Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5808

“Your Excellency guessed correctly!”

  Lin Wan’er, on the other end of the phone, said to Charlie wade in an undisguised manner, “Slave is going to Diannan, right now!”

  Charlie wade asked in confusion, “What are you going to do in Diannan?”

  Lin Wan Er sighed softly and said in a somewhat despondent tone, “My lord, since the failure of the Mother of Pu Cha’s tribulation and my slave’s departure from Diannan, in the past two to three hundred years, my slave has not returned to Diannan for fear of Wu Fiona laying down a dragnet in Diannan waiting for me to drill.”

  Said, Lin Wan Er also said: “Wu Fiona’s five army governor’s office should have entered the state of silence, even if she still has eyes in Diannan, at this time I’m afraid that all withdrew to the centre of the army governor’s office is located, or directly stop all the reconnaissance, waiting for the instruction, now it is the slave to return to Diannan’s good time!”

  Charlie wade said, “Miss Lin must not take this lightly! Your importance to Wu Fiona exceeds that of any other person in the world, in case she still retains a dragnet to catch you in Diannan, you will certainly be in great danger if you venture back!”

  Lin Wan’er smiled, “Your Excellency doesn’t understand Wu Fiona, if your Excellency understands her, you will know that she is extremely cautious and is afraid of exposing her identity in front of non-core members, so if she is going to go to Diannan, then the members of the Broken Qing Society that have been planted in Diannan will surely pull out of Diannan ahead of time, at the moment, she still has more than twenty hours before she arrives at Diannan, and Diannan, right now, will surely be the Broken Qing Society’s vacuum zone.”

  Charlie wade asked her, “What is Miss Lin going to do in Diannan?”

  Lin Wan Er’s voice sadly and quietly said, “Pina ray …… Pina ray wants to go to my father’s grave to pay homage, back then, Pina ray buried my father’s clothes on a mountain near my grandmother’s house, that was just to confuse Wu Fiona, my father’s ashes, was buried by Pina ray in a place that only Pina ray knew about. “

  Saying that, Lin Wan’er added, “In fact, my slave also wanted to go to the side of the Heavenly Pond back then to take a look, it was also the place where the Mother of Pu Cha failed to cross the threshold.”

  Then, Lin Wan’er smiled and said, “Wu Fiona’s first stop when she arrives in Diannan, the probability is that it’s the place where my father’s clothing grave is located, Diannan is very big, and it will take at least a few more hours or even longer for her to toss all the way over there, in this way, theoretically, Pina ray’s window will also be a little bit longer than expected, and if Pina ray’s movements are quick enough, it’s still not much of a problem for her to walk through these two places. Even if it coincides with Wu Fiona’s time, the vast Yunnan may not really collide.”

  Charlie wade listened to her firm tone and said without thinking, “Since Miss Lin wants to go to Diannan, then I will accompany Miss Lin to go together! We’ll go now and return quickly!”

  Lin Wan’er asked in surprise, “your Excellency …… you …… you want to accompany my slave to Diannan?”

  ”Right!” Charlie wade said with certainty, “I don’t feel comfortable with you going alone, you can’t let those three old gentlemen accompany you, right?”

  Lin Wan’er was touched in her heart, but she said with some concern, “your Excellency …… Pina ray is not afraid of Wu Fiona because there is no aura on Pina ray, Wu Fiona unless she recognises Pina ray, otherwise even if she brushes past, as long as she doesn’t see Pina ray’s face, she doesn’t know who Pina ray is. “

  Saying this, Lin Wan’er turned her words around and said seriously, “But your Excellency is different! your Excellency carries aura, and also has the ring and other magic weapons that Master Gong gifted to my father back then, if he really lifts close to Wu Fiona, he will most likely be targeted by Wu Fiona!”

  ”It’s fine!” Charlie wade said offhandedly, “I’ll go find Grace Lowes first! Doesn’t she know how to conceal her aura? That night at the Ten Thousand Willows Villa, she followed me and Uncle Jaro all the way, and I didn’t realise it in the slightest, so if she can teach me the heart method of concealing my breath, I won’t have to worry about being detected by Wu Fiona!”

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