Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5823

  Charlie wade nodded, “Then close your eyes and rest for a while.”

  The stewardess saw Lin Wan’er leaning on Charlie wade’s shoulder and closing her eyes, carefully placed two cups of drinks in front of the two of them, and whispered to Charlie wade, “Sir, our plane has been launched, it is currently lined up to take off in the third position for roughly ten minutes, if you have the need to do so, feel free to press the paging bell, and I will be the first one to provide service for the two of you.”

  Charlie wade gently nodded, “Okay, hard work.”


  When Wu Fiona’s plane, landed in Melbourne, the plane that Charlie wade and Lin Wan’er took, had already taken off at Aurous Hill Airport, heading to Lijiang, more than a thousand kilometres away.

  When the plane took off and flew all the way to the west, Lin Wan’er completely lost her previous liveliness and playfulness.

  She leaned on Charlie wade’s shoulder for a while, and then her eyes seemed to be out of focus, staring out of the window.

  Charlie wade could sense that something was wrong with her, and understood this state of hers very well right now.

  After all, in this world, there was no one in the world that applied the four words “near-home feeling” more than her right now.

  A little girl who had been away from home for more than three hundred years, and now she had finally set foot on the road back home, anyone else would be sighing and lamenting in their hearts.

  More than two hours later, the plane landed at Lijiang Airport.

  When she got off the plane, Lin Wan Er’s legs were unconsciously a little soft.

  When she was holding Charlie wade, Charlie wade could clearly feel that she had put quite a bit of her body weight on her own body, thinking that it was due to her lack of physical strength.

  So he took the initiative to reach out and put Lin Wan’er on his arm, leading her all the way out of the airport.

  Outside the airport, Charlie wade rented an SUV using the fake identity that Isaac Cameron had prepared for himself, and then he removed the car recorder on the car, and drove straight to Dali Shuanglang with Lin Wan’er.

  After driving away from the airport, Charlie wade asked Lin Wan’er beside him, “Have you been to Lijiang before?”

  ”Been here.” Lin Wan’er said, “After my mother passed away, my father sent my slave to my grandparents’ house in Osato, and at that time, my slave had come here with my grandmother, but only once.”

  Saying that, Lin Wan’er sighed, “Three hundred years ago in Diannan, the road had to go over the mountains, and they were all small roads and mountains, and it was not good to go, and coming to Lijiang would have been considered going out of town.”

  Charlie wade couldn’t help but ask her, “Didn’t you say you’d changed your title? Why did you change it back again?”

  Lin Wan’er softly said, “Returning to Diannan, Pina ray is like returning to three hundred years ago, returning to the days when Pina ray stayed in her grandparents’ home ……”

  Saying that, she added: “There are only Gongzi and Pina ray in the car, Pina ray is still used to talking to Gongzi like this.”

  Charlie wade nodded and asked again, “During those years when you didn’t take the Ancient Evergreen Pill, did you follow your maternal grandparents?”

  Lin Wan’er said, “Grandfather left earlier, and then he lived with his grandmother, the good thing is that in the beginning, Grandfather’s ancestor has been one of the many Tusi in Diannan, the family is still relatively well-off, so since I was a child, my life in Diannan was relatively superior, and Grandfather has also been teaching me to read and write before he passed away, and I have learnt quite a lot of knowledge and reasoning.”

  Said, Lin Wan Er looked out the window, incomparable emotion said: “Grandpa had five children, in addition to the family mother is sick to death, the remaining four are in the process of resistance against the Qing dynasty perished, and then Wu Sangui blood wash anti-Qing righteousness, four uncle’s descendants are also not fortunate, grandpa’s family will be completely without a posterior, or else, if the slave is back today, perhaps there are a few relatives can walk a ……”

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