Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5806

After bidding farewell to Lin Wan’er and returning home, Charlie wade only had two things on his mind.

  The first thing was to seize the time to refine the Thunderclap Wood, which was the mother of Pu Tea given to him by Lin Wan Er, into a Thunderclap Order.

  The other thing is to wait for eight hours to see where the Boeing 777 of the Broken Clear Club will go next, if it is Aurous Hill, then it should be done as soon as possible to deal with it.

  Since there were still eight hours to go, Charlie wade returned home and immediately started refining the Thunderclap Order.

  The matter of refining the Thunderstorm Order was already familiar to Charlie wade.

  When he returned to his room and transferred his aura into the section of Thunderclap Wood that was the mother of Pu Cha, he originally thought that everything would be as easy as refining the Thunderclap Order before, but he did not expect to realise that when the aura entered the Thunderclap Wood and started to perfect the formation inside the Thunderclap Wood, the aura that was originally invincible was actually a bit difficult to move in this Thunderclap Wood.

  If the aura was a carving knife when refining the Thunderclap Wood in the past, the Thunderclap Wood itself was like an ordinary piece of wood, and the carving knife could easily carve the pattern that one wanted to carve on the wood.

  However, compared to the previous Lightning Strike Wood, this current piece of Lightning Strike Wood was like a piece of incredibly hard, high-strength steel, and it was very difficult for the carving knife that the aura had transformed into to leave a mark on it.

  Charlie wade also did not expect that this Thunderclap Wood appeared to be ordinary, but its internal characteristics were so difficult to refine, however, as things stood, he no longer had any magic weapon that he could use for his own purposes, so he had no choice.

  He had no choice but to exponentially increase the injection of aura, and the rate of consumption of aura instantly spiked, just like when he had been madly absorbed by Lin Wan’er’s ring.

  Charlie wade knew in his heart that there was no turning back from the bow, and that the Mother of Pu Cha, as a tea tree that could live until the heavenly thunderbolt, was almost already considered to be the peak of existence among trees, and trying to refine such a lightning struck wood into a magical weapon would inevitably take some more effort as well.

  So, Charlie wade took out a Peiyuan Dan and sank his heart into going all out to refine the Thunder Striking Order.

  Although the aura was consumed very quickly, with a Peiyuan Dan as a supplement, the aura was considered to be just about enough.

  After a few hours had passed, Charlie wade, who was drenched in sweat, finally opened his eyes.

  The section of Lightning Strike Wood in his hand, which was as thick as an adult’s small arm, had already been refined by him into a palm-sized Shocking Thunder Order.

  This Thunder Shocking Order was black in colour, emitting a faint metallic luster, and its texture was extremely fine, so it could no longer be seen that it was made of wood at all.

  Holding the Thrilling Thunder Order in his hand, Charlie wade was even able to feel the vague sensation of thunder and lightning rushing through it.

  That feeling was like standing on the seashore in the evening, looking at the depths of the ocean with dark clouds, thunder and lightning flashing and roaring on the entire surface of the sea.

  Not only did it have an extremely wide field of view of heaven and earth, but it also had the surging feeling of heaven and earth being linked together by thunder and lightning, fierce and deep.

  However, if the Thunder Strike Order was put aside, this feeling immediately disappeared.

  When Charlie wade’s fingertip crossed the surface of the Thunder Surprise Order, it was as if he could feel the surging feeling of the entire sea level being densely covered by lightning in his mind.

  Charlie wade couldn’t help but feel in his heart that this Thunder Shocking Order, I’m afraid that its power was a lot stronger than the previous one.

  Just when he was excited about the newly refined Thunder Shocking Order, Isaac Cameron called him again and reported, “Young Master, that Boeing 777 has applied for a flight route from Melbourne, Australia to Mandalay, Myanmar;”

  ”Mandalay?” Charlie wade frowned and asked, “Is the information accurate?”

  ”Accurate.” Isaac Cameron said with certainty, “Currently, the route that this aircraft has reported to the Australian air traffic control is to Mandalay, they will probably land at Melbourne Airport in more than four hours, after landing, they are expected to have a rest for about an hour, and then continue to fly to Mandalay, and it will take almost another eight hours to fly from Melbourne to Mandalay, so arriving in Mandalay will take at least more than ten hours.”

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