Wonder Doctor Chapter 333-334

Chapter 333

This roar was like a bolt from the blue, immediately silencing the entire bar.

The three bodyguards who had been wrestling with Wang Yilong all rushed back, but they did not dare to approach Lin Ran.

When he saw that Lin Ran had captured Wang Shilong, he was overjoyed and ran towards the three bodyguards he had just been fighting with.

He then kicked each of them in the ass, cursing at the same time.

“Let you guys fucking stab me in the ass just now!”

Lin Ran looked on with laughter and said in a hurry.

“All right, what’s the big deal about the grudge, take the three of them away later, I’m fine with how you tune them out at night!”

“Fuck you, I just stalked three people and you’re still damaging me!”

Wang Yifeng cursed, followed by sitting on his ass next to a little brother who was lying on the ground.

As soon as he sat down, the little brother let out a scream of “ah”, he was still breathing, but now he passed out directly.

“You fucking dislike me too!”

Wang Yifeng couldn’t help but curse.

This time, Lin Ran couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Seeing Lin Ran laughing, Wang Shilong at the side couldn’t help but show a smile, as they say, you can’t beat a smiling man with a raised hand, and at this moment when he was in Lin Ran’s hands, he was trying not to anger the other party as much as possible, after all, with this body, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be able to carry one move before his frame would fall apart.

“What the fuck are you laughing at!”

When he saw Wang Shilong laughing, Wang Yifeng stood up and rushed straight to him, raising his hand and slapping him.

Lin Ran slapped him, and Wang Yifeng slapped him. These two slaps directly wilted Wang Shilong, and the aura he had dissipated, so he was like an ordinary middle-aged man, honestly being carried in Lin Ran’s hand, not daring to breathe a single breath.

“Quickly release Brother Long!”

Next to them, the seven bodyguards looked ugly, Wang Shilong had paid a high price to hire them, but now they were actually caught by Lin Ran so easily, even if Wang Shilong was fine this time, they would have no good consequences when they went back, and being sacked was not even light.

“Shut up! Still fucking talking, do you have the right to speak here!”

Wang Yifeng shouted in triumph, followed by pulling a pair of chairs from the side and sitting on one of them with one hip, while shouting at the distance.

“Wang Yi kid, hurry up and come over if you’re not dead!”


On the side, Wang Yi struggled to get out from the crowd, at this moment, his body was covered with bruises, and what was even worse was that one eye was swollen.

“You kid, can’t fight don’t know hide fat also next to ah, this is good, your daughter-in-law still think you were put together by the junior!”

Wang Yifeng laughed and teased.

“Fuck you!”

Wang Yi didn’t bother to pay him any mind and sat on his butt next to him, also busy tidying up the wounds on his body.

Lin Ran was relieved to see that both of them were fine, and then threw Wang Shilong onto the sofa next to him with one hand.

“Boss Wang, is this account still to be settled today?”

Lin Ran asked in a cold voice as he stepped on Wang Shilong’s head becoming the sofa and grabbed his hair with one hand.

“No. …. No… It doesn’t count, it doesn’t count!”

Wang Shilong was so frightened that he was busy saying, where was half of his usual bravado at this time.

The seven bodyguards could not get close to him, he was a piece of meat at this time, a piece of meat that was at Lin Ran’s mercy.

“You’re not counting? Then you were so excited to count!”

Lin Ran said with a fierce look in his eyes and slapped Wang Shilong directly on the cheek.

“No! Don’t hit him, it really doesn’t count, it really doesn’t count!” |Wang Shilong

Wang Shilong wanted to die, he was over forty years old, and he was still high and mighty, but to be slapped three times in quick succession was like killing him.

“Bastard! Sinner, how could you mess with such a perverted guy!”

In his heart Wang Shilong had already cursed Wang Laobai, if he wasn’t his own son, I’m afraid Wang Shilong would have already had the heart to kill.

“Where’s the bank card?”

Lin Ran turned around and shouted at the person at the far side of the coffee table, and immediately someone turned over the bank card and dutifully brought it over.

Lin Ran took the bank card and found that it was still stained with some alcohol and blood, and immediately wiped it on Wang Shilong’s clothes before saying.

“Boss Wang, I’m a man of my word, I won’t let you lose a single penny of the one million I said I would, this is the loan shark my friend borrowed, I’ll pay it back for him!”

Lin Ran held up his bank card and gave a wink to Wang Yifeng, who understood, picked up a chair and threw it at the wall.

The chair that had been stuck on Wang Laobai’s head was smashed down, and Wang Laobai sat on his ass on the ground, his face pale and frightened, panting heavily.

“I’ll fucking wait until I don’t get you killed, my name is Wang!”

Just now, being blocked by the chair, Wang Laobai didn’t even see what was happening in the scene, and then it fell into silence, he was far away and his old man’s voice was small, he didn’t even hear it, he was still a bit surprised, at this moment he didn’t notice at all that his old man had already been taken down.


Another sound, followed by a leather shoe hitting him hard on the head, causing him to immediately hold his head and curse angrily.

“Who the fuck didn’t see it coming! Dare to smash the old man who has lived too long …..”

However, this time before he could finish a sentence, his raised head saw the situation in the field, and the rest of the latter half of his sentence was swallowed straight back in shock.

“Say it, why don’t you say it?”

Wang Yifei shouted with a smile, hearing Wang Laobai’s face green for a while, neither crying nor laughing, very embarrassed said.

“No …. Not to say, not to say!”

“Do not say it? Then give the old man a good listen!”

Wang Yifeng scolded, following which he turned his head to look at Lin Ran.

Lin Ran understood and raised the bank card in his hand at Wang Laobai, saying.

“This is one million, the money Wang Yi borrowed from you, I’m paying it back!”

With that Lin Ran stuffed the bank card into Wang Shilong’s chest pocket.

After doing this, Lin Ran raised his hand and wiped it on Wang Shilong’s body, before getting up and looking at Wang Laobai and saying.

“The money, has been paid back, in the future, if you find trouble with my friend again, the chair will be nailed not to the wall, but to your head, don’t believe me, you can try!”

Lin Ran’s voice was not loud, but his words carried an irrefutable tone, which caused Wang Laobai’s face to turn white and ashen as he listened.

He believed that if he really bothered Wang Yi and Caiyu again, he was afraid that his head would really be nailed right through.

“No …. I don’t dare, I don’t dare!”

Boss Wang said resentfully, his face as embarrassed as it could be.

“Very good!”

Lin Ran nodded in satisfaction at this, then turned to look at Wang Shilong once again.

“Boss Wang, do I still have to settle my score with you?”

“No. ….. No, no need! The bill can be settled!”

Wang Shilong was so frightened that he hurriedly said, how could he dare to say a word no after all this.

Lin Ran nodded at his words, and then said.

“In that case, I won’t bother Boss Wang, but I have to remind Boss Wang that if you can’t swallow this anger, you can come to me anytime, but you have to hurry!”

After saying that, Lin Ran took Wang Yifeng and Wang Yi with him and left the bar.

Chapter 334

Inside the bar, no one dared to speak for a long time, especially Wang Laobai.

This time, even if he had disgraced himself by messing with Lin Ran, he had also caused his old man to take a beating along with him, before this, this kind of result was something he simply dared not even think about.

“Don’t get over here yet!”

When Wang Shilong sat down again in his chair and his face regained its calmness, the first thing he said was these words, and naturally the target was his son.

“Father …. Father!”

No matter how arrogant he was outside, he was still facing outsiders, and in front of his father, he never had any courage to resist.

“You still have the face to call my father!”

Wang Shilong was so angry that his face turned blue and he raised his hand to strike, and Wang Laobai did not dare to dodge, so he could only close his eyes and prepare to be hit.

But Wang Shilong’s hand was raised, but in the end he let it go.


Wang Shilong’s teeth were breaking, they say a tiger’s father has no dog’s son, how could he have found such a son who can’t eat enough and can’t do anything!

“Father, I can’t help it!”

Seeing Wang Shilong’s face softened, Wang Laobai hurriedly pretended to be aggrieved and said.

“I really like Caiyu and want to find you a daughter-in-law as soon as possible so that you can report your grandson as soon as possible, but who knew that Wang Yi has such a powerful friend!”

“Come on, you’re still not telling the truth in front of me! You can’t really look at Caiyu with your eyes, I still don’t know your virtue! You’ve been dabbling in flowers everywhere, how many of them do you really want to be responsible for!”

Wang Shilong scolded, if he didn’t understand his own son, he wouldn’t be a father.

“Father! This is not the point, the point now is how to get this back, how to clean up that kid Lin Ran, otherwise if this incident today gets out, your face will be completely disgraced!”

Wang Laobai hurriedly changed the subject and said.

“You still know that I’ve lost face, how could I have given birth to such an indisputable thing as you!”

Wang Shilong was so angry that his teeth itched, but there was no way to really fix Wang Laobai, this was his own son after all.

When Wang Laobai saw this, he didn’t know what to do, he was scolded when he opened his mouth, so he simply didn’t say anything.

The whole hotel immediately fell into silence again.

After a few moments, Wang Shilong’s angry mood finally improved somewhat and he spoke with a sigh.

“Hey! That’s it, that’s the end of it, you behave yourself from now on! Don’t get into any more trouble, okay?”

“No dad, this is the end? You can’t stand this?”

Wang Laobai was very upset at his words.

“You can’t stand it anymore? How many fucking heads do you have for people to nail to the wall! If you had a son, I wouldn’t give a fuck about you!”

Wang Shilong said as his anger burned up again, and even took a few ragged breaths, hating iron.

“Let’s pretend this never happened today, that Lin Ran is not something we can deal with, I’ll find someone to deal with him, if you dare to mess with him or his friends in the future, I’ll break your legs!”

With that, Wang Shilong directly got up and left the bar with a group of bodyguards.

Wang Laobai’s heart was also furious, but he had no choice. His biggest reliance was his old man, but now his old man didn’t care about him, and Scorpion and the others weren’t bigger than Lin Ran, so he really had no other choice.


The three of them were naturally unaware of what was going on inside the bar, and they left the bar and went straight back home.

The three went out together, and when they came back, it was two people who were both hung up, which made Caiyu a little surprised, and also a little suspicious, how Lin Ran was fine.

“Hey! This kid’s hands are almost like superhuman, I wonder if he’s Old Six or not!”

In the room, Wang Yi said with a smile, but his words were true.

When we went to university together in the past, we didn’t find Lin Ran to be so skilled, and the change in Lin Ran when we met this time was so great that if his appearance wasn’t still the same as before, he really wouldn’t dare to recognize him.

“Don’t think too much about it, it’s thanks to him this time, otherwise we don’t know when we’ll be able to solve these messes!”

Caiyu said.

Wang Yi couldn’t help but nod at his words.

Caiyu’s mother woke up once in the evening, and when Lin Ran and the others returned in the evening, she was already able to sit up in bed.

But seeing that their mother was fine, Caiyu and Wang Yi were also happy from the bottom of their hearts.

Late at night, Lin Ran and Wang Yi were crammed into one room, but there was only one bed in the room, so Lin Ran thought about it and eventually ran off to sleep on the floor himself, rather than be crushed by Wang Yi, he would rather sleep on the floor for one night.

“Ranzi! When are we going back?”

Just after the fight, the wounds on his body still hurt a bit, Wang Yifei couldn’t sleep and asked Lin Ran as he lay on the bed, there was still a Long Tian in Tanjiang City, this guy still had his jade flute in his hand, he couldn’t rest assured about this.

“Don’t worry, that boy Long Tian won’t have time to deal with us for now, we’ll wait here for a day and go back the day after tomorrow!”

Lin Ran said.

“The day after tomorrow? Why?”

Wang Yifeng wondered, Wang Shilong’s matter had already been settled, the money Wang Yi owed had also been repaid, and the matter here was by definition finished, so how come they had to wait another day.

Lin Ran turned around, looked at Wang Yifeng and said.

“You eat and sleep all day long, can you think of anything else in your head?”

“Sh…. What do you mean!”

Wang Yifeng was stunned, somewhat not understanding the meaning of Lin Ran’s words.

“Ai! What a pig!”

Lin Ran sighed helplessly, and then took out his mobile phone to check things online while saying.

“First of all, we cleaned up Wang Shilong, but can you guarantee that they’re not outlaws? Will not look for opportunities to retaliate?”

“Secondly, I helped him pay back the million, if it were you, would you pretend this didn’t happen? Wouldn’t you have to find a way to pay it back?”

“Lastly, when you look at their jobs, their families, and their current living situation, how long would it take them to pay back a million dollars?”

“I …..”

Wang Yi was dumbfounded to hear this, he hadn’t thought about these questions at all, originally Lin Ran also had money, so this money would not be a matter for him, but at this moment when he heard Lin Ran say this he thought about the fact that there were too many things involved.

Wang Yi and Lin Ran are classmates, although Lin Ran is now developed, but as a classmate the former must still have his own insistence, it is impossible to pretend that this million has not happened, naturally he has to try to pay back the money, which in effect becomes his burden again, and this is naturally not what Lin Ran wants.

“So, do you know how heavy the word brotherhood is? A brother isn’t called a brother just because you have a meal together, it’s only a brother who can think of everything for you at all times!”

Lin Ran said here, and couldn’t help but sigh before saying.

“This day tomorrow, I want to solve all the problems before I can leave with confidence!”

“Go to bed early, there’s still a good show to watch tomorrow!”

“A good show? Who’s good show?”

Wang Yifeng asked in surprise.

Lin Ran smiled at his words, and then said.

“Naturally it’s Wang Shilong’s good show, such a moral person, do you think I’ll really let him go?”