Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5810

Ever since Charlie wade had followed the trail and identified the Broken Qing Society’s shipping company in Singapore, he had realised that civilian planes were a bug that regular people could easily overlook.

  Even if a person was rich and remarkable, as long as he needed to travel cross-country by aeroplane, he had to truthfully report all information about the flight to all the countries in his path.

  This is because no individual can influence the entire aviation system, and governments all over the world regard aviation safety and airspace security as a top priority, so that no one, except for Mexican and Colombian drug traffickers, dares to fly a plane in the sky in the dark.

  And there is no individual in this world that has the ability to build a stealth aircraft that can break through all radars.

  Therefore, whether it is the richest man in the world or the British Lord of the Broken Clearance Society, as long as they get on an aeroplane, their whereabouts cannot be hidden.

  For Wu Fiona and the entire Broken Qing Society, they had always felt that they had hidden the airline and the true purpose of the plane’s flight very well, so even though everyone could find out about their plane, as long as no one knew that the plane was theirs, they would not be exposed.

  But in reality, once they encountered a little bit of elimination by people who had the intention to do so, the chances of being exposed were still very high.

  This was also why Charlie wade had asked Isaac Cameron to use another name to rent the plane.

  Moreover, he didn’t want to fly directly to Dali even after renting a plane, anyway, there was still a window of more than twenty hours, he first flew to Lijiang, which was less than two hours away from Dali, and then drove from Lijiang to Dali.

  By doing so, he was able to hide his destination as well, and his security was enhanced to a certain extent.

  Originally, Charlie wade was planning to go to Wanliu Villa today to remove the Rejuvenation Pill Formation before paying a visit to the villa where his grandparents had temporarily landed.

  However, once he thought that he still had to meet Grace Lowes, Charlie wade called Don Albert and asked him to open a wireless network for the villa where his grandparents lived, so that they could network to contact the outside world, and then he made a WeChat call to inform his grandparents that he was temporarily out of town for something, and that he would pay a visit on another day. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that.

  Although grandma and grandpa were a bit disappointed, they were still very frank and told him to hurry up and get back to work.

  So Charlie wade promised his grandma that he would come back at the first time after he finished his work.

  Just as Charlie wade was driving, the An family was having a meeting at the Mid-Levels Villa.

  An Qishan, who had taken the Rejuvenation Pill, was in excellent spirits, he looked at the time and opened his mouth to say to An Youyou, “Youyou, Charlie asked you to give Parker a peace report, and in the meantime convey the words that he wanted to convey to him, why don’t you call him now!”

  An Youyou asked somewhat nervously, “Dad, what do you think, what would be the probability that Parker has a problem?”

  An Qishan pondered for a moment and said seriously, “Nowadays, apart from all of you sitting here, I only trust Charlie alone, even my grandchildren, granddaughters and grandchildren, I don’t dare to trust them.”

  An Youyou nodded dishevelledly, “I know dad …… then I’ll call him now ……”

  An Qishan instructed, “Remember to use WeChat.”

  ”Okay ……”

  An Youyou took the phone, logged into her WeChat, and sent a voice call to her husband Parker while turning on the speaker.

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