Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5809

  ”This ……” Lin Wan’er hesitated, “My lord, Grace Lowes’s heart method was taught by Wu Fiona, in case she has a way of recognising it, wouldn’t that still be dangerous?”

  Charlie wade laughed, “Dangerous is a little dangerous, but if we can really meet Wu Fiona, it might still be a good thing.”

  Lin Wan’er was even more puzzled and asked suspiciously, “What exactly is your son’s plan?”

  Charlie wade seriously said, “I don’t have any plans, I’m mainly worried that it’s too dangerous for you to go to Diannan alone, if you want to go, then I’ll accompany you, if I don’t meet Wu Fiona, naturally it’s the best, if I meet Wu Fiona, it may not be a bad thing, as long as I can not be detected by Wu Fiona, then it may be possible for me to find out through Wu Fiona, the place where she and your father worshipped Meng Changsheng as a teacher back then! !”

  Saying that, Charlie wade further explained, “As things stand now, I feel more and more that the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, the Nine Xuan Scripture Sequence, and my parents are all related in some way, and it also seems that they are all inseparable from that Meng Changsheng Meng Elder Ancestor, so if I can find out the place where he was practicing back then, then perhaps I will be able to find the things he left behind or the records, and in that case I would have the opportunity to unravel more of the circumstances surrounding the killing of my more details before and after my parents were killed back then.”

  Lin Wan’er hesitantly said, “If your Excellency doesn’t want to meet Wu Fiona, Pina ray has 90% certainty; but if your Excellency wants to meet Wu Fiona, Pina ray’s certainty has 10% …… Just, redeeming Pina ray’s blunt words, your Excellency’s current strength, coupled with Grace Lowes’s mastery of the Concealment Mind Technique, even if he can momentarily conceal his breath, I’m afraid it’s not possible to follow Wu Fiona all the way from Diannan to the Hundred Thousand Mountains ……”

  Charlie wade laughed, “Miss Lin has overlooked the strength of China’s Skynet surveillance, as long as we can confirm that she appears in a certain place in China, as long as she can’t be invisible, she will definitely not be able to escape from the scope of the Skynet surveillance, at that time, we can trouble Old Mr Sun, with his identity and seniority, he should be able to directly retrieve the data of the Skynet, only, the problem is that, in a sea of people, I don’t know where to first capture the data of Skynet. from where she can be captured first.”

  Lin Wan’er pondered for a moment and spoke, “This isn’t difficult, Wu Fiona will most likely go to my father’s clothing grave, as long as we keep a lookout there, there’s a high probability that we’ll be able to meet Wu Fiona.”

  Charlie wade asked her, “Miss Lin, may I ask which city in present-day Diannan is your father’s clothes grave?”

  Lin Wan’er said, “In Dali, my slave’s grandmother was a native Daliite, living right in the middle of the ancient city, and my father’s clothes grave is on top of the mountain range on the edge of Erhai.”

  Charlie wade asked again, “Then I’ll take the liberty of asking again, where are your father’s ashes buried?”

  Lin Wan’er said, “In Poole.”

  After saying that, Lin Wan’er added, “The Heavenly Pool where the Mother of Pu Cha was located back then, is in Banna.”

  ”Dali, Pul, Banna ……,” Charlie wade muttered under his breath as a complete plan emerged in his mind.

  Then, he spoke, “Miss Lin gave me two hours to prepare, after two hours, I will pick you up at Zijinshan Zhuang, and we will go to Yunnan together!”

  Lin Wan’er agreed without thinking, “Good, then my slave will wait for Your Excellency at the Purple Mountain Manor.”

  Charlie wade hung up the phone and drove to Champs Elysees Hot Springs at the first opportunity, he had to go to Champs Elysees to meet Ding Yuan Bo Grace Lowes before picking up Lin Wan Er and heading to Diannan.

  So, while he drove out, he went to call Isaac Cameron and instructed, “Old Cameron, help me rent a business jet, don’t rent it with the name of Wade family, find a waistcoat company to reverse the hand, two and a half hours later, I’m going to fly a trip to Lijiang!”

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