Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3998

                He doesn’t have a Concorde, and it would take him more than ten hours to get there at the earliest.

                In that case, if anything went wrong with Li Xiaofen in those ten hours, there would be no one to help her.

                So, the closest person to Li Xiaofen is now herself.

                After all, he could fly from here to Vancouver in just over four hours, and if he could rent a Gulfstream G650, he could be there in three hours.

                So, Charlie wade had already made the decision to make a trip to Vancouver himself immediately!

                He was also worried that if the person who had sent the text message was trying to divert the tiger from the mountain, then his wife Claire would definitely be in danger if she was left alone in the United States.

                However, once he thought about the person who sent the text message, he was right beside Li Xiaofen, so the possibility that the other party’s target was Claire, although it could not be said to be completely absent, was minimal.

                However, for the sake of caution, Charlie wade still said to Wan Bajun, “Bajun, you immediately arrange for a few female warriors from the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall to come to the United States, your side of the world is only 6,000 kilometres away from the east coast of the United States, so you will be able to arrive by this evening at any rate, once you arrive, help me secretly protect my wife Claire.”

                Wan Bajun immediately said, “No problem Mr. Wade, I’ll make the arrangements.”

                After saying that, he asked, “Mr. Wade, over in Canada, are you planning to go there yourself?”

                “Yes.” Charlie wade spoke, “You don’t have to worry about the Canadian side, I’ll take care of it.”

                The first thing Charlie wade did when he hung up Wan Breaking Jun’s call was to ask Elder Wade to help him coordinate an official plane.

                Although the Wade family could not yet have their own business jets all over the world, they at least had partnerships with all the major business jet leasing companies, so they immediately helped Charlie wade coordinate a Gulfstream G650 that would take off from Green Airport in Provident in an hour’s time.

                Charlie wade then immediately returned to the restaurant and before he could sit down, Claire, who was opposite him, asked cautiously, “Honey, is something wrong?”

                Charlie wade hesitated for a moment, pulled out his mobile phone, opened the text message records with that mysterious person and pushed them to Claire.

                After reading it, Claire was shocked and said, “Xiao Fen is in Canada, running a convenience store, what would be against her?”

                Charlie wade shook his head and said, “I’m not too sure, we can’t be sure if the other party is a prank or if it’s really something.”

                Claire said, “Then do you want to tell Fanny and ask her to pay more attention? If you can’t, you can also come to America with Auntie Li to look for us!”

                Charlie wade said, “If it’s true, avoiding the problem won’t solve the problem. Auntie Li and Fanny have just settled down in Vancouver and have just integrated into the society there, it would be too hasty for them to leave because of a few warning text messages.

                “It’s also ……” Claire sighed and said, “Why don’t we go over to see them first?”

                Charlie wade said, “The master cla*s officially starts the day after tomorrow, you’d better not toss and turn, I plan to go over there myself, I’ll send you back to the hotel first later, after you return to the hotel, until the morning after tomorrow, just try not to go out.”

                Claire asked nervously, “Honey, will you be able to go by yourself? Why don’t we find a way to call the police!”

                Charlie wade shook his head, “I’d rather go by myself, you don’t have to worry about me, don’t you know my skills well? You still don’t know my skills?

                He said, Charlie wade added, “Besides, I don’t think Xiaofen will encounter any big trouble, at most, it will just be hooligans and gangsters collecting a protection fee or something.”

                Claire said with a worried face, “Then I don’t feel comfortable with you going alone, why don’t I come with you?”

                Charlie wade shook his head and said, “If you come with me, not only will you not be of any help, I’m afraid that if there is any problem, you will also cause trouble for me, and if I am asked to protect you two alone, then I may not be able to handle it.

                I have just bought a ticket to leave in an hour, so I will take you back to the hotel and then go directly to the airport!”