Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3809

        In the meantime, Phoebe in the hotel, put a bathtub of hot water for herself, and after washing herself off, she soaked her body in the hot water, forcing herself to relax both physically and mentally, and then replayed in her mind all the things that had happened tonight.

        The events of the evening, apart from shocking and frightening her, also felt vaguely bizarre to her.

        She always wondered what kind of person could have targeted Joel with such precision.

        Moreover, the other party had done it so crisply and without leaving any clues.

        In her heart, she had also suspected Charlie wade.

        But her mind would always be wrapped up in what Joel had said before.

        She always felt that although Charlie wade was mysterious, he shouldn’t be so powerful.

        She recalled what her grandfather had said on the phone again, and Master Yuan speculated that the opponent Joel had encountered should be a Dark Realm expert.

        An expert of the Ming Realm Grand Perfection Realm was unheard of, and a Dark Realm expert who was a large level higher than the Ming Realm as a whole was even more rare in the world.

        This made Phoebe couldn’t help but be impressed with Aurous Hill, she subconsciously fiddled with the water in the bathtub with her hands while muttering, “I really can’t imagine that a city that can only rank tenth in China can hide a Dark Realm expert …… and this city has, in addition to a Dark Realm expert A Master Wade who can take out the Spring Return Pill …… Little Aurous Hill, there really are crouching tigers hiding dragons ……”

        Thinking of this, a thought suddenly flashed in Phoebe’s mind.

        She frowned and chanted softly, “The matter that Charlie wade has the Spring Return Pill, through the various clues obtained, basically it can already be confirmed, this kind of pill can not only bring people back to life, but also make people twenty years younger, if it really has such an effect, then it proves that this pill itself, has a very powerful energy… …”

        “Mr. Joel said that the reason why martial artists can have physical qualities that far exceed those of ordinary people is because they have mastered an energy that ordinary people can’t, true qi!”

        “And the energy contained in Charlie wade’s Spring Return Pill, no matter what, can’t be worse than the true qi of a martial artist, right? After all, there are many martial artists in this world, but the Spring Return Pill, however, is only available to Charlie wade!”

        “Although the energy of the Spring Return Pill and the true qi of a martial artist may not be the same thing, and it is difficult to compare who is better and who is worse, in terms of rarity, the energy of the Spring Return Pill is much rarer and more precious than the true qi of a martial artist!”

        “Hiring a six-star martial artist is only tens of millions to at most 100 million dollars a year, but to buy a rejuvenation elixir, it costs at least tens of billions of dollars, from here it can also be seen that the energy of the rejuvenation elixir is worth more.”

        “If that’s the case …… then why does Charlie wade not have any strength himself when he holds energy that is worth more? Isn’t this …… a bit strange?”

        Phoebe remembered that Joel had told her that for martial artists, an inch of realm is an inch of strength, and those with a high cultivation level could see through at a glance exactly what level someone with a lower cultivation level than themselves was at, so he could tell that Charlie wade did not have any cultivation level on him, and could even say that he was not a martial artist at all.

        At first, Phoebe had not doubted this statement, after all, there were specialties in the art, and since Charlie wade was a feng shui master, it would be difficult for him to have any achievements in the path of martial arts.

        However, when one looks back and analyses the matter now, one feels that there is a bug in the logic, that is, a hole in the logic, and this hole is that since Charlie wade has mastered a powerful energy-containing elixir like the Spring Return Pill, how could he not have any cultivation in his body?

        This is just as strange as a person who has a mountain of gold at home but no money in his bank account!