Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5242

  Charlie wade’s words completely touched old Mrs Jiang, she was already in tears without realising it, and as her body was much younger all of a sudden, she suddenly knelt down in front of Charlie wade and kowtowed heavily, saying reverently under her breath, “Thank you for your benefactor’s great kindness, old woman will never forget it!”

  Charlie wade helped her up and jokingly said, “Grandma Jiang doesn’t need to thank me, you have already eaten my rejuvenation pills, so I won’t return this Phoenix Bone Vine bracelet of yours.”

  Old Mrs. Jiang hurriedly waved her hand and said, “That bracelet was originally given to my benefactor, you just don’t give me this rejuvenation pill, I can never let you return it again ……”

    Charlie wade said with a smile: “That would be the best, I think the time is almost up, you should hurry up and start tidying up.”

  Saying that, Charlie wade instructed one more thing: “You’d better bring only the things you must bring, there’s no need to bring food and clothing, the car can’t hold so many things, and I’ve also had people in Shu all match.”

  Mrs Jiang nodded repeatedly and said seriously, “I will only take the tablets of my ancestors and these three paintings with me ……”

  After saying that, she immediately began to pack up.

  Because the tablets and paintings belonged to the Jiang family’s ancestors and other grandparents, they meant a lot to the Jiang family, so Charlie wade didn’t interfere.

  Old Mrs. Jiang carefully put away all the tablets and put them into her own package, and then she put away the three paintings one by one and put them into the scroll.

  However, only two of the paintings were put into the parcel, while the portrait of Meng Changsheng painted by the Jiang family’s ancestor, she did not put it in, but presented it to Charlie wade with both hands and said seriously, “Your Grace, you are a person of great divine power, if Elder Meng has really found the way to longevity, you and he may still have the chance to meet in the future, so this portrait of Elder Meng is a gift to you! “

  Charlie wade was slightly shocked and politely refused without thinking, “Grandma Jiang, this is a family treasure left by your ancestor, how can I take it away? You’d better keep it well!”

  But Mrs Jiang suddenly knelt down on both knees, holding the scroll with both hands, and said insistently, “Your Grace, when I take my youngest son and leave here with you today, I have already made a decision in my heart for me, for my youngest son, and for his future descendants, and have given up the chance to wait for Elder Meng’s chance;”

  ”After leaving here, from now on, the Meng family will only need to know that their ancestor had that miraculous experience, and need not know that Elder Meng also had a promise with his ancestor;”

  ”What’s more, after we leave here, even if Elder Meng is still alive and even if he finds us, it’s impossible for him to find us;”

  ”Instead of that, why don’t I leave this painting to you, in case Old Ancestor Meng really isn’t dead, in case you meet him after an unknown number of years, with this painting, you might still be able to make some friendship, if you don’t accept this painting, my old woman won’t get up!”

  Hearing this, Charlie wade sighed in his heart, “The possibility that this Old Ancestor Meng is still alive is infinitely close to zero, even if the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures were authored by him, I’m afraid that he could not have lived until today, fourteen to five hundred years, to live for such a long time, it would take much more than just spiritual energy and pills.”

  However, when Charlie wade saw the old lady’s insistence, he said no more and took the scroll with both hands, saying solemnly, “In that case, then this painting, junior will accept it, don’t worry, junior will keep it well! Please rise quickly!”

  Old Madam Jiang finally sighed with relief, before she stood up.

  At that moment, the voice of Jiang’s youngest child came from outside the door: “Eh, this honoured guest, why are you standing outside the door? I’ve just hunted two pheasants, they’re fat and fat, so I’m going to slaughter them and fry them up for you two!”