Wonder Doctor Chapter 437-438

Chapter 437 “Right, what exactly is this Tarsal Bone Poison?” On the side, Qin Bing was also busy asking, she had seen that Dean Yang seemed to know before, but had never had the chance to ask, so she naturally had to take advantage of the opportunity at this time. “Ranzi, you tell me!” Dean … Read more

Wonder Doctor Chapter 435-436

Chapter 435 “You guys!” Seeing that he had aroused the wrath of the crowd, Hu Fei could not harden his temper at once, but he did harbour anger in his heart, pointing at the two Lin Ran and saying angrily. “You two have guts, let’s not change the green hills, you guys wait for me!” … Read more

Wonder Doctor Chapter 433-434

Chapter 433 “I’m just saying it ten times, so what, you’re still justified in fighting in my place!” The young man in the suit cursed angrily, and then raised his hand and slapped Qin Feng without any warning. However, while he was surprised, Qin Feng’s reaction was even faster, and his slap already landed on … Read more

Wonder Doctor Chapter 431-432

Chapter 431 “Elder Sage!” Seeing Sage, Qin Feng bowed respectfully, which caused Lin Ran to frown when he saw it, he was the one who provided the information about Qin Bing being here, only Lin Ran didn’t expect this Qin Feng to be so respectful to Sage. “What exactly do you want by leading me … Read more

Winner Takes All Chapter 1539-1540

Chapter 1539 Reasons? What more reason is needed? Chen Dong slumped on the ground, resentment filling him, feeling that Chen Daojun’s words were simply ridiculous. He had killed your mother, made your father look like a street rat, and killed your wife and children. What kind of reason would make you unable to refuse to … Read more