Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5818

Charlie wade’s words caused Lin Wan’er to involuntarily quiver her eyebrows.

  She seemed to have figured something out, but deliberately did not ask any more questions, instead throwing this one to the back of her mind as she smiled and said to Charlie wade, “Since Your Excellency can’t make up his mind, then let your slave be the house.”

  After saying that, she tilted her head and pondered for a moment, and spoke, “If it was in ancient times, the slave would definitely have to call the gongzi as husband, but now no one calls it that anymore, and the gongzi and the slave are pretending to be a couple rather than a husband and wife, so how about the slave calling the gongzi darling, and the gongzi calling the slave baby?”

  After saying this, Lin Wan’er was breathing heavily, her pretty face was red, and she looked at Charlie wade apprehensively, fearing that he would refuse or be dissatisfied.

  Charlie wade did not feel anything, pretending to be a couple Well, even couples wear, called the flesh some is normal, two people if the couple relationship, go out and call the name seems to be inappropriate.

  So he nodded indifferently and said: “Baby right? OK, then according to so come on.”

  Said, Charlie wade instructed her: “Then you must remember, don’t say the word slave in front of other people, we are now a new era, do not rise these old name, if you say so outside, do not know people still think I have any special fetish …… “

  Lin Wan’er spat out her tongue, unconvinced, said: “Gongzi, slave is from the old era all the way to the new era, Gongzi said these, slave heart is clear, besides, slave hundreds of years have not been so words, but also just in front of the Gongzi so, out of this courtyard, slave since will adjust to.”

  ”That’s good.” Charlie wade nodded, then looked at the time and said, “It’s getting late, let’s set off.”

  ”Good.” Lin Wan’er nodded her head and said to Charlie wade, “Gongzi, after leaving this door, my slave will address you as dear?”

  Charlie wade nodded and casually said, “As long as you are not afraid of the four old men below laughing at you, just feel free to call it that.”

  Lin Wan’er immediately said with a red face, “Wrong wrong wrong, what the slave is saying is, after leaving the Purple Mountain Manor ……”

  Charlie wade shook his head helplessly, “Alright, hurry up, they are still waiting below, probably waiting to say goodbye to you.”

  ”Good.” Lin Wan’er nodded her head and said somewhat apologetically, “Please trouble your son to wait outside the door for a few moments for my slave, my slave will come after burning incense for my father.”

  Charlie wade agreed quickly, and then went out of the room alone first.

  Lin Wan’er to wait for Charlie wade to go out, then came to her father Lin Yilu’s spiritual seat, she used her slender jade hand to pick up three incense burners, carefully ignited, to be extinguished, curls of sandalwood smoke rises and rises up, only then inserted the three incense burners into the incense burner, and then knelt down on the bushel in front of the spiritual seat, hands folded, murmured in a very low voice: “Father! …… Wan’er want with husband …… oh no oh no …… Wan’er into the theatre said wrong …… Wan’er is to be together with Wade Gongzi Back to Diannan, I hope that your spirit in heaven, bless Wan Er and son to return safely, also bless the son to be able to get what you want …… “

  After saying this, she kowtowed three times to the spirit seat before standing up and walking out quickly.

  Charlie wade waited in the courtyard, and when he saw Lin Wan’er come out, he smiled faintly at her, and the two of them walked down from the top floor of the other courtyard together.

  Below, the four old men were cats in the hall on the ground floor, cocking their heads to look up the stairs.

  Seeing that the two of them really did come out in couple’s clothes, Old Zhang was pleasantly surprised and said, ”Aiya! Mr Wade and Miss Wade are truly a match made in heaven!”

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