Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5804

While Lin Wan Er was touched by what Charlie wade had done, Charlie wade said very seriously to the three old men, “Three old gentlemen, this time when you take the Rejuvenation Dan, the life expectancy of the three of you will reach more than a hundred years old, in order to prevent the outside world from many suspicions, Mr Ying might as well go and invest in a medical research institution, so that when the outside world questions why you don’t grow old, you will also be considered to have a justifiable explanation.”

  Without thinking, Yingshan said, “Don’t worry, Sir Wade, I will definitely invest in a few more similar enterprises and institutions.”

  Charlie wade nodded and said to Sun Zhidong again, “Old Mr Sun is in a high position and has suddenly had this change, so he should also pay attention to it, so as not to cause too many people’s suspicions.”

  Sun Zhidong said without thinking, “Master Wade, I have decided that I will not return to Yanjing anymore, and in the future, I will stay by Miss’s side saddling up with Old Zhang.”

  Old Zhang also smiled and said, “I have been following Miss, and I have little contact with the outside world, so it will be relatively safer.”

  Charlie wade nodded and said with a smile, “The three of you prepare in advance, the next time you take the Rejuvenation Pill, perhaps the three of you will have to start going incognito.”

  Right now, these three people were all in their nineties, and if they took the Spring Returning Pill one more time, their lifespans were afraid to reach a hundred and fifty years old, and at that time, it would definitely cause the world to pay attention.

  And Charlie wade’s words made these three people’s hearts excited beyond measure.

  They originally thought that for Charlie wade to be able to give himself a Spring Returning Dan was already a blessing and creation for several lifetimes, but they didn’t expect that Charlie wade had even planned a second Spring Returning Dan for them!

  Lin Wan’er was also overjoyed at this moment, and hurriedly said to the three of them, “Quickly, quickly thank Lord Ye for granting them another blessing!”

  Charlie wade waved his hand and hurriedly said, “Forget it, thanking once is enough, I can’t stand it if I keep thanking you so much.”

  As soon as the words fell, these three old men excitedly said in unison once again, “Thank you, Sir Wade for bestowing blessings!!!”

  Charlie wade was helpless and was at a loss as to what to say when he suddenly received a call from Isaac Cameron.

  Charlie wade signalled to a few people before picking up the phone, and Isaac Cameron said on the other end of the phone, “Young Master, the Boeing 777 that you were monitoring has taken off from Buenos Aires again!”

  Charlie wade’s brows instantly furrowed as he opened his mouth and asked, “Where did the other party apply for a route to?”

  Isaac Cameron said, “The route is the same as before, flying to Australia first.”

  Charlie wade’s heart instantly tightened.

  He did not know that at this moment, it was morning in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Wu Fiona, who had not left the compound for many years, was travelling alone on that ultra-long-range Boeing 777 private jet, intending to travel to Myanmar.

  Hearing that the other party’s current route was Australia, the first thought in Charlie wade’s mind was, “Could it be that Wu Fiona has recognised my empty city trick so quickly?”

  On the opposite side, Lin Wan’er heard Charlie wade asking about the contents of Isaac Cameron’s enquiry and immediately said to the three of Ying Shan, “You three go down first, I still have things to talk about with Prince Wade.”

  The three of them hurriedly stood up and respectfully said goodbye to the two of them, before leaving the top floor of the special courtyard together.

  After the three of them left, Lin Wan’er hurriedly asked Charlie wade, “My lord, as I listened to what my lord said on the phone just now, could it be that the plane of the Broken Qing Society has taken off again?”

  ”Right.” Charlie wade nodded and said, “It’s still the same plane, the destination is still Australia, but they are definitely using Australia as a springboard, flying to Australia first to replenish their fuel, and then flying to Asia immediately afterwards, most likely still coming to China.”

  Saying that, Charlie wade asked her, “Miss Lin, in your opinion, could it be that Wu Fiona has recognised my ploy?”

  ”Unlikely.” Lin Wan’er said very solemnly, “Gongzi took out the portrait of Master Gong, this is enough to make Wu Fiona respect him, she has no way to confirm the authenticity behind it, and she doesn’t even dare to confirm it at all, so I believe that she will never send another person to Aurous Hill.”

  Charlie wade frowned, “Then what do you think, what kind of people is this plane carrying and where is it going?”

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