Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5815

“What did you say?!”

  Wu Fiona was instantly furious at this moment!

  She had lived for four hundred years, and the latter three hundred years she had almost ignored everything.

  In these three hundred years, that person was still the first one who dared to say that he would cut off his head!

  Parker on the other end of the phone, when he heard Wu Fiona’s angry shout, he was scared out of his wits, and hurriedly grovelled, “Lord Ying forgive me, my subordinate was only repeating that thief’s original words, and was not disrespectful to you, Lord Ying in any way ……”

  Although Wu Fiona was well aware that Parker was only repeating it, she was still furious in her heart.

  Parker was afraid that Wu Fiona’s anger does not go away, and quickly said: “British master, my subordinate is willing to share the worries of the British master, pro nephew to go to the Aurous Hill, at that time, my subordinate must do everything possible, for the British master to find out what is the mysterious person in the end what is the head!”

  Wu Fiona said in a cold voice, “If you go over there now, you are completely throwing yourself into the net.”

  Parker busily said, “Lord Ying, Dong Liqin is already dead, the chances of the An family suspecting my subordinate again are not that great, moreover, even if they suspect my subordinate, so what? Without concrete evidence, I don’t believe they can still kill me. After all, I am the son-in-law of the An family, the husband of An Youyou, and I have been valued by An Qishan. ……”

  Wu Fiona said disdainfully, “The An family is far more cunning than you can imagine, after Dong Li Qin’s defeat, the An family will definitely not trust any outsiders anymore, even if you are An You Youyou’s husband, so what? As long as they become suspicious of you, they will definitely not let you off easily.”

  Parker couldn’t help but say, “But Lord Ying ……’s current situation is really too passive for us, as long as that mysterious expert behind the An family doesn’t find out, we won’t be able to rest in peace for a day!”

  Wu Fiona snorted coldly, “Even Uncle Jaro couldn’t handle that mysterious expert, it’s even more unlikely that you’ll be able to find out any clues about him. Maybe after the other party captured you, they tortured you and eventually got more secrets of ours from your mouth.”

  Parker hesitated for a moment and spoke, “Lord Ying, my subordinate will tell you from the bottom of my heart, right now, my subordinate also feels that it’s a bit difficult to ride the tiger, such a big thing has happened to the An family, if my subordinate doesn’t go to the Aurous Hill, the people of the An family will surely suspect my subordinate as well, so how will I get past this hurdle at that time?”

  Wu Fiona blandly said, “Don’t worry, since the An family has already suspected you, you can’t get through this hurdle, but one thing is okay, your daughter with An Youyouyou is now in your hands, keep this trump card, maybe it will be useful in the future, and you don’t want to tear your face off with the An family for the time being, take care of the child in the United States, the An family won’t leave Aurous Hill in a short period of time, they shouldn’t actively tear their face off with you either. also won’t take the initiative to tear your face off, everyone will keep their hearts in the right place for the time being, and keep each other in check.”

  Parker respectfully said, “Subordinate obeys the order!”


  At this moment.

  After Charlie wade had mastered the heart method of concealing his breath and aura, he drove to Zijinshan Manor to pick up Lin Wan’er to go to the airport with him.

  Upon arriving at the Purple Mountain Manor, Yingshan, Sun Zhidong, Old Zhang, and an old lady who looked to be around seventy years of age were waiting respectfully outside the door of the manor early on.

  Seeing Charlie wade drive up, the four of them rushed forward and waited respectfully outside the car door.

  When Charlie wade pushed the door and got off the car, the four of them agreed to bow at the same time to Charlie wade, saying with a face full of respect, “Good day, Mr wade!”

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