in just half a month’s time, things would have developed to such a state. Luckily, Lin Ran had come, otherwise I was afraid that the matter of Wang Yi’s family would have dragged on for a long time before it could be completely resolved.

The three of them drank until both Wang Yifeng and Wang Yi crawled on the wine table, and only then did Lin Ran carry the two of them to find a hotel nearby to stay.

When Wang Yifei and Wang Yi woke up, Lin Ran had already packed up all their things and saw that they were still in good shape, so he said goodbye to Wang Yi right away.

Caiyu was still at home taking care of her mother, so Wang Yi didn’t stay any longer, exchanged pleasantries with Lin Ran, and then the group parted ways.

Under the light of the setting sun, Lin Ran and Wang Yi set off on their way home, killing the highway along the way.

It was originally a three-hour drive, and they could definitely reach home by 12am before the highway was closed, but due to Wang Yifei’s diarrhoea halfway through the journey, they had to stop at the rest area where they had met the scorpion to rest.

However, when ten minutes had passed and Wang Yilian came out of the toilet, they were just returning to the car and preparing to leave when the accident happened.