Winner Takes All Chapter 1537-1538

Chapter 1537 Just now, under the crisis of life and death. Changeless was unable to take care of anything. When Chu Reed stepped forward to stop Miyamoto Yidao, she could only turn back to save Gu Qingying. But just now, it was clearly Zhuge Qing who had dragged Miyamoto down the stairs to his death … Read more

Winner Takes All Chapter 1535-1536

Chapter 1535 Lizin Hospital. The night is heavy. It was the latter part of the night and even the hospital was much colder. Every now and then the sharp, piercing siren of an ambulance sounds. Crunch! A car drifted into the hospital with a tailspin. Long Lao and Fan Lu hurriedly got out of the … Read more

Winner Takes All Chapter 1533-1534

Chapter 1533 Bang! The moment he wailed, there was a violent explosion within the dense forest of the formation. The annoyed Zhao Breru’s body shook violently, and suddenly threw back his head and spurted out a large mouthful of blood, his face quickly turning pale. “Break through, break through the formation!” Zhao Ru’s mouth was … Read more

Winner Takes All Chapter 1531-1532

Chapter 1531 A sudden scene. Even Chen Dong and the pilot inside the supersonic plane were startled. Chen Dong’s face changed dramatically, and in his vision, Ye Linglong, who had leapt, was rapidly coming this way. And the supersonic plane was taking off! If she jumped into the air, the speed of the supersonic plane … Read more

His Secret Lover Chapter 1059-1060

Chapter 1059 These wedding dresses were indeed quite nice, all with large hemlines on the lower half of the body, which could completely cover her stomach. Huo Si Xing’s gaze softened even more: “Good, it’s fine.” When Shen Yizhi heard that, he became even happier. Right then, he contacted the owner of this bridal shop … Read more