Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3501

  In fact, a quarter of a Spring Return Pill was far from being so powerful, but Helena’s mother had indeed had a very difficult time recently, so her whole body was showing some signs of rapid ageing, and someone in her forties who was not yet fifty looked as if she was almost sixty years old.

        And these quarter pills of rejuvenating elixir made her look a few years younger on top of that after returning to the state she should be at her actual age, so it looked as if she was just straight up a dozen years younger.

        Although Helena’s mother didn’t have a mirror, she also immediately felt the huge change within her body and she said with immense joy, “This …… medicine is just too amazing …… I feel like my body has not only been completely restored, but it’s even better than the state it was in a few years ago ……”

        Helena also witnessed the huge change in her mother and was moved to tears as she cried, “Mom …… you’ve suffered all these years ……”

        Helena’s mother laughed lightly and said, “Don’t talk about that, isn’t it all suffering now?”

        Helena turned and took an exquisite mirror from a century-old side table, ran back and held it up in front of her mother, saying excitedly, “Look, Mom! Not only has your body been restored, but you look much younger!”

        Helena’s mother looked at herself in the mirror with disbelief, and then she couldn’t help but shed two tears.

        Since her husband’s death, she had been worried about her daughter’s health every day and had to face all kinds of ostracism from the royal family, so she was under great psychological pressure.

        In the last two years, she has been afraid to look in the mirror because every day she feels that she has aged a little more and has taken on the appearance of an old woman.

        But she had never imagined that in such a short time, she would look like she was in her early forties again, her hair, her skin and her whole complexion had improved so much that it was as if she had boarded a time machine and gone back a few years!

        To a woman, looks and temperament were too important, so she subconsciously looked towards Charlie wade, and her legs involuntarily knelt on the ground, saying gratefully, “Mr. Wade, thank you for giving me a new life…! Thank you!”

        Charlie wade said blandly, “You’re overstating it, it’s just a hand up, it’s not that exaggerated.”

        Helena’s mother choked up, “You may not know how much all this really means to a woman …… In a way, it makes me more grateful than saving my life ……”

        The queen on the side was envious, but at the same time, she thought of the promise Charlie wade had given herself before and wondered in her heart, “Charlie wade said that he would give me another portion of the rejuvenation pills after two years, but this portion of the rejuvenation pills has already been eaten by Helena’s mother, and I don’t know if Charlie wade still has any spare rejuvenation pills in his hand …… In case there is no up, then wouldn’t my wish be in vain?”

        Thinking of this, she plucked up her courage and respectfully asked Charlie wade, “Mr. Wade …… you said before that you would let me come to you in two years, I wonder if you still have the Spring Return Pill there by then?”

        Charlie wade raised his eyebrows and smiled, smoothly pulled out a handful of dark pills from his pocket and casually laughed, “Here, look for yourself!”

        When the Queen took a look, her entire jaw dropped!

        Only to see that there were nearly ten pills in Charlie wade’s hand!

        Only, she didn’t know that half of them were Spring Return Pills and half were Yuan Cultivation Pills.

        To someone like her who didn’t know much, these pills didn’t seem too far apart from each other.

        So, she then just looked at all these pills as Spring Return Pills.

        Seeing that Charlie wade had so many Spring Return Pills, she was naturally so excited that if she could, she would have wanted to rush up and grab one from Charlie wade’s hand and eat it immediately.

        However, she also knew that she did not possess such strength at all, and even if the entire royal family was counted, it would only be a drop in the bucket in front of Charlie wade.

        Therefore, whether or not she could obtain this Spring Return Pill would depend entirely on Charlie wade’s mood.

        Thinking of this, she did not care about euphemisms and directly stated respectfully, “Please rest a*sured, Mr. Wade, I will do my utmost to help Helena take the reins!”

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