Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5254

Only when she heard Liu Jiahui’s words did Liu Manqiong put her mind at ease.

  She couldn’t help but mutter, “Dad, since Grandpa and Grandma Qiu are both here, why didn’t you tell me earlier, so I could prepare some gifts and so on in advance, now I have to come to the door empty-handed, how inappropriate ……”

    Liu Jiahui said with a smile: “With your character, if I told you that you would definitely not want to go, then you would definitely say that you are just going there for an interview, and it is best not to bother others, and then you have to tell me not to Tell people about this, I am your father, and I still don’t know you?”

  Liu Manqiong was speechless for a moment, thinking that what her father said was not unreasonable, and that according to her own personality and the way she usually did not deal with her father, it might be a result of blocking at both ends.

  So she said, “Alright, then I’ll go and visit Grandpa Qiu and Grandma Qiu first.”

  Liu Jiahui said with a smile, “That’s a good boy! Accompany your Grandpa and Grandma Qiu to have a nice meal and come back early after the interview, Dad will pick you up at the airport.”

  Liu Manqiong subconsciously said, “No need, I have a car to drive to the airport, I can just drive back by myself.”

  Liu Jiahui said casually, “It doesn’t matter, I’ll ask Ah Mei to drive the car back for you, it’s a deal, bye.”

  Without waiting for Liu Manqiong to agree, Liu Jiahui had already hung up the phone.

  Although Liu Manqiong was helpless, she knew that once her dad decided to do something, he would find a way to achieve it no matter what, it was just a matter of picking herself up from the airport, there was no need for her to reject it too much.

  So she put the phone away and said to Sister Xian, “Sorry Sister Xian, I misunderstood you just now, I hope you don’t mind.”

  Sister Xian said with a smile, “Miss Liu, you are still polite to me.”

  After saying that, she pointed her finger at a Rolls Royce not far away from the road and said, “The car is over there, Miss Liu, let’s go.”

  ”Good.” Liu Manqiong nodded and followed Sister Xian into the Rolls-Royce, which then drove off towards the Purple Mountain Villa.

  On the road, Liu Manqiong and Lin Wan’er, like Lin Wan’er who had just arrived in Aurous Hill, looked left and right in novelty.

  Sister Xian in the pa*senger seat looked back at Liu Manqiong and asked with a smile, “Is this Miss Liu’s first time in Aurous Hill?”

  ”Yes.” Liu Manqiong nodded slightly, “I’ve never been here before.”

  Sister Xian smiled, “I heard our husband say that you are applying for a job at Aurous Hill University this time, let me ask one more question, you have never even been to Aurous Hill before, why did you choose to come from Hong Kong Island to Aurous Hill to develop your career? In terms of how developed the city is, Aurous Hill is still quite inferior to Hong Kong Island.”

  When she heard this question, what came to Liu Manqiong’s mind subconsciously was Charlie wade’s figure.

  When she herself came to Aurous Hill, she naturally came here for Charlie wade, only that she did not yet know what the final outcome would be.

  However, for Liu Manqiong, what she had decided to do, she always had to do it first. Talking about it on paper and not practising it was not her style at all.

  But Liu Manqiong was reluctant to tell the truth, so she said to Sister Xian, “I’ve been on Hong Kong Island for too long and I’ve really had enough, and the first-tier cities on the mainland are rather fast-paced, so I wanted to find a relatively more comfortable city, so I chose Aurous Hill after choosing.”

  Sister Xian nodded approvingly and smiled, “The pace of life in Aurous Hill is indeed slower than that of first-tier cities, and the environment is relatively more comfortable, I have been here for many years and now I like it more and more, I believe you will feel the same after staying here for a long time.”