Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 4224

                Flynn Shanhai thought for a moment and said seriously, “Frankly speaking, it won’t be more than 10% ……”

                Just then, the butler quickly ran in and spoke, “Master, Young Master, Inspector Li is here!”

                “Li Yalin?!” Flynn Shanhai frowned and asked, “What’s he doing here?”

                The butler explained, “He said there’s something he wants to talk to you in person, Master, it’s about the young master.”

                Flynn Shanhai nodded and said in a cold voice, “Good! I was just about to look for him, he’s here himself, invite him in!”

                Soon after, Li Yalin walked into Flynn Shanhai’s study alone.

                Seeing Flynn Shanhai, Li Yalin greeted him with a leathery smile, “Mr. Flynn.”

                Flynn Shanhai nodded expressionlessly and asked him, “Inspector Li, it has been more than 24 hours since my grandson was kidnapped, may I ask if your police have any clues?”

                “Not yet.” Li Yalin said very frankly, “I believe Mr. Flynn should also be sending people to investigate this matter, you should know that the other party’s clues are handled very cleanly, as if they have evaporated, even if we bring in the FBI and the National Security Bureau, I am afraid it would be difficult to find clues within 24 hours.”

                Flynn Shanhai questioned with some anger, “You are a Chinese police detective, you can’t find the missing person, and you still have the face to come to my home to see me?!”

                Li Yalin gave a sarcastic laugh, not angry at Flynn Shanhai’s attitude, he just spoke, “Mr. Flynn, I came here this time to consult with you about something, I think that in this situation now, both of us can share what we have and what we don’t have, maybe there is some kind of cross clue in this case, if there is, then this could be the key to solving the case.”

                At the side, Flynn Xuebin questioned, “What is a cross clue?”

                Li Yalin explained, “It’s when two seemingly unrelated clues, but after carefully combing through them, one might find that they intersect at some point, and once this intersection is found, more clues are likely to be discovered.”

                He said, Li Yalin added: “This is like me finding a safe hidden in the dark by Flynn Hao Yang, but not knowing the combination of the safe, how can I not crack it;”

                “And you guys, although you don’t know the existence of this safe, nor do you know the pa*sword of the safe, but you know who Flynn Hao Yang’s favourite woman is;”

                “If we take these two clues and put them together, we might be able to use that woman’s birthday to open this safe;”

                “In other words, it means that we all have to exchange clues so that we can have the possibility to go further;”

                “Otherwise, I may not be able to open this safe for the rest of my life, and you may never know about the existence of this safe for the rest of your lives;”

                “That, is what I mean by cross clues.”

                Flynn Shanhai nodded subconsciously and opened his mouth to ask, “Since you said that, you should have already found some kind of clue similar to a safe, right? Why don’t you tell us first?”

                After a slight hesitation, Li Yalin said dryly, “Fine! In that case, I’ll speak first!”

                He then looked at Flynn Shanhai and Flynn Xuebin and said very seriously, “I think that the kidnappers probably didn’t kidnap Flynn Hao Yang for money.”

                “Not for money?!” Flynn Shanhai frowned and asked, “What is it for if not for money?”

                Li Yalin said seriously, “It should be for the purpose of unleashing a fatal blow on the Flynn family!”

                “A fatal blow?” Flynn Shanhai was even more puzzled and asked after him, “If someone really wants to strike a fatal blow at the Flynn family, then how could he do that if he just kidnapped Hao Yang? Even if I gave them the US$200 billion ransom they asked for, the Flynn family would only be slightly wounded, far from a fatal blow.”

                Li Yalin shook his head, looked at Flynn Shanhai and said word for word, “My guess is that the kidnappers should have got hold of some kind of heavenly scandal about the Flynn family!”