Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5253

  Liu Manqiong instantly tensed up and subconsciously took a step back to look at her, asking warily, “Which one are you?!”

  Seeing that Liu Manqiong was a bit nervous, the other party hurriedly explained, “Miss Liu, don’t be nervous, my name is Li Shuxian, I am Mr Qiu Yingshan Qiu’s housekeeper in Aurous Hill, he asked me to come to the airport to pick you up and bring you home as a guest and have lunch on the way!”

  Hong Kong Island has always had close ties with Southeast Asia, and Liu Jiahui has personal ties with many wealthy relations in Southeast Asia, while Qiu Yingshan was a friend of Liu Jiahui’s father back then, and later had many business dealings with Liu Jiahui, so Liu Jiahui was more like a worldly nephew to Qiu Yingshan.

  When Liu Jiahui learnt that Liu Manqiong was going to Aurous Hill, he wanted to go with him, but his daughter unexpectedly refused.

  Liu Jiahui did not know that Qiu Yingshan was in Aurous Hill, but he knew that Qiu had properties in Aurous Hill and that he had someone to take care of them. He was mainly concerned about the inconvenience of his daughter being alone in a place she was not familiar with, so he thought he would ask Qiu Yingshan to help him arrange a housekeeper and a driver, so that at least his daughter would not have to worry about transportation after she arrived in Aurous Hill and before she left.

  But as luck would have it, Qiu Ying Shan happened to be in Aurous Hill.

  When he found out that Liu Jiahui’s daughter was coming, he arranged for Sister Xian to pick up Liu Manqiong at the airport and invite her home for a casual dinner.

  When Liu Jiahui heard that Qiu Yingshan was in Aurous Hill, he was naturally overjoyed, so he immediately informed the other party of his daughter’s flight number.

  When he dropped Liu Manqiong off at the airport this morning, he even took a picture of Liu Manqiong’s outfit when she was not paying attention when she got off the bus.

  It was with this photo that Sister Xian instantly recognised Liu Manqiong, who was wearing sungla*ses and a mask.

  But Liu Manqiong did not know this.

  She only knew that in Hong Kong Island, the children of rich families had been kidnapped not once or twice, and the most sensational one had even shocked the world.

  So when she was suddenly recognised in Aurous Hill and the other party brought out Qiu Ying Shan, her first thought was that she was in danger.

  Although she knew Qiu Ying Shan and had met him before, she did not trust this Sister Xian, so she shook her head and said, “Sorry, you may have mistaken someone.”

  With that, she turned around to walk towards a crowded place.

  Sister Xian hurriedly caught up with her and spoke, “Miss Liu, if you don’t believe me, you can give your father a call, he was the one who told my husband that you were coming to Aurous Hill.”

  ”My dad?!” Liu Manqiong frowned, at that moment, her mobile phone suddenly rang, she picked it up and saw that it was indeed her dad who was calling.

  So, she immediately picked up the phone and opened her mouth to ask, “Dad, did you tell the others about me coming to Aurous Hill?”

  Liu Jiahui laughed at the other end of the phone, “Manqiong, what a coincidence, your Grandpa and Grandma Qiu are in Aurous Hill, I wanted to ask him to arrange some of his men to take care of you, but he said he was in Aurous Hill. Don’t fail to give him face!”