Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5807

  Learning that the other party was not coming to Aurous Hill, Charlie wade’s first thought was that he could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

  It was thought that his own empty city trick had not been recognised by the other party.

  However, he was also very puzzled in his mind, not understanding why the Broken Qing Society had suddenly sent an aeroplane to Burma.

  Thus, Charlie wade made a call to Lin Wan’er and relayed the situation reported by Isaac Cameron.

  When Lin Wan’er heard that the Clear Breaking Society’s plane had gone to Burma, she said with some surprise, “How could Wu Fiona suddenly send someone to Burma at this time ……”

  Charlie wade said, “Perhaps there is a garrison of their dead soldiers in Burma? Or perhaps the Central Military Governor’s Office is in Burma?”

  Lin Wan’er said doubtfully, “According to Wu Fiona’s character, she must be very cautious and apprehensive at this time, and will definitely let the entire Broken Qing Society enter a state of loneliness, and once the Broken Qing Society enters a state of silence, the five military governors’ mansions will all operate independently and remain absolutely silent, so it is even more unlikely for Wu Fiona to send someone from the headquarters of the Broken Qing Society to go there… …”

  Hearing Lin Wan’er’s analysis, Charlie wade couldn’t help but wonder a little, so he said, “If that’s the case, the Central Military Commandery is definitely not in Burma, so what are Wu Fiona’s intentions in sending people to Burma at this time?”

  Lin Wan’er was silent for a moment, and suddenly spoke, “What if the one going to Burma is Wu Fiona himself?”

  ”Wu Fiona herself?” Charlie wade asked in surprise, “Why would Miss Lin make this judgement?”

  Lin Wan Er said, “It’s mainly intuition, I always felt that Gongzi’s empty city plan would definitely scare Wu Fiona, in this case, Wu Fiona shouldn’t have deployed any more troops, and with that plane departing for Burma so quickly, the biggest possibility is that it’s Wu Fiona herself who’s going.”

  Charlie wade asked without picking up, “Then what does Miss Lin think, what is she going to Burma for at this time?”

  Lin Wan’er thought for a moment and spoke, “If I’m not wrong, she’s most likely going to borrow a route to Burma and enter China from the Yunnan-Burma border!”

  Charlie wade exclaimed, “Wu Fiona is coming to Huaxia? Could it be that she’s going to come to Aurous Hill herself?!”

  ”No way.” Lin Wan’er said, “Wu Fiona definitely won’t come to Aurous Hill in person, I suspect that her purpose of coming to Huaxia is to go to Diannan first, and then go to the Hundred Thousand Mountains.”

  After saying that, Lin Wan’er added, “Wu Fiona has been trying to find those heavenly treasures as well as magic weapons and elixirs left behind by Master Gong back then for so many years, and now that Master Gong’s portrait has suddenly come out in Aurous Hill, she should want to quietly go to the Hundred Thousand Mountains to try her luck.”

  Charlie wade was surprised and said, “If we want to go to the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains, wouldn’t it be more convenient to fly directly to Vietnam than to Myanmar? After all, the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains are not far from the Vietnam border, and there is still a Diannan between them and Myanmar. “

  Lin Wan Er pondered for a moment, and spoke, “Maybe, she just wants to go to Yunnan first, and then go to the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains, after all, she had fought against the Qing Dynasty with my father in Yunnan back then, moreover, after my father was seriously injured and died by her back then, my slave buried my father in Yunnan, and she has always been deeply resentful of my father, and once dug up the empty grave made by my slave for my father with her own hands, and maybe this time, when she was stimulated, she wanted to revisit the old place. Maybe this time she was stimulated and wanted to revisit the old place.”

  Said here, Lin Wan Er added: “Wu Fiona still has more than ten hours to Myanmar, not false estimate she will not enter China through the conventional way, the probability is to sneak into the country from the border line, in that case, she will definitely walk across the border, and Mandalay from the border, there are still more than 300 kilometres away, even if she arrives near the car and then turn to walk, at least it will take hours to enter Diannan, in that case, she will definitely walk across the border. before she can enter Yunnan, in that case, Nu Jia still has a window of twenty hours!”

  Charlie wade subconsciously asked, “Window period? Miss Lin wouldn’t be trying to take advantage of this time to go to Diannan, right?”

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