Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3289

Hearing that the old man had asked him to pick up Charlie wade as well, Jackson wade was reluctant in his heart.

But there was nothing he could do even if he was reluctant, even his cousin Feb wade had compromised, so how could he dare to continue to resist.

So, he could only agree honestly.

At that moment, a servant came running over to report, “Master, Young Master Feb wade, Princess Helena is here.”

When Feb wade heard that Helena had arrived, his gloomy face eased slightly.

This Princess Helena was Feb wade’s fiancee, the princess of the Nordic royal family, Helena Iliad.

Although the Wade family and the Iliad family had reached an agreement on marriage, they were not yet officially engaged, so for reasons of etiquette and fear of gossip from the paparazzi, the Wade family did not arrange for Helena to live in the Wade family villa.

After arriving in Eastcliff, Helena stayed at the Buckingham (Shangri-la) Palace Hotel in Eastcliff, but during the day she would often visit the Wade family and sometimes she would travel around Eastcliff with Feb wade.

Feb wade was very fond of Helena, not only because of her title as the Nordic royal princess, which made him look good, but also because Helena herself was a European beauty with an excellent image, temperament and figure.

At that moment, a tall white girl, dressed in a long white dress with long blonde hair cascading down her shoulders, walked in.

Her skin was whiter than snow and glowed with a crystal lustre. Her large azure eyes were as deep and moving as the sea, and her high nose and thin red lips were like a finely carved work of art, both in appearance and figure, a rarity in the world.

Her appearance made the entire Wade family living room seem to brighten up in an instant.

Helena was five years younger than Feb wade, and had just turned twenty-four this year.

She was the eldest princess of the Nordic royal family and was originally also the first in line to the throne, but for some unknown reason, she was later wiped out of the heirship by the royal family, which was why she was brought into marriage with the Wade family.

If she was still the heir to the throne, there was no way the Nordic royal family would have allowed her to come to Asia to join in marriage, and would have definitely chosen a prince among the royal families of other European countries who had no hope of succeeding to the throne for intermarriage.

When Feb wade saw Helena, he immediately greeted her with a soft smile on his face and gently spoke up and asked, “Have you had breakfast, my dear?”

Helena nodded shallowly and replied in very skilful Chinese, “I have already eaten.”

After saying that, she looked at Lord wade and slightly saluted, “Hello, Mr Wade.”

Then, she greeted Feb wade’s father Corran, third uncle Ye Changyun, fourth uncle Myles and aunt Christine and others one by one.

When Lord wade saw that she was so knowledgeable and reasonable, he smiled gratefully and said, “Helena, you don’t really need to be so formal at home, let alone calling me Old Mr. Wade, just be like Little Feb and call me Grandpa!”

Helena asked somewhat awkwardly, “I heard that according to the Chinese custom, it is only after marriage that you officially change your name ……”

“Yes!” Feb wade’s father, Corran, couldn’t help but laugh, “Helena, according to custom, it’s true that you have to change your name after you officially get married, but we don’t have to be so particular about it in private, sooner or later we’ll be family, so changing it early also seems closer.”

At the side of the room, Christine said with a smile, “Big brother, you haven’t even paid Helena to change her name yet, and you want her to call you dad first?”

Corran immediately said, “Even if I call her Dad now, I will definitely pay for the change of mouth when the time comes!”

After saying that, he looked at Helena and said seriously, “Helena, Little Feb’s mother and I have already discussed it, when the time comes, we will each give you 18.8 million dollars for the change of mouth! US dollars!”