Wonder Doctor Chapter 335-336

Chapter 335

Wang Shilong has to be said to be a very shrewd person, doing illegal business of loan sharking on one hand, while attending charity events frequently on the other, making people in An County have mixed feelings about him.

And it was precisely because of this that he was able to get away with his arrogance by breaking the law time and again, but when he came across Lin Ran his good days were basically over.

All the conversations in the bar were secretly recorded by Lin Ran and sent to Song Nuan overnight.

As for the things behind, it’s not his concern, Song Yujiang will certainly make this matter very beautiful.


The early morning sunlight sprinkled in through the window, Lin Ran several people sitting in front of the coffee table, while Caiyu was full of front and back busy face overflowing with happy smiles.

After a full night of recovery, her mother could already get down to the ground, but she still had some difficulty walking, after all, the learned spirit compulsion had occupied her brain for a long time, and now it would take some time to adapt to the recovery.

She had already told her father about the good news, and he was on his way back.

“Ranzi, thanks to this incident, I won’t say anything else, we are brothers, I’ll take this great kindness into my heart!”

Wang Yi said gratefully as he picked up his cup of tea and used it instead of wine.

“I’m not ready to leave today, I’ll deal with some things today, let’s find a place to have a drink tonight, we haven’t seen each other for so long!”

“It’s nothing, I’ll treat you tonight!”

Wang Yi patted his chest and laughed, but Caiyu on the other side was a little embarrassed to hear that.

In order to pay for her mother’s medical treatment, Wang Yi actually did not have much money left, and there was still a buttload of foreign debts, so I’m afraid he only had the money to treat a meal.

“Haha, let’s talk about it tonight, hurry up and pack up, we’ll go out later!”

Lin Ran said with a smile.

A few moments later, Lin Ran, Wang Yifeng and Wang Yi left the house, Caiyu’s mother had just recovered and still needed to be greeted, so she naturally stayed at home.

They had made a scene at the An County Hospital yesterday, and now Huang He was still at the Health Bureau, so Wang Yi didn’t feel like going to work and simply took a week off.

The three of them left home, got into the car and rushed over to a nearby pedestrian street.

The weather was very cold at this time, but the enthusiasm on the pedestrian street was not affected in the slightest, so the three of them walked and strolled around, which was very leisurely.

“Ranzi, why do you suddenly want to come here? And how did you know there was a pedestrian street here?”

Wang Yi followed behind was amazed, on the way Lin Ran did not question the route at all, and drove straight to this place, as if in just knew this place.

“Hey! What do you care how he knows, there are so many beautiful women here and the food is so delicious, I think 80% of him has been thinking about this place for a long time!”

To the side, Wang Yifeng said with a smile while eating a pig’s trotters in sauce in a big mouthful.

Lin Ran gave him a blank look at his words and said helplessly.

“I’m afraid no one would believe me, but I’m afraid many people would believe you. Just now, you were staring at the owner’s wife who was selling pig’s feet, and you were so happy that she was selling pig’s feet, if she was selling clothes, I’m afraid she would have given you two slaps!”


Wang Yi was laughing and couldn’t stop laughing. This guy, Wang Yifei, was a true character, he would drool at the sight of a beautiful woman and didn’t even bother to hide it.

The three of them were talking and chatting and soon arrived at the entrance of a pharmacy, and at that moment, at the entrance of the pharmacy, there was also an advertisement board which was advertising the transfer of the shop.

“Ranzi, you want to buy medicine?”

Wang Yi looked surprised, there is a pharmacy near the district, how come he still drove for ten minutes to come here to buy medicine.

“No, to show you the place!”

Lin Ran said with a smile.

“To see the place? What’s so nice about this pharmacy?”

Wang Yi was a little puzzled.

Lin Ran smiled at this and shook his head before pointing to the plaque of the pharmacy shop above him and said.

“From now on, the name of this place will be, Caiyu Pharmacy!”

“Caiyu …. Pharmacy?”

Wang Yi was stunned at the words, somewhat confused as to what Lin Ran meant by this, people’s shops would soon be transferred and what they would do in the future was still unknown, so how would they change the name to Caiyu Pharmacy.

“Ranzi, you to …..”

Wang Yi just wanted to continue to ask, but the words were just halfway through, a piercing voice came from the side.

“What colored jade pharmacy, blind eyes! It clearly says Daily Pharmacy on here!”

Lin Ran and the others frowned at his words and followed, turning around to look over.

They saw that the person who spoke was a young man of about twenty-five years old, with dyed yellow hair and a gold chain around his neck, while a black scorpion tattoo was carved on the side of his ear, looking effete.

“What are you looking at? Get out of the way! Are you deaf?”

When the youth saw that all three were looking at him, he shouted.

And beside him were followed by four or five young brothers, seeing the big brother angry immediately went up and pushed Wang Yi to the side.

“Hey, I …..”

Wang Yifeng saw this and was about to explode, but was stopped by Lin Ran.

“Take it easy for now, there are many people here, wait until we get in first!”

Lin Ran shook his head at him and said in a low voice, at this time in the pedestrian street people come and go, once a conflict will inevitably hurt the passers-by.

However, when the yellow-haired young man saw Lin Ran’s action, he laughed at once, smiling brightly.

“Not bad! Kid, you have good eyesight, I’m in a good mood today, so I won’t bother with you guys, if you have nothing better to do, get away from me, don’t delay me in my work!”

Saying that, the yellow-haired young man had already walked in towards the pharmacy.

And the few young brothers behind him laughed with equal glee as they passed the two Lin Ran.

“Hurry up and get lost, don’t interfere with our Brother Huang’s business, or else you’ll be beaten to death!”

“Hey! Me!”

Wang Yifeng was so angry that he almost didn’t throw a punch, if it wasn’t for Lin Ran holding his hand in front of him, I’m afraid he would have gone up and taken care of these few hanging hairs.

On the side, Wang Yi didn’t ask too many questions, Lin Ran and the two of them were so skilled, as to why they didn’t fight, I’m afraid they had their own considerations, and he didn’t need to ask too many questions.

“Come on, let’s go in and have a look!”

After Huang Mao and the others had entered the pharmacy, Lin Ran greeted them.

“What are we doing in there?”

Wang Yi was a little worried, now that there was a bright light in his life, he honestly didn’t want to bother anymore, after all, his living situation couldn’t afford to be tossed around anymore.

Lin Ran understood his concerns and turned to laugh.

“Don’t worry, in your own shop, you’re still afraid of what he’ll do to you?”

“Your own shop?”

Wang Yi was even more confused when he heard this, when did this pharmacy become his own shop, he didn’t remember this at all.

“Are you stupid! Just go in and find out!”

On the other side, Wang Yifeng couldn’t help but urge, he was already so anxious that his hands were itching to rush in and beat up Huang Mao and the others first.

Chapter 336

Seeing this, Wang Yi also stopped talking nonsense and immediately followed Lin Ran, and the group entered the pharmacy.

The pharmacy was in a depressed state, except for a few female salesmen chatting with each other in front of the counter, the rest of the shop was empty.

As soon as the three of them entered, Lin Ran saw that a thick layer of dust had accumulated on many of the medicine shelves, and even some of the infrequently visited counters were stained with dust in front of them, and only the place where a few sales were talking was still clean.

“Where is your boss! Hurry up and shout out, just say that our Master Huang is here again!”

A scolding voice rang out, and Lin Ran’s three men saw that the one who spoke was none other than the yellow-haired young man’s henchman who had just entered.

At this moment, Yellow Hair was sitting on a sofa to the side, his thighs knocking on his er-leg, with the look of a grandfather.

“Our boss is not here, and we are looking for him too!”

A female salesperson at the counter said impatiently, as if the other party had disturbed her chat and looked a little offended.

“You’re fucking new here, aren’t you? How dare you talk to me like that!”

The punk who opened his mouth was also on fire when he saw this, and took two steps forward to stare viciously at the beautiful saleswoman, scaring the latter into losing her face.

“You …. What do you want!”

The beautiful salesman asked warily, while hastily shrinking back.

“What are you doing? I’m saying it for the last time, call out your boss, or I’ll smash this place up today!”

The gangster chided in a cold voice.

The pretty saleswoman’s face tightened as she heard this and said.

“I’ve told you, our boss is not here, we haven’t seen him for a month, we haven’t been paid yet, and we’re waiting!”

“Haven’t seen anyone for a month? Who the hell are you kidding? You’d still be working here honestly if you hadn’t seen anyone?”

The gangster said in a cold voice.

“If you don’t go to work, you can’t just let the shop run away if you can’t find the boss!”

They had been working here for some years, but recently the boss had not seen anyone, which made them very helpless, after all, the boss had not paid them for two months.

“I’ll support you? You can, only you have to play with me, raising you is called a matter?”

The punk smiled at that, and his eyes unconsciously glanced at the beautiful sales body, swirling to reveal a face of greed.


The beautiful saleswoman gave a disgusted look and followed before turning around to receive Lin Ran and the others, not bothering to pay him any mind.

“Boss, what now?”

The punk returned to the yellow-haired young man and asked with a frown.

“What should I do? If you can’t see anyone, then smash it up for me! Smash this shop of his for me!”

The three or four men beside him were ready to take action, each with their own fists.

However, at this moment, a voice came from the side.

“Hold on!”

When the voice rang out, the beautiful saleswoman and the yellow-haired young man both looked over, and of course, when they saw that it was Lin Ran who had spoken, the yellow-haired young man instantly laughed.

“You three don’t want to leave, how dare you fucking follow me in here, your skin is itching!”

“I’m itching for you!”

Wang Yifeng had been waiting for a long time, so when he saw that Lin Ran didn’t stop him, he rushed over with an arrow step, and then kicked the punk who met him and sent him flying backwards, followed by picking up Huang Hao’s collar and dragging him out of the sofa.

“Just now outside, you’re quite crazy, let’s see if you’re crazy again?”

Wang Yifeng came up to the yellow-haired youth and said viciously, his fierce expression frightening him so much that he couldn’t say a word.

“And who are you? If you want to fight, go out and fight, who will be responsible for the damage here!”

If the pharmacy was smashed again, they wouldn’t be able to get paid.

“I’m in charge!”

Lin Ran suddenly spoke up.

“You’re in charge? Who are you?”

The beautiful saleswoman glanced at Lin Ran before saying.

“If you want to buy medicine, buy medicine, don’t pick a fight, it’s already troublesome enough!”

It was hard to find a job, but I didn’t expect to run into a situation where the boss had run away, and now the only mortgaged pharmacy had run into a gangster who was looking for trouble.

“Buying medicine is buying medicine, being responsible is being responsible, you’ll know later!”

Lin Ran laughed and stopped talking nonsense.

On the other hand, Wang Yifeng had already carried the yellow-haired young man over, and at that moment, the yellow-haired young man’s face was blue and purple, so he had obviously been beaten up a lot.

“What should we do with this hairy fish?”

Wang Yifei asked.

“Just throw it out!”

Lin Ran was too lazy to bother with him and said at once, but as soon as his words left his mouth, the yellow-haired youth hurriedly shouted.

“How dare you fucking touch Laozi? Do you know whose man I am! You’re simply impatient to live!”

Lin Ran sniffed with interest as he looked at the yellow-haired man and asked with a smile.

“Whose man are you!”

“I’m Master Scorpion’s man! Do you know who Master Scorpion is? Do you know you!”

Yellow Hair laughed smugly.

Lin Ran and the two of them looked at each other and a bitter smile appeared on their faces, this was really Wang Shilong’s people everywhere they went, it seemed that Wang Shilong’s power was really spread throughout An County, no wonder he couldn’t be able to wield power and blessings in the piece of land.

Seeing the two Lin Ran’s face was not right, Huang Mao immediately smiled smugly.

“Haha, you know my background, right? If you’re smart, hurry up and put me down, or I’ll inform Master Scorpion and kill you later!”

The latter was very impatient and raised his hand to slap him.

This slap did not spare Wang Yifeng’s hand, the huge force hit the yellow-haired young man straight before his eyes, and he could not even speak clearly.

“If you don’t say anything, I’ll cut off your tongue!”

Wang Yifeng scolded, and the yellow-haired young man was so angry that he turned blue, and when he came back to his senses, he wanted to shout at someone, but he found that all three or four of his men were standing at a distance, not daring to move.

“A bunch of rice buckets, there’s only three of them, what are you wimps!”

Yellow Hair couldn’t help but scold.

However, the three or four men were indifferent, each looking at Huang Mao with anxiety and worry on their faces, and one of them was even on the verge of tears.

“Cry what cry, you still fucking come out with Laozi, I really want to ….”

Yellow Hair screamed and cursed angrily, but just as the words were half spoken, a hand landed on his head, followed by Lin Ran’s calm voice.

“I don’t blame them, even if you were ten more people you wouldn’t be a match for me, as for their expressions, you’d better watch the TV yourself!”

As he said that, Lin Ran’s palm shot up, and with a “click”, Yellow Hair’s head twisted around and faced the TV.

He was so angry that he wanted to turn around and scold someone, but as soon as he moved, the pain in his neck was so severe that he almost fainted.

And at that moment the sound of the television followed him into his ears.

“According to the latest caution, Wang Shilong, the former famous philanthropist of An County, was arrested by the police at six o’clock this morning for his long-term loan shark activities, and even personally participated in organising and implementing a number of violent debt collection activities!”

“Also arrested were his son, the loan shark in charge of Wang Laobai, as well as his subordinate big hand scorpions and other people, a total of …….”