Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 4104

        For the past two hours, he had been sitting in the plane, searching the internet for all information related to Stephanie.

        At this moment, seeing that two hours had pa*sed, he didn’t rush to get off the plane, but took out his mobile phone and called Flynn Hao Yang.

        As soon as the call came through, Flynn Hao Yang asked, “Feiyun, you wouldn’t have been dragging your feet until now and just about to take off, would you?”

        Qiao Feiyun hurriedly said, “Sorry, Young Master Flynn, I didn’t tell you when I took off earlier, but I’ve actually arrived in New York and am still at the airport.”

        “Arrived?” Flynn Hao Yang said with some displeasure, “F*ck, I asked you to tell me in advance so that I could have the butler rush to pick you up, why didn’t you say hello?”

        Qiao Feiyun said flatteringly, “Don’t be angry, Young Master Flynn, the reason I didn’t tell you was because I didn’t want to cause you any trouble, you think, after all, I am the actual operator of these things, in case others know that I am here, it will be somewhat risky for you.”

        Flynn Hao Yang, who knew that Qiao Feiyun had really been exposed, he thought that the reason why Qiao Feiyun was so cautious was to better protect his privacy, so his dissatisfaction just now also instantly dissipated and he said smilingly, “Feiyun, your kid’s greatest merit over the years is caution, so this matter of Stephanie, in my mind, only you can help me achieve my goal! “

        The two of us are university cla*smates, this relationship is written in both of our files, anyone who wants to investigate can find out, you come to New York now to see me, to my home for a few days, no one will have any suspicion if they know.”

        In fact, Flynn Hao Yang had already made a firewall for himself.

        First of all, he was sure that once Qiao Feiyun was exposed, he would never dare to bite himself.

        Because once he dared to bite himself, then he would definitely put to exterminate his whole family.

        Although the two men were in cahoots and had done many unconscionable things together, this did not mean that they were complete comrades.

        On the contrary, the two had always kept each other in check.

        Qiao Feiyun gambled that if something really happened to him, Flynn Haoyang would not dare to ignore it.

        The two of them have always been at odds with each other.

        For Qiao Feiyun, this was also true.

        He knew very well in his heart that after the accident, as long as he bit the bullet and didn’t say anything, Flynn Hao Yang was afraid that he would leave a back door and would definitely try his best to help.

        If Flynn Hao Yang really tried his best, but still couldn’t do anything, then he certainly couldn’t sell him out, after all, his own family was still alive.

        Flynn Hao Yang has long been prepared that once Qiao Feiyun is defeated, he will be the first to set aside all involvement, he is just his college cla*smate, the relationship is good but that’s all.

        He did not know about his activities from the beginning to the end, and he was not involved in them.

        The others could not get any evidence and naturally they would not suspect him.

        Qiao Feiyun knew this very well in his heart, and the reason he said this was just to take the opportunity to show his loyalty to Flynn Hao Yang.

        Seeing that Flynn Hao Yang insisted on having his butler pick him up, he spoke up, “Young Master Flynn, in that case, then you can send a helicopter over, I’ll wait at the hangar.”

        Flynn Hao Yang usually returned to New York by landing at the airport and transferring to a helicopter to go home, this set of operations was routine for him, so he didn’t think much of it when he heard this and immediately said, “Wait, I’ll talk to the butler.”