Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3275

Charlie wade hung up Stephanie’s call and drove out of Townsend One, where he saw Aurora, who was dressed in a sports outfit, standing in front of a tall Ford pickup truck at the moment.

This little girl had a tall and outstanding figure, plus she had been practicing martial arts for years, and her whole person had a heroic aura. Standing in front of this kind of muscular pick-up truck, she looked a little more valiant.

When she saw Charlie wade driving out, she hurriedly waved her hand at him and said happily, “Master Wade!”

Charlie wade pulled the car over and smiled, “Aurora, did your father send you here?”

“Yes!” Aurora smiled cheekily and pointed to the back bucket of the pickup truck as she spoke, “My dad said that you needed a lot of medicinal herbs, so he had me drive here for you.”

Charlie wade nodded his head. Smiling, he said, “That was really hard for you, Aurora.”

“It’s not hard work!” Aurora busily said, “Master Wade, you open the trunk. Let me help you put the herbs in.”

Charlie wade pushed the door and got out of the car while saying seriously, “How can you let a lady do this kind of thing? It’s better for me to carry it myself.”

After saying that, he went to the back of the Ford pickup truck, took a glance at the several large boxes inside, and opened his mouth to ask her, “Aurora, are these all for me?”

“Yes!” Aurora busily said, “They are all for you, my father told me to tell you, if there is not enough to go around call him anytime, he will immediately arrange for the stock to be prepared.”

Charlie wade smiled faintly and said, “It’s enough, thank your dad for me.”

With that, he opened the trunk of his BMW and put all these medicinal herbs inside.

The herbs Qin Gang had prepared for him were so many that the trunk of the BMW was far from enough, so Charlie wade loaded the rest of the herbs into the back seats, which was barely enough.

Aurora couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Master Wade, how big a pot does it have to be to cook so many herbs, does it have to be a large reactor like the ones equipped in pharmaceutical factories?”

Charlie wade laughed, “Who told you that all these herbs were boiled?”

Aurora asked in confusion, “Don’t you want to make medicinal herbs? Don’t you need to use the boiling method?”

Charlie wade shook his head. Smiling, he said, “Use my own method.”

Aurora spat out her tongue and said with a smile, “That’s right, Master Wade you are definitely different from ordinary people ……”

Said. Aurora said with some reluctance, “Master Wade, since you want to make medicinal herbs, then Aurora will not delay your business, but when do you have time, can you come to my home again to guide my training?”

Charlie wade said, “I have to go on a trip in the next two days, let’s talk about it when I return. I will definitely make time to go there then.”

Aurora immediately became happy and said excitedly, “Master Wade, then let’s make a deal!”

“Good.” Charlie wade agreed. He smiled and said, “Aurora, I have to go to the city, so I won’t talk to you for now.”

“Okay.” Aurora was busy saying, “Master Wade, you drive slowly.”


Charlie wade drove out of the city and went straight to the Champs-Elysees Spa Villa in the mountainous suburbs.

In early April in Aurous Hill, the weather had long since warmed up and the flowers and plants in the city had long since taken on a new lease of life. However, due to the lower temperature and higher altitude in the mountains, the growth cycle of plants was much slower than that in the city, and the trees on the mountains and around the villa were just starting to sprout green shoots, while the flowers were just growing out of their bones and not blooming.