Amazing Son-in-law (Charismatic Charlie wade) Chapter 3299

Charismatic Charlie wade

Feb wade looked at the back of that Volvo, his heart was both angry and yet he couldn’t help a burst of secret joy.

He was angry because this guy, Charlie wade, really didn’t give himself any face at all.

“Not giving me face is all secondary, the key is that this guy even touched my fiancĂ©e’s delicate hand!”

“Simply f*cking outrageous!”

However, what he was secretly happy about was, “Charlie wade has played a bit big this time, I don’t even need to add fuel to the fire by going back and explaining this situation to grandpa directly, he will definitely be furious too.”

“What I was most afraid of before was that the old master was biased towards Charlie wade, but Charlie wade not only did not act in a proper manner this time, he didn’t even put the old master in his eyes, so the old master shouldn’t be able to be biased towards him this time, right?”

“Once the old master is displeased with Charlie wade, won’t I win straight away?

However, Jackson, who was beside him, hadn’t yet penetrated this layer and said with some annoyance, “Brother Feb, this fellow Charlie wade is too uncaring! How dare he not even give you face!”

Charismatic Charlie wade

Feb wade sneered and said, “A bumpkin from the countryside, who has never studied and has little upbringing, since he loves to act so much, let him be.”

After saying that, he waved his hand and spoke, “Let’s go back, grandpa is still waiting!”

Jackson nodded and couldn’t help but spit and cursed, “D*mn, why did such a relative appear from the old man, what a f*cking bad luck!”

Feb wade turned his head to look at Helena, seeing that her expression was a bit lost in thought, he hurriedly asked gently, “Helena, are you alright?”

Helena had been a bit lost in thought, and only when she heard Feb wade’s words did she come back to her senses, she hurriedly waved her hand and said, “No, I’m just a bit tired, please take me back to the hotel.”

Feb wade asked, “It’s almost noon, you have to eat at the hotel, why don’t you go home to eat?”

“No.” Helena spoke, “I’m really sorry, I do feel a bit uncomfortable, I want to go back and rest first.”

Charismatic Charlie wade

Seeing this, Feb wade didn’t insist any further, but said in a gentlemanly manner, “Okay, then I’ll send you to the hotel, you take a good rest, and if you feel better in the afternoon, I’ll go out with you again.”


Helena answered, and then she went straight into the car she came in.

Feb wade was a bit depressed, but he couldn’t say much, so he reentered the extended Rolls Royce with Jackson.

On the way out of the airport, Helena sat alone in the back of that Rolls-Royce, her whole body was a bit lost in thought.

What came back to her mind at that moment was her own difficult life.

Although Helena came from a royal family, she had an unhappy fate.

Her grandmother was the Queen of the Nordic countries and her father, who had been crowned Crown Prince since he was a child, died at the age of forty because of a congenital heart problem.

In Helena’s family, congenital heart disease was relatively common, but there were different people with different degrees of severity.

This is largely due to the fact that intermarriage between close relatives has been common in the royal houses of Europe over the past few hundred years.

This has given rise to a number of genetic defects, including the famous haemophilia, as well as various other inherited congenital diseases.

Helena’s father, knowing from a young age that he was in poor health and knowing that his mother was in her prime and that he might not live to inherit the throne, had pinned his hopes on his children.

But to his despair, Helena was born with an inherited congenital heart defect that was even worse than his own.

Helena’s disease, a congenital tetralogy of Fallot.

This disease, which represents her heart system, was born with four huge defects from birth.

The mortality rate for people with this disease is about 50% within three years of age, and 90% of patients do not live to adulthood.