Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 4347

After hanging up the phone with his superior, Li Yalin said to his subordinate at the first opportunity, “No more autopsy centre, go to Flynn’s Group!”         His subordinate hurriedly asked, “Inspector, what are you going to do at Flynn’s Group? Flynn’s Group will soon hold a press conference, almost all the media in New … Read more

Wonder Doctor Chapter 1380

It turned out that after Wang Yifeng and Huoyan came in one after another, they came to this Yellow Spring Waterfall, and the two originally wanted to wait for Lin Ran to come in before making their plans. However, soon the others who came in were the ones who had their minds set on the … Read more

Wonder Doctor Chapter 1379

Along the way, Lin Ran and Wolf Ba talked a lot. They also learnt a lot of secret secrets that they did not know before. Wolf Ba told Lin Ran that from the intelligence and information he had obtained over the years in Willow City. This lost city ruin was probably the previous Void Sect’s … Read more

Wonder Doctor Chapter 1378

“Lin Ran! Lin Ran, I’m your man, you can’t leave me behind!” Seeing Lin Ran standing still, obviously ready to leave the place and enter the ruins, Wolf Ba immediately panicked. Looking at Wolf Ba, Lin Ran was suddenly helpless as well. Just now, he didn’t know what Wang Yifeng had said to this guy, … Read more

Wonder Doctor Chapter 1377

“Take him! If we delay any longer, we won’t be able to enter the ruins either!” The youth leading the Seven Sons of the Void spoke up and scolded. “Yes!” The remaining six nodded their heads at the same time. A cold aura also erupted in the eyes of the seven. As if they had … Read more