Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3353

Jasmine had no idea of the fishy situation that was happening in Eastcliff at this time.

She hung up Ito Nana-chan’s phone and called Charlie wade directly.

At that moment, Charlie wade was checking the last few steps of the ancestral ritual with the Wade family.

When he suddenly received a call from Jasmine, he temporarily left the main hall and went to an unoccupied room next door, picked up the phone and asked with a smile, “Jasmine, what do you want from me?”

Jasmine was a bit nervous and said hurriedly, “Master Wade, Grandpa has been talking about you for the past few days, saying that he misses you, so I want to ask if you have time today, and if it’s convenient, can you come to the house for a casual meal?”

After hearing this, Charlie wade didn’t doubt it, so he said with a smile, “Sorry, Jasmine, I’m in Eastcliff, reading feng shui for a client, so I may not be able to return in the next two days.

As soon as Jasmine heard Charlie wade say that he was in Eastcliff, her heart thumped.

She knew that she and Ito Nana-chan’s guesses had matched up.

Charlie wade’s trip to Eastcliff at this time was definitely not as simple as reading feng shui for a client, as he had said.

After all, the Wade family was going to hold its once-in-12-years ancestral ceremony tomorrow, and if Charlie wade was really a descendant of the Wade family, he would definitely be present for such an important occasion!

Thinking of this, deep inside Jasmine’s heart, a few more moments of loss suddenly surged up.

The only thing that could give her some confidence was her status as the Moore family’s daughter and the current Moore family head.

However, it was only now that she realised that Charlie wade’s true identity was much more powerful than her identity as the Moore family’s daughter!

That was the Wade family!

It was the top family that had always been ranked among the top in the country!

Now that the Banks Family was gradually falling into decline, the Wade Family was already the number one family in the country in everyone’s mind.

Compared to the Wade family, the Moore family was not even a tenth of the Wade family’s strength.

In this way, she also realized in her heart that the gap between herself and Charlie wade had instantly been widened, so much so that deep inside herself, even thinking about it, she could not help but feel ashamed of herself!

Charlie wade had no idea what Jasmine was thinking at this moment, let alone that Jasmine had already guessed her identity at this moment. He saw that Jasmine had not said anything, so he subconsciously asked, “Jasmine, are you still there?”

Only then did Jasmine come back to her senses and said in a panic, “Yes, yes, sorry Master Wade, I was a bit preoccupied just now and got lost in thought for a moment.”

Charlie wade smiled and said, “It’s alright, just tell the old master first, I’ll visit him when I get back.”

Jasmine was busy saying, “Okay Master Wade, then I won’t delay you in your business, I’ll contact you when you return.”

“Okay, go back and get in touch.”

Charlie wade hung up the phone, not feeling any problems, and went back to the main hall to continue confirming the process with the Wade family.