Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3936

The many whispers around him were all clearly heard by Lord wade.

                At this moment, his heart was already excited to the point of no return.

                He was excited not only because of the half of the Spring Return Pill, but also because of the feeling of being in the limelight at this moment.

                Previously, the Wade family had been seen by the outside world as having been given half of their family fortune to the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, so they had been talked about, belittled and even ridiculed outside.

                In his heart, Lord wade wanted to declare to the world that the Wade family had not been cut in half by the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, but on the contrary, the Wade family had taken the whole of the Hall directly into its pocket!

                However, he knew that his own godly grandson, Charlie wade, did not intend to let the outside world know the true relationship between the Wade Family and the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.

                Therefore, although such words relieved his hatred, he would never dare to say them to the outside world.

                It was only now that Lord wade had found the feeling of raising his eyebrows after all the stifling he had been experiencing.

                Therefore, he was naturally very excited in his heart.

                At this moment, Phoebe, who was alone in the box on the first floor, was more puzzled in her heart than surprised.

                She couldn’t help but mutter in a low voice, “If Charlie wade was only thanking Lord wade because of the auction, then there was absolutely no need to take out half a Spring Return Pill, right? Given the situation of this auction nowadays, if the auction were to directly add half a Spring Return Pill, I’m afraid the entire scene would be abuzz, and surely tens of billions of dollars would come in again, so why take half a Spring Return Pill to return such a small favor to the Wade family?”

                “Moreover, if the Wade family just helped run this auction, then it seems that it’s not the Wade family that helped Charlie wade, but Charlie wade that helped the Wade family. ……”

                “After all, if the Wade family can show their faces so much in front of so many top tycoons this time, there’s no telling how many tycoons will have to suck up to them for the Spring Return Pill in the future.”

                “No matter how you look at it, it seems like Charlie wade is trying to pull the strings of the Wade family ……”

                “Could it be that Charlie wade has some other relationship with the Wade family?”

                Phoebe muttered while frowning, and couldn’t help but wonder, “But I’ve clearly investigated the Wade family clearly before, although Charlie wade’s surname is also Wade, there isn’t any evidence that Charlie wade has any connection with the Wade family in Eastcliff, could Charlie wade be a distant relative of the Wade family, or a side branch of the Wade family?”

                “But, if Charlie wade is really a side branch of the Wade family, then he is too strong, right? Other than that, just from today’s Spring Return Pill auction alone, he was able to earn at least a hundred billion dollars, if such a person is just a side branch, then the Wade family, the main family, would have to turn around him in turn ……”

                For a time, Phoebe also some think and stroke unknown.

                And at this time, the aged Lord wade, had already stood on the stage.

                Facing the annotations of more than four hundred people, his heart surged.

                Out of respect for Lord wade, the staff said respectfully after handing him the rejuvenation pill, “Old Mr. Wade, you can take the rejuvenation pill by yourself.”

                Lord wade was first stunned, then he came back to his senses and hurriedly said, “Yes, yes! I’ll do it myself!”

                Saying so, he took the half of the Spring Return Pill in public and carefully picked it up.

                Ever since he had known that Lord Orrin had been cured by the Spring Return Pill and was a decade or two younger, Lord wade had been longing for and looking forward to the Spring Return Pill.

                Now, he could finally have his wish.

                Excited, Lord wade put the Spring Return Pill into his mouth with his own hands and then closed his eyes impatiently, wanting to carefully feel every step of the reaction of the Pill in his body.

                However, the effect of the Spring Return Pill was released much faster than he expected, and as he did not have any stubborn lesions, the Spring Return Pill spread directly to his whole body after entering his mouth.

                Lord wade only felt the warmth of the Spring Return Pill everywhere, but he did not know what kind of transformation he was undergoing at the moment.