Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5238

  ”Yes.” The old lady said, “The ancestor left an ancestral motto that the Jiang family should not leave this place for generations and should always guard the tomb of Old Ancestor Meng’s wife and son, because when Old Ancestor Meng parted from my ancestor, he told him that when he found the way to eternal life, he would come back to my ancestor and give him some creation as well …… “

  Charlie wade whispered: “This Meng old ancestor has not shown up since then?”

  ”No.” The old lady shook her head and said, “The Jiang family has not left this place for more than a thousand years, nor have they seen the man in the painting appear here, perhaps the old ancestor Meng failed to find the way to longevity back then and pa*sed away at the threshold of two hundred years old ……”

  Charlie wade nodded and said, “It is not impossible, although the rejuvenation pill is a spiritual pill, but in any one person, it cannot be stacked without limit, relying only on the rejuvenation pill, you will not live to be two hundred years old, even if you have a spiritual energy in your body, it is not immortality, if you want to live forever, you still need to have other opportunities.”

  Even in the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, there is no record of any method that can make one immortal, the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures at its root is more like a textbook on how to use spiritual qi, but how to make it more powerful and strong to some kind of invincible and immortal realm, there is no record in the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures.

  Moreover, there was nothing in the Nine Mysteries Heavenly Scriptures about a method that could make a person live for more than two hundred years. Although there were plenty of records in the Nine Mysteries Heavenly Scriptures about high-grade spirit pills, some of which could even give a person near-god-like abilities, there were no such pills that could make a person live for three to five hundred years or even thousands of years after eating them.

  Therefore, it is theoretically impossible for that Old Ancestor Meng to be still alive after more than a thousand years have pa*sed; his life has probably stopped at some great date.

  Such a person had lived his whole life only for cultivation, and might not have a single person by his side when he died, driving away in a cave in some deep mountain forest by himself, and in the end, he could not escape those six words: dust to dust, earth to earth.

  Thinking of this, Charlie wade asked the old lady again, “Grandma Jiang, your clan members have never left this place for so many years?”

  The old lady thought for a moment and spoke, “My family’s ancestor’s motto was not to keep us here, he wanted us to stay here, but at the same time he wanted us to know the world, so the Jiang family has always attached great importance to reading. pressed and sneaked out, but the vast majority of people have always lived here …… “

  Charlie wade asked her, “It must be hard to live here, right?”

  The old lady smiled, “In these deep mountains, apart from being a bit tricky to get sick, food and drink are not a problem, our clan has always lived well by farming in spring and summer, hunting in autumn and winter, and it is far away from war, for more than a thousand years, no one, no matter who, has ever fought here, so we can ensure that our family heritage has always been unbroken.”

  Charlie wade asked again, “The others in this village, are they all members of your clan?”

  The old lady said, “There are very few people here now with the surname Jiang.”

  In the early years we had many female offspring to marry, so in order not to leave this place as much as possible, we had to find ways to recruit more and more people with foreign surnames, and they were all male strong labourers, so gradually the yang flourished and the yin declined, and the Jiang family’s voice slowly became smaller and smaller. “

  ”Many of the men who joined the family agreed that their children would take the woman’s surname Jiang, but when the children were born, they reneged and either had to take the man’s surname or take the children away from here.

  ”A man with a foreign surname came and gave birth to several children with foreign surnames, and the children with foreign surnames married or married other people with foreign surnames, and over time, the number of people with the surname Jiang became fewer and fewer, although the people in this village are all related to the older generations, but there are almost no more people with the surname Jiang, only the two of us left.”

  Charlie wade nodded and asked, “Do the foreigners know these things about Meng’s ancestors?”