Super School Student Chapter 377-378

Chapter 377 All those who were attacking Ye Lu began to have a big headache, because the current Ye Lu was too difficult to deal with. First of all, the most painful thing was that the defense was almost flawless, those weird vines, not only were they protected in all directions, but they also moved … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 375-376

Chapter 375 Then, the “Ten Thousand Demons Poisoness” looked coldly at Ji Yunpeng and said. “Do I need to talk to you about my work?” “As she said that, the “Ten Thousand Demons Poisoness” slowly fell down and stood in front of the Evil God Sect and the Ghost Sect. Ji Yunpeng looked at the … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 373-374

Chapter 373 Each one of these flaming dragons was incomparably powerful, so many appeared at once, what kind of monster was the other side! However, this was not the end of it. While unleashing the Flaming Dragons, Ye Lu also silently unleashed another spell, which was the super large “Flame Prison”. In fact, there was … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 371-372

Chapter 371 After that, Ye Lu knocked him out with a quick blow, then released the purple “Flame Prison” he had prepared to trap the weakest of the three “Fire Spirits”. And the Vine of Heaven wrapped itself around the weakened Griffin. “Let’s go, my little one.” Ye Luo controlled the Flame Prison and quickly … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 369-370

Chapter 369 However, with the help of a large number of “ghost bats”, Ye Lu knew the movement of the “Chimera ants” long beforehand, and with the aid of his glasses, he had already found a place to hide, so he went into a cave before the “Chimera ants” found out. Xishuangbanna is a hilly … Read more