Winner Takes All Chapter 99-100

Chapter 99 Chen Dong calmly glanced at his phone’s caller ID. After tapping hang up, he pulled Wang Nan Nan’s phone number into the blacklist again. He was about to blacklist WeChat as well. Sure enough, Wang Nan Nan’s WeChat message came through. “Chen Dong, let me see you one last time, or I will … Read more

Winner Takes All Chapter 97-98

Chapter 97 The black Rolls-Royce is driving down the road. Inside the car, there was silence. Chen Dong looked out of the window, pondering. Long Lao’s arrival had taught him a vivid lesson. His character, his abilities, were not bad, but he always acted too restrained and was inevitably a bit tied up. Just like … Read more

Winner Takes All Chapter 94-96

Chapter 94 It is mid-morning. People were coming and going underneath the Din Tai Company. Suddenly, five black Mercedes-Benzes came speeding by. There was a creak! The five Mercedes-Benzes stopped at the same time and blocked the front door of the building in unison. Such a battle instantly attracted all the attention of the people … Read more

Winner Takes All Chapter 91-93

Chapter 91 Zhou Yanqiu’s face changed and his pupils tightened. Being stared at by the young man, even with his determination, he could not help but have his heart beat faster. Inviting credit? What a joke! He, Zhou Yanqiu, was a great man in the city and had never had any rivals in the market, … Read more

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3250

How could he have imagined that Charlie wade, with more than half an unknown pill, would have saved the life of this guy who had already been killed by himself! How could this this be possible?! It was also at this moment that he realised that this person, Charlie wade, was no longer just as … Read more