Super School Student Chapter 313-314

Chapter 313 “What a man! It’s so strong!” “It’s Haruaki-sama, Haruaki-sama really isn’t dead!” “Yeah, the only one who can be that strong is Master Haruaki.” “That’s great!” …… Seeing this scene, the Japanese viewers all chattered happily. Ye Luo also quickly looked up, only to see that the person who came was a somewhat … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 311-312

Chapter 311 “Brother Tiger Chiseltooth! Push the tower to finish the strong attack, kill him for me!” Ye Lu frantically pushed the Medium Spirit Stones in his hand, because now the battle had really begun. Ogata Jubei, as the originator of the “Three Blade Ryu” school, of course had more than just the “Douichi Monogatari” … Read more

Winner Takes All Chapter 199-200

Chapter 199 Zhang Yulan was dumbfounded, her brain buzzing as her beautiful eyes stared round at Chen Dong. She felt that the sky was spinning. The man in front of her was Chen Dong, so whose arms was she snuggling in just now? Chen Dong cast a sidelong glance at Qin Ye, somewhat helpless. The … Read more

Winner Takes All Chapter 197-198

Chapter 197 The time passes slowly. Inside the auction hall, there were more and more people. On the first floor, one after another, the lights of the boxes were lit up. However, because of the special design, it was difficult for outsiders to see who was actually sitting inside the boxes. Chen Dong paid no … Read more

Winner Takes All Chapter 195-196

Chapter 195 The following days. Chen Dong was once again busy, on the one hand, he had to lead the project of Dingtai. On the other hand, he also set up the structure of the financial company with Qin Ye, and the follow-up only required Qin Ye to take the lead. He was indifferent to … Read more