Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 4131

                Stephanie said with a smile, “I have all the time free today, so I’ll have lunch with you at noon and stroll around with you in the afternoon, I’ve already booked the restaurant.”

                Saying that, Stephanie said delicately, “Brother Charlie wade, you should pack up now, I’ll have the helicopter arrive at the roof tarmac of your hotel in ten minutes.”

                Charlie wade had to agree and said, “Okay, I’ll change my clothes.”

                Ten minutes later, a medium-sized helicopter from a ventilation company landed on the tarmac on the roof of the hotel.

                After Charlie wade boarded the plane, it quickly took off and flew towards New York.

                The straight-line distance from Providence to New York was only about two hundred and thirty kilometres, and the helicopter took only one hour to fly over New York City.

                As soon as the helicopter landed, a woman with black sungla*ses walked over and said to Charlie wade, who had just gotten off the plane, “Mr. Wade, Stephanie is waiting for you at the hotel, please follow me.”

                Charlie wade saw that the person who came to pick him up was Stephanie’s a*sistant Chen Duoduo, so he nodded and said indifferently, “It’s hard for you Duoduo.”

                Chen Duoduo muttered, “There is no need to be so polite, Mr. Wade.”

                With that, she brought Charlie wade to a Cadillac sedan parked next to the helicopter.

                She took the initiative to pull open the rear door for Charlie wade and spoke, “Mr. Wade, please get in.”

                “Okay.” Charlie wade bent down and sat in the car, and Chen Duo Duo then sat in the pa*senger seat.

                In the driver’s seat sat a white male, lean and expressionless, wearing black tactical sungla*ses as well as a monaural intercom headset, the look of a professional bodyguard.

                After Chen Duo got into the car, he said to the driver, “It’s ready to go.”

                The driver nodded and immediately drove to Chinatown, a kilometre away.

                At this time, New York’s Chinatown was very busy, with shops on both sides of the road doing brisk business and many pedestrians coming and going in the streets.

                The Cadillac stopped in front of an inconspicuous Cantonese roast goose shop, and Chen Duo Duo then said to Charlie wade, “Mr Wade, Stephanie is waiting for you inside, but because of her status, she can’t come out to pick you up personally.”

                Charlie wade nodded and after pushing the door to get out of the car, he surveyed the roast goose shop and found that there was also a suspended sign on the door.

                Charlie wade was curious in his heart, wondering how Stephanie, a true Eastcliff native, could ask herself to come to a Cantonese style roast goose restaurant for lunch.

                When he pushed open the door of the restaurant, he saw that the ground floor was only about twenty square metres in size, of which there were only four card seats, and half of the area was circled as a back kitchen, and inside the gla*s room, ingredients like roast goose and squab were hanging everywhere.

                On the whole ground floor, there was only one young man wearing white fellow’s clothes and swiping his mobile phone. When he saw Charlie wade enter, he subconsciously said, “Sorry, no business today.”

                Just as the words left his mouth, Chen Duo Duo also pushed the door in and spoke, “He’s the guest Miss Stephanie wants to invite.”

                The young man then hurriedly stood up and said respectfully, “So this is Miss Stephanie’s honoured guest, please go up to the first floor, Miss Stephanie has been waiting on the first floor for a long time.”

                Charlie wade said thank you and went up the stairs to the first floor, his doubts deepening.

                When he arrived on the first floor, in front of the square table in the middle, Stephanie was sitting facing the stairway.

                Seeing Charlie wade coming up, she excitedly waved at him, “Brother Charlie wade!”

                At this moment, there was another middle-aged man with grey hair, sitting opposite Stephanie, with his back to Charlie wade.

                When he saw Stephanie greeting her behind him, he hurriedly stood up and turned around.

                The moment he saw Charlie wade, the middle-aged man was dumbstruck, and only after a few seconds did he suddenly kneel down on one knee, clasp his hands above his head, and shout excitedly and respectfully, “Young Master Wade!”