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Silly Teen Novel – When I was five years old, I watched my dad being taken away by the police just like that. A policeman took me in, he let me stay at his house and bought me new clothes too. He treated me like his own son, even treating me better than he treated his daughter!

He told me to call him Uncle Chen.

Sinful Youth

Sinful Youth Novel: I remember clearly that when I entered the house, I didn’t dare to look at her directly because she was so beautiful. At first, Chen Tingting would still play with me, sharing toys together and calling me ‘Ah Chao’ in one breath. But as we grew up, she gradually changed and became less interested in me.

Even in junior high school, I was inexplicably beaten up a few times. I was told that it was also Chen Tingting who found someone to move.

I didn’t dare to associate my beating with Chen Tingting at that time.

But then Chen Tingting became more aggressive. She was openly looking for someone to bully me, and the way she addressed me at home changed from Ah Chao to some insulting words. I didn’t want to ruin the relationship between her and Uncle Chen, so I didn’t say anything to Uncle Chen.

Author: Lao

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