Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 4220

               When father and son met, they were naturally overcome with sorrow and tears.

                Hattori Hanzo said with regret, “Kazuo …… If I had known that the trip to America would turn out to be so bad, I would never have sent you here ……”

                Speaking of this, Hattori Hanzo sighed, “Now hundreds of people have been reduced to being uprooted from their homes, and there is no telling when they will be able to go back ……”

                “Go back?” Hattori Kazuo let out a bitter laugh and said, “Dad, we will never be able to go back to Japan in this lifetime.”

                Hattori Hanzo asked in surprise, “Why?”

                Hattori Kazuo asked him, “You haven’t received the news yet, have you?”

                Surprised, Hattori Hanzo asked, “Has something happened?”

                Hattori Kazuo nodded, unable to hide his pain and said, “Our castle, Iga-gun, is in ruins ……”

                “What?” Hattori Hanzo’s jaw dropped as he listened and blurted out, “We just left the Prefecture not long ago, everything in the Prefecture was still in good condition when we left, how could it be in ruins?”

                Seeing that his father knew nothing about what was happening in Japan, Hattori Kazuo hurriedly told Hattori Hanzo all the news he had received.

                After hearing this, Hattori Hanzo’s whole eyes went black and he nearly fell over.

                A few moments later, he came back to his senses and said with a face full of pain, “The county castle was built brick by brick by my Iga ninja ancestors …… after so many years of hardship, but …… it was turned into ashes overnight! …… After I die, how can I face the Iga ninja ancestors ……”

                The Hattori Kazuo said helplessly, “Dad, this situation, we can escape from Japan is already very good, now the homeland security department identified us and the Flynn family masters are in cahoots, also identified us suspected of creating terrorist attacks, now in Japan, we have become a shouting street rat… …”

                Hattori Hanzo said, “Issue a statement! Say that we had nothing to do with the deaths of these people!”

                Hattori Kazuo said, “How can we do that? …… If you issue a statement now, we can’t explain to Mr. Wade, not to mention whether the Japanese government will believe us! To disobey Mr. Wade will end up much worse than becoming a street rat ……”

                After hearing this, Hattori Hanzo’s heart was instantly overwhelmed with grief.

                Although the destruction of the centuries-old county castle caused him immense heartache, the buildings could at least be rebuilt when they were destroyed.

                However, now the entire Iga ninja had taken on a heavy burden of blackness, which, once taken on, would likely be for life ……

                He immediately covered his face in pain and wailed under his breath, “I am sorry to the Iga ninja and to the ancestors ……”

                Hattori Kazuo rushed to comfort him, “Dad, now is not the time to think about that, our priority now is to hurry up and fully cooperate with Mr. Wade’s next arrangement, if we really become the credit of Master Flynn to regain the great power, even if we can never return to Japan in the future, it doesn’t matter, we can still make the Iga ninja bigger and stronger overseas!”

                Hattori Hanzo nodded approvingly and asked after him, “By the way, Mr. Wade asked us to come here, what exactly are his orders?!”

                Ichio Hattori shook his head, “I’m not sure, but whatever Mr. Wade tells us to do, we’ll do what he tells us to do.

                Hattori Hanzo nodded and said, “You are right, that’s all we can do now.”

                As soon as the words left his mouth, Wan Bajun came over and said to the two of them, “Mr. Wade has ordered you to make a video immediately, claiming that the Flynn family masters are close partners of your Iga ninja, and that the Iga ninja are responsible for the explosion in Iga City and the premeditated attacks on Osaka and Nagoya!”