Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5817

  Lin Wan Er nodded her head with some loss, and spoke, “Then Your Excellency go upstairs to change, Slave will wait downstairs, if you need Slave’s help, please feel free to order.”

  Charlie wade said in his heart to change clothes and still let people help, I’m not disabled, but on his face he still said with a smile, “Good, then I’ll go.”

  Upstairs, is Lin Wan Er’s boudoir.

  The boudoir is filled with the same faint fragrance as Lin Wan Er’s body, so that people can’t help but feel a slight sense of dizziness.

  Charlie wade subconsciously recalled the experience of being helped onto the bed by Lin Wan Er when he was seriously injured, and there was an indescribably wonderful feeling in his heart all of a sudden.

  However, he did not dare to think too much, and hurriedly took out the clothes that Lin Wan’er had prepared for herself and prepared to change into them.

  When he took out the clothes, he realised that Lin Wan’er had prepared the same couple’s clothes for him and herself.

  The clothes in Charlie wade’s hand were also an enlarged version of the Gucci t-shirt, classic printed lv shorts, and the same Hermes slippers.

  I think, Lin Wan Er is to two people disguised as a couple to Yunnan.

  However, Charlie wade did not think too much, a man and a woman out, disguised as a couple is relatively more reasonable, this time to contact Charlie wade is currently known to be the strongest expert Wu Fiona, naturally, can not afford to be sloppy, and the more cautious will be the safer.

  So Charlie wade immediately changed his clothes and walked downstairs.

  When Lin Wan’er saw Charlie wade coming down the stairs, even her eyebrows curved out in a happy arc.

  Although Charlie wade was already twenty-eight years old, but after all, with the aura added, he looked like a young lad in his early twenties, and with this relatively trendy outfit, I’m afraid no one would question it if they said that he was a school college student.

  The more Lin Wan Er looked at Charlie wade, the more joyful she felt in her heart, she always felt that the two of them looked like they were wearing a couple’s outfit, and there was an ineffable sense of coordination everywhere.

  Charlie wade came in front of Lin Wan’er, seeing her blushing, he asked curiously, “Miss Lin, are these clothes prepared by you, or by Mr Ying and the others?”

  Lin Wan’er shyly said, “It was slave who asked them to prepare it.”

  Saying that, Lin Wan Er hurriedly explained, “Pina ray is thinking that this time, going to Dian Nan together with Your Excellency, how to outwardly disguise Pina ray and Your Excellency’s relationship determines the chances of Pina ray and Your Excellency being exposed, and thinking about it, it seems that it’s still …… seems that it’s still more appropriate for couples to be a bit more appropriate… …”

  Charlie wade didn’t think much about it, nodded his head and said, “Since that’s the case, then after you and I go out, we’ll play lovers in front of outsiders.”

  Lin Wan’er lightly bit her lower lip, and said with a few twinges, “Since we are playing lovers, then is it necessary for the gentleman to think of a suitable title for the slave?”

  ”Appellation?” Charlie wade asked curiously, “How to address it?”

  Lin Wan Er hesitated for a moment and said with a red face, “I see that young couples nowadays either call each other baby or darling, or call each other husband and wife or something like that ……”

  Charlie wade said awkwardly, “This …… is not better for Miss Lin to decide, the salt you eat, is more than the rice I eat, what you say is what you say.”

  Lin Wan’er rolled her eyes and muttered, “Your Excellency this is a change of method to dislike the slave family old ……”

  ”No no ……” Charlie wade subconsciously raised his hands together and waved his hands, solemnly saying, “I swear I don’t have this meaning, I just simply feel that, Miss Lin, you have much more experience than me in all aspects, I’m in front of you , so I won’t show off my skills, I’ll just do whatever you say.”

  Lin Wan’er anxious straight stomping feet, and shy and bashful said: “Slave just than the gentleman live longer, but slaves in the male and female emotional aspects of a little bit of experience is not, not like the gentleman, is already married people, experience than slaves more than ……”

  Charlie wade could not help but sigh awkwardly, said: “We two people are crippled meets crippled, who also do not say who is leggy, together with the help of groping to go ……”

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