Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5234

  With this in mind, Charlie wade also stopped covering up and said solemnly, “Grandma Jiang, I was leading my men to chase the Chinese members of the Crazy Juarez to Mexico that day before I stumbled upon them imprisoning so many innocent people there, so I had someone bring you all out and send you home.”

  When the old lady saw the bracelet, she was overwhelmed with surprise and exclaimed, “It seems that my old lady guessed correctly …… you are really the saviour of our mother and son!”

  Saying that, she then trembled and wanted to kowtow and kneel to Charlie wade, but Charlie wade stopped her and said seriously, “You don’t have to do that, Grandma Jiang, as long as a normal person was in Mexico that day, they wouldn’t have sat back and watched you people ignore the situation.”

  The old lady’s eyes blurred with tears and she choked up, “Thank you for saving my life! If it weren’t for you, the Jiang family line would have been cut off by our mother and son. ……”

  She looked up at the portrait on the wall, but not at the old man in the middle, but at the child reading on the side. ……”

  Charlie wade took out the Phoenix Bone Vine bracelet from his pocket, which had already been used for a tenth of the time, and said to the old lady, “Grandma Jiang, this is your ancestral bracelet, if you don’t know how to explain to your ancestors, you can take it back at any time.”

  The old lady took a look at the bracelet made from the phoenix bone vine, and when she noticed that a part of the bracelet was missing, she asked in surprise, “This …… bracelet …… you… …you used it?”

  Charlie wade nodded and said frankly, “Used some of it to save people.”

  The old lady’s eyes were suddenly filled with awe as she murmured and asked, “Your Grace is really a person with great divine power …… Old Ancestor Meng once told my ancestor that if someone could make this Phoenix Bone Vine in the future, they must be a person with great divine power and have spiritual energy in their body!”

  When Charlie wade heard the words “with spiritual energy”, his whole body was even more shocked, he forced his heart to suppress the shock and asked, “Grandma Jiang, how do you know this?”

  The old lady pointed to the old man in the centre of the three paintings and said seriously, “This is Old Ancestor Meng, the great benefactor of our Jiang family.

  Charlie wade’s pupils snapped shut and he hurriedly asked after him, “Grandma Jiang, can you tell us more about this Old Ancestor Meng?”

  The old lady looked at Charlie wade and then at Isaac Cameron, and said with some misgivings, “Your Grace, please forgive the old lady’s rudeness, but there are some things that old lady I can only say to you alone ……”

  Upon hearing this, Isaac Cameron immediately stood up and said respectfully, “Grandma Jiang, take your time to talk with my young master, junior will go wait for your son outside.”

  Isaac Cameron’s words caused the old lady to instantly marvel a little.

  She had not expected that this young and strong man in his early thirties beside Charlie wade would have such an eye.

  He himself did not want to mention the family secret in front of him, but instead of being angry, he knew that he did not even want his son to know these words and took the initiative to say that he would go outside to wait for his son, that meant very clearly that not only would he immediately go out to avoid suspicion, but if his son came back early, he would also find a way to stop him.

  So, the old lady arched her hand with great respect, “Thank you for your hard work!”

  Isaac Cameron also said respectfully, “You are the one who has worked hard, Grandma Jiang, you and my young master will talk first, junior will go out first!”

  After saying that, he immediately got up and went out, until he was outside the courtyard door.

  Only then did the old lady say to Charlie wade, “The people around your benefactor are truly extraordinary!”

  ”Thank you, Grandma Jiang, for the compliment.” Charlie wade smiled modestly and then asked her, “Grandma Jiang, who is this Old Grandmother Meng that you are talking about?”