Wonder Doctor Chapter 1360

As soon as he said he would, Lin Ran snapped off the triangular snake egg and tossed it to Pillow Book, telling him to put it into the small world to nurture it.

However, just as Lin Ran was about to leave with the triangular snake egg, he suddenly saw that a bright red piece of something had been revealed at the spot where the snake egg had been set before.

The object looked surprisingly like a stone as well.

“Holy shit! There can’t be two triangular snake eggs here!”

Lin Ran was shocked and immediately took out his dagger and picked away the fleshy wall around the stone, but just then, the originally calm snake king’s body trembled violently, followed by the snake king’s voice.

“Lin Ran! You are indeed still alive!”

“Old Snake King, you’re all right! How could your grandfather die!”

Lin Ran laughed aloud.

“You! Come out if you dare, we’re fighting!”

The Snake King said angrily, but there was some scorn in his voice.

“Get out? You’re the one who let me in, but you’re the one who let me out, you think I’m a horse and cart! You think I’m a carriage? You can come and go as you please! I really won’t go out!”

Lin Ran sneered, but in his heart, he was quickly analyzing what the Snake King was afraid of.

Suddenly, Lin Ran’s gaze stared and landed on the bright red stone.

The stone was set inside the fleshy wall of the snake’s body, and the whole picture could not be seen, but it seemed that just now it was because he had moved it? that the snake king reacted so dramatically!

“Could this thing be the inner guts of the snake king?”

Lin Ran’s heart was shocked, and he immediately copied his dagger and cleared out the fleshy wall around the stone in three strokes.

A round stone the size of a man’s head appeared in front of him, what else could it be if it wasn’t the Snake King’s inner urchin.

“Holy shit! If you give him this Snake King’s lining, he won’t survive even if he has ten lives!”

The pillow book laughed.

“Master, don’t listen to him, this Snake King’s inner elixir is his entire strength, if he explodes himself, you will also be killed!”

Qing Zi, on the other hand, was busy speaking up.


Lin Ran nodded his head!

Indeed, if a peak Dan Creation Realm Snake King with the same strength as himself were to explode himself, his power would be enough to grind down all living creatures in a few hundred miles.

Not to mention the fact that he was inside the Snake King’s body, face to face with the inner guts.

If the inner bile blew itself up, I’m afraid Lin Ran would not be able to survive even if he had nine lives.

“That would be difficult!”

Lin Ran pressed in his mind how he could take care of the big trouble that was the Snake King.

If he went straight out regardless of his inner guts, he would inevitably have a big battle with the Snake King.

He didn’t know who would win or lose, but he didn’t even know when the war would end, and since Long Ya’s time was not waiting for anyone, he had to get to Dragon City as soon as possible.

But if he didn’t go out, if he pushed the Snake King too far, he would have to be finished with the jade and stone.

As he was thinking about it, Lin Ran suddenly had a flash of light and remembered the triangular electric snake he had just seen!

“Can that triangular electric snake take us through the void and leave now?”


The two of them were stunned at the words of the pillow book.

“What are you thinking, it hasn’t even been born yet!”

Pillow Book said without good grace.

“Then there’s nothing we can do about it!”

Lin Ran was a little helpless.

“But I have a way, as long as you can break through an opening, I can instantly get you out of this snake king’s body, but only for a few hundred metres!”

The pillow said.

“A few hundred metres?”

Lin Ran frowned slightly at his words, but he soon made up his mind.

“Then let’s do him, if we can get rid of the Snake King, it will be a good thing for the Mysterious Alliance in the future!”

Lin Ran said.

“But master, it’s only a hundred metres away once the inner guts explode themselves, you’ll still get hurt!”

Qing Zi said.

Lin Ran, however, smiled blandly.

“You also said it was only an injury, as long as you don’t die! It’s a profit compared to even killing the Snake King!”

There was madness in Lin Ran’s eyes.

When Qing Zi saw this and tried to persuade him, Lin Ran had already taken out his dagger and stabbed it directly towards the Snake King’s inner guts with a “bang”.


The Snake King’s inner lining was extremely strong, so the dagger only left a small white spot, but the Snake King was completely unimpressed.

“Lin Ran, stop! Let’s talk properly, don’t touch my inner guts!”

“Talk nicely? Just now when you hit me with your tail, you didn’t mean to say anything properly!”

Lin Ran laughed, he certainly wasn’t going to get himself into trouble now, but he was going to make the Snake King compromise himself.

“What do you really want? I can let you out and let you go! Will you stop looking for death! Once my inner guts explode themselves, you won’t have a chance to live either!”

The Snake King threatened.

“You’re scaring me? I came to your Snake King domain alone and I have no intention of going back, and I’m not afraid to tell you when you’re here that I’m the Sky Wolf King’s man!”

Lin Ran laughed.

“You ….. What the hell do you want!”

The Snake King was so angry that his face turned blue as he questioned.

“It’s simple! Swear on your life that you are not prepared to make a move against me in a hundred years, and I will not move your inner guts!”

Lin Ran laughed.

“Fine! I promise you, I promise you!”

The Snake King was truly scared, his inner guts were all he had, if they were all gone, then he would only have a way to die.

At that moment, the Snake King made a blood oath.

“You can come out now!”

The Serpent King said in a cold voice.

“Yes, you can, make an opening yourself where I’m standing!”

Lin Ran laughed.


The Snake King was instantly furious, his face turning blue.

“Isn’t there a wound on my tail, I’ve already made a blood oath, what more do you want!”

The Snake King said angrily.

“It’s called double insurance!”

Lin Ran laughed.


The Snake King was simply furious, but at this moment, Lin Ran was standing right next to his inner guts, so he had to agree to it even if he didn’t.

At that moment, he could only grit his teeth and make another slit in his abdomen.

Seeing the bright light of the night shining in, Lin Ran was relieved to know that his chance had come!

“Prepare to strike!”

Lin Ran rushed to the pillow book, and at the same time condensed half of his true qi within himself, forming a milky white ball of light and placing it next to the Snake King’s inner guts.

Once this ball of light, which was half of his true qi, exploded, it would definitely detonate the inner lining of the Snake King.

“You still don’t come out!”

The Snake King was furious.

“It’ll come out!”

Lin Ran laughed.

At the same time, a wisp of golden light instantly wrapped him up, followed by a stream of light that rushed out towards the outside.

“Bastard! Go to hell!”

When he saw Lin Ran come out, the Snake King really didn’t make a move, but a large formation had already risen out of thin air and enveloped Lin Ran.

“Humph! I knew you would come up with this move! You too, go to hell!”

A cold glint flashed in Lin Ran’s eyes as he followed with a snap of his fingers.

All that could be heard was a “click”, and the Snake King’s entire body froze.

At this moment, he felt something explode inside him, followed by an even louder “bang”.

The Snake King’s entire body was swallowed up by a red light.

The red light quickly rose and swept Lin Ran into it, followed by the formation set up by the Snake King.

This formation had just enveloped Lin Ran, and before it could explode with power, it was instantly swept into slag by the red light.


The red light erupted, sweeping around for hundreds of miles, and everywhere it passed, the trees and grass all turned to ashes, devoid of life.

At this moment, three or four miles away, those people who were still watching the action were all scared to death and immediately fell to the ground, each using their own means to save their lives.

At this moment, everything around them was destroyed and there was dead silence.