Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5812

  An Youyou pursed her lips, her expression was dishevelled, but her voice was very concerned and said, “Okay husband, you go and rest, mobile phone remember do not disturb.”

  ”Good!” Parker agreed and said to An Youyou, “Wife, then I’ll hang up first.”

  ”Good, hang up.”

  As the voice call stopped, An Qishan said with a grave expression, “There’s no need to think, Parker must have a problem.”

  An Youyou subconsciously said, “Dad, Parker cares about us and wants to know exactly what’s going on, it’s okay to ask more, right?”

  An Qishan coldly said, “There’s no problem with asking more, but there will be a problem after asking.”

  Yalin agreed at this time, “I support Uncle An’s judgement, Parker does have a problem!”

  An Yo Yo was busy asking, “Brother Yalin, what do you think the problem is?”

  Yalin said without thinking, “Under normal circumstances, it’s naturally fine for him to ask a lot of questions when he knows that you’ve come back from the dead, but he didn’t come to Huaxia immediately after he couldn’t contact you, which is a little bit not quite right, if he’s just greedy for life and afraid of death it’s understandable, but why is it that now that he learnt that you’re fine, he didn’t even say anything about coming to Aurous Hill to see you? Normal couples, encounter this kind of situation, even more tired I’m afraid to hurry over, not to mention, your family specialised plane has several, he can completely get on the plane first, on the way to rest and catch up on sleep.”

  Saying that, Yalin added, “He never mentioned coming to see you, it must be because he wants to report these important news to Lord Ying as soon as possible, and then let Lord Ying make up his mind! He will only come to see you if Lord Ying asks him to.”

  As soon as Yalin’s words left his mouth, he himself couldn’t help but frown again and spoke, “No, that Lord Ying shouldn’t have let him come to see you, after Charlie sang that empty city trick, that Lord Ying definitely wouldn’t dare to send anyone else to Aurous Hill.”

  An Youyou pursed her lips, not knowing how to answer for a moment.

  At this time, An Qishan sighed and opened his mouth to comfort, “Alright, now is not the time to ponder over this, from now on, we just need to remember that apart from Charlie, there is no one else who is worthy of complete trust.”

  Meanwhile, Charlie wade drove and arrived at the Champs Spa Hotel.

  Charlie wade had already asked Don Albert to arrange Grace Lowes to an absolutely safe parlour in advance, and when he arrived, he was directly guided by Don Albert to the parlour where Grace Lowes was.

  As soon as Charlie wade entered, Grace Lowes hurriedly stood up and said respectfully, “I, Grace Lowes, have met Mr Wade.”

  Charlie wade waved his hand, “Miss Lowes doesn’t need to be so polite, I’m in a hurry, so I’ll get right to the point.”

  Saying that, Charlie wade didn’t wait for Grace Lowes to reply before continuing, “Wu Fiona will be arriving in Australia soon, she’s going to make a stopover in Australia and then fly to Myanmar, Miss Lin and I suspect that she’s most likely going to go to the Great Mountains of 100,000, I’d like to go and meet her for a while, so I’ve come to ask Miss Lowes for some advice on how I can conceal my body’s aura and aura and not be detected by others? “

  Grace Lowes subconsciously exclaimed, “What did Mr Wade say? Wu Fiona has come out?!”

  Charlie wade asked her, “Is it strange for Wu Fiona to come out?”

  Grace Lowes said, “She hasn’t come out for almost twenty years, is Mr Wade’s information accurate?”

  Charlie wade laughed, “It’s not any intelligence, it’s just that we analysed the relevant clues together with Miss Lin and deduced that she’s most likely going to the Hundred Thousand Mountains, so the two of us are planning to make a trip to Diannan to verify whether our speculation is right or wrong!”

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